2007 Saturn Aura consumer reviews

$20,345 starting MSRP
side view of 2007 Aura Saturn
79% of drivers recommend this car
Rating breakdown (out of 5):
  • Comfort 4.5
  • Interior design 4.3
  • Performance 4.4
  • Value for the money 4.3
  • Exterior styling 4.5
  • Reliability 4.2
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Almost perfect

I bought a 2007 Aura three months ago. I have been extremely pleased with this car: it drives like a dream, it's very quiet, it has an excellent sound system, the gas mileage is fair to good for a vehicle this size, and lots of people have admired the styling and the interior comfort. In fact I love it nearly unconditionally. There is just this one thing: the frame of the driver's seat. The frame for the seat protrudes at a strange angle, and if you do not get into the car the way you are supposed to when you have a bad back (butt first instead of leg first) you bang the underside of your thigh on this piece. I wondered why the salesman at the Saturn dealership noted that you should always enter EVERY car this way as we took it for a test drive, but after banging my thigh a couple of times I realized what he was getting at. But I love the car overall and would highly recommend it to anyone.


Torquesteer to spare

When you pull off the lot on the first test drive there will be this sense that something is missing. Then you get to the back roads, and hit the gas. All I have to say is WOW! The appointments on the inside are simple and classic, without a whole lot of garrish flash and misplaced controls. When you take it out of park your hand glides nimbly past every instrument that is needed to make your trip an enjoyable one, then when you get to the steering wheel, turning up your favorite XM station or song on your iPhone is a breeze with the well placed thumb controls. Now if you've had a long day and decide to take those windy back roads to relax, drop it into manual and enjoy. They are responsive and smooth, and allow you to experience the stabillitrack in those tight corners.


Not A Good Experience

When I first saw the Saturn Aura, I was blown away by how sharp the exterior and interior were. The performance was equally as commanding. I thought it was one of the best cars I've seen in its class so I abandoned all of the others in my consideration set and purchased it. It then spent its first few months being repeatedly towed to the dealer, being jump-started by GM Assitance and sitting in a service bay. At this point, the technicians are merely guessing and replacing. Moral: Be careful buying the first model year. Technicians have minimal experience with diagnostics and answers are tough to find. And if you think my experience is unique, be aware that another Aura was towed in during my last visit for its second experience for not starting.


Saturn has definetly changed(for the better)

Wow, what a great car! I am surprised as you probably are. I own a Aura XR, in blue, with the morraco brown leather, and no it is not pleather, its real. I think that a really neat feature is the four fold glass sunroof. It operates very smoothly, and is just really cool. The car handles really well, not like a typical front drive Camry or accord, both of which I have owned. I really wish this car came with a manual transmission. The tapshift works well, but a stick would be faster and more fun. Theis car gets about 30 miles per gallon higway in gear six, so it is a fuel sipper. It gets about 21-23 in the city. I think those numbers would be even better with a stick, but that is my only complaint.


This car is the best car I have ever owned

I never thought GM could build a car as well as Honda but the Saturn Aura changed my mind.It is the best value on the market today.I have never owned a car that is this much fun to drive and I can put my American Flag window decal on it with pride.


The Best Car I've Ever Owned!

I had the pleasure of renting the Aura XE for 2 weeks. Glad I did...as I was instantly amazed! (my last few cars have been foreign). Well, I did my car research, and did many many test drives...but the Aura beat them all! No other midsize car handled as well. With that said, I purchased the Aura XR, in silver pearl, with black leather interior ? high quality and very sharp looking for a midsize sedan. The XR is fully loaded, too many options to list. The reason I chose the XR over XE, is for just a little more money, I I got every luxury option available - standard. Not too many cars offering that. The XR also has a tad bit more pick up and seemed a little tighter in handling. But overall, I did not feel much of a difference. For a sedan, this car is fun to drive, it handles more like a sports car, fast pickup, tight, responsibe, very solid. It's also very quiet on the highway and great gas mileage. It also drove excellent in a recent snow storm. I have no regrets about my decision, I am very impressed and thank Saturn for producing such a great car! Thanks Saturn!!





Saturn Aura

So far, so good. Great gas mileage. Everything is great. Only objective would be the interior feel of like the door handles and the feel of the panels. A bit sub-par as Cars.com commented on.


Excellent sedan that is fun to drive - great value

The 2007 Aura is an excellent car in either trim level. If you tend to like BMWs, Audis, and other classy performance brands but prefer not to pay that kind of money for a car, the XR is the trim to get. The transmission and V6 engine are world-class, and exceed the performance I've experienced in previous high-end Japanese brand products I've owned. There is a fit and finish issue in my car and in several cars I saw on the dealer's lot - the dashboards are installed slightly out of kilter so that the door and dash trim (wood/aluminum) don't line up. That said, I find the interior to be attractive, modern, and comfortable. The Aura is very quiet inside, and the upgraded stereo in the XR has fine sound quality and an input jack. Although the car is not available with in-dash navigation, you can upgrade to OnStar's Turn-by-Turn navigation for $100 for a year. You talk to an advisor who downloads automated directions to your car. AFter that point, the system functions similar to a standard nav system, and you can update the route without talking to an advisor. I did compare this car to a Camry SE-V6 and several other V6 vehicles. I thought the Camry was rather sterile and expensive. Other than the one issue I noted, the build quality seems to be solid. I'm very satisfied with my Aura, and would recommend it highly.


Aura Back Seat Driver

My only problem with the car is the back seatbelts. Every adult I've had in the back seat doesn't like the seat belts. After you fasten them there ok until you try and ajust the rear radio, place someyhing in the rear cup holders , or pick something up off the floor. You come to the end of the belt and the racket trigers, so when you sit back up, your now lock in place. The only way out is to undo the belt let the recoil pull the belt back and the re-fasten the belt again. Not all that safe when you driving and the people in back are putting the belts on and off every few mintues because they get to tight. Saturn replace the belts but it still does the something. So now they say there working the why they were designed. So sit in the back seat check out the seat belts and if you can live with that, well its a great car other wise. If you have an Aura and have the same problems please report it to Saturn, Maybe they will do something about it if they have enought complaints.