2008 Nissan Versa consumer reviews

$12,880 starting MSRP
side view of 2008 Versa Nissan
82% of drivers recommend this car
Rating breakdown (out of 5):
  • Comfort 4.0
  • Interior design 4.0
  • Performance 3.7
  • Value for the money 4.2
  • Exterior styling 3.9
  • Reliability 4.2
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Basic, but terrific value

I spent $10k for a 2 year old car with 23k miles! Basic version is basic: my friends were all amazed that there were cars with roll down windows and manual locks (each door has to be manually locked/unlocked!). But the ride, the fit & finish, the engine, all are great. It was quite a step up from my '96 Saturn, so just getting a CD player might be clouding my evaluation! 24/32 MPG advertised, so far real world is more like 25/29-ish for the couple months we've been driving. Backseat room is especially great. I love that it's a hatchback instead of my sedan. Seat height and headroom make all seem roomy and tall.


Tres Bien

I have read all the positive reviews and being the owner of a 2008 Versa hatchback I would like everyone to Google "Renault Clio Hatchback" so you can see that this car has been around for some time in France. .I owned one back in 1996 when I was an expat there. Love the new "Clio" just as I did the old one. Nissan and Renault Car have a commercial cooperation and we are now seeing the benefits in the US.


Giant Value

A great car for the money- just don't even think about paying sticker. I'm 6 foot 2 inches and can fit in the front seats easily and even comfy in the back. One word of caution- if you are used to heavier vehicles this vehicle will launch and you'll feel like you are floating at 70 miles an hour- not a lot holding it to the highway. It's a great car.


My last Nissan purchase EVER

I bought the 07 Versa S hatchback in Feb. 07. I've had this car long enough to give a thorough review. This car was my 3rd Nissan, I've owned a Sentra and a 240SX. I am already on the hunt for my next car and I promise, it won't be a Nissan! PROS ~ good gas mileage, I get about 28 for my mostly highway commute. ~ relatively inexpensive. I think they have come way down in price since I got mine. ~ roomy interior. Until I had a baby! I had to find a small carseat to fit behind me so I wasn't kissing the steering wheel! When I need to take the stroller, nothing else will fit in the back with it. ~ it does have some get up and go. CONS ~ the tint is no good. this is actually a dealership problem, they put the tint on and didn't do a good job. ~ several things went wrong all at once. around Nov 08, I took the car in because the outlet stopped working, the hood release stopped working and I felt a "clunk" under my feet while taking left turns. Crazy, right? They replaced the fuse for the outlet, re-connected the wire for the hood release and the "clunk" was a broken motor mount, which they fixed. They also noticed a rattle in the dash so they put in a piece of felt that is slowing finding it's way out and is sticking up in the crease near the steering wheel. Around the same time, I had to replace all 4 tires. I've lost 3, yes 3, hub cap or wheel covers, whatever you want to call them. Of course, I want the Nissan covers, so each time I've dished out $78 a piece. The front passenger seat has a hard time staying in place. If my husband adjusts the recline, it doesn't want to stay where he wants it. ~ I did get power windows and locks but I didn't pay enough attention to the fact that ABS brakes is NOT a standard option on this car. Neither is cruise control. Very, very disappointing when you like to take long road trips. Overall, I am extremely disappointed in the car. It was good for the first 6 months and then it all went down hill.


Probably best small hatchback offered in America

Excellent gas milleage (30-31MPG city). Very comfortable seats. Great size. Good performance. I love the style.


I pretty much love this car

I've owned my versa for almost a year now and not a single thing has gone wrong. I know less than a year isn't very long, but you can almost always tell the quality of a car within the first year. The ride and handling are far better than all of the other cars in this class. Also, the interior space this car offers is amazing! I am 6'4" and I am very comfortable in the front and back seats. I can't forget to mention how quiet the cabin is too. When I drive it, I sometimes forget that I paid under $15000. The performance isn't exactly sporty, but you can say it's got pep; remember, the Versa is in the subcompact class, so it's not supposed to outrun the 5-0.


for a small car I was pleasantly surprised

purchased this car as a third vehicle to run errands around town for my wife and myself when gas was way up there. The car is so comfortable and fun/easy to drive we find we use it most of the time for most of our driving. I'm 6'2" and have pleanty of room with seating and we enjoy the up graded XM radio.


Great car for the money.

I purchased a 2009 Versa Hatchback in August of this year. So far I am very pleased with the vehicle. I looked for months at other vehicles in this class and this is the one I decided on. Here's why: Lots and lots of room compared to other smaller vehicles like the kia, yaris, hyundai etc. The versa has more back seat room hands down! You can fit 4 adults very comfortably, 5 average adults can tollerate medium distance rides. 2 adults and a few children would have no issues. The sticker on the window stated this vehicle would get around 32-35 mpg on the highway. I drive almost entirely on the highway for work and unfortunately do not get near the 35 mark. I do get between 27 and 28 mpg. This may be due to traveling at speeds of 75 mph on occasion. In 6th gear I am just over 3000rpm going that fast. Still, it does have great mileage. The only issues I have had with it are the engine light went on due to not having the gas cap on tight enough. This problem fixed itself after tightening. The other issue was the tires seem to have a slow leak and the tire monitor light comes on. They are filled with nitrogen and should not be leaking this much but it is easy enough to fix. Put more air in the tire. The tire light on this vehicle is very sensitive and warns you with a 4-5 psi low indication. I found the vehicle fun to drive. I did purchase a 6 speed manual transmission. It has pretty good take off speed and even in 6th gear going 65mph I can zip around to pass other vehicles with ease without shifting down. Value for the money- My vehicle had the power package, cruise control, cd player and a few other small things all for less than the competitions base models. Overall, great value for the money.


Greatest Car I Ever Owned In My Life!!!!!!

My 2008 Versa SL 1.8 Hatchback is great on saving gas. I have alot of room in my Versa. The seat in my Versa are very comfortable. The Radio gets great sound. It drives smoothly on the in town and on the highways. I really love this car a whole lot!!!!


New to Me!

I usually buy used cars, But was taken by this 2008 Versa when it called out my name and said buy! Though I am not yet at 1000 mi. I have no buyer's remorse and am thoroughly pleased. Comfort, mpg, turning radius (best in any car I have ever owned - and that's more than 45 years' worth) roomy trunk for such a small car, roomy back seat, too. Too new to make a judgement on reliability- but fored to by this site.