2020 Toyota Corolla consumer reviews

$19,600 starting MSRP
side view of 2020 Corolla Toyota
92% of drivers recommend this car
Rating breakdown (out of 5):
  • Comfort 4.7
  • Interior design 4.6
  • Performance 4.6
  • Value for the money 4.6
  • Exterior styling 4.8
  • Reliability 4.7
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Low Paint Quality

Maybe these cars are decent if you buy them new. Unfortunately I purchased mine as a certified pre-owned Corolla, and somebody hid damage all over the car. The paint on this car is horrendous. There are rust bubbles forming along the windshield and the car is only a few years old with 40k miles. There are several exposed areas of metal where you can see how low quality the paint is. It's fish eyes all over the place.


My 2011 Corolla got better gas mileage

I bought my car in November 2021. It had 40,000 miles on it and I was happy because that’s when the car is technically broken in and I’ve had nothing but problems with it ever cents. The highest gas mileage I’ve ever got is 31 miles to the gallon. That’s on the freeway. For no reason it’ll lock up like as if somebody was stealing it and I can’t get it started so I had to call a tow truck for a jump. My screen keeps blinking on and off but the gas mileage gets me the most because they advertise 35 to 40 and I’ve never even seen 32 . I have taken it in four times now, and they say that they cannot find anything wrong and blame me for my driving habits. My other car was a 2011 Toyota Corolla and it got more miles to its 11 gallon tank than this one does with a 13 gallon tank. I’m very disappointed because I spent way more money than I should have on it because of the supply and demand problems after the pandemic and I know it can do so much better. Either somebody did something to it before I had it or it’s just a lemon.


My worst expernce on the 2020 toyta corollla and w

the 2020crlla was not a goood car becuase it is way smalller and rbaly the msallest ear of the corllla. I do not like the way it si made int erms of the interior or the extrior. both things wer ebad and even the lights were ugly. I did not like the girlll. the grilll was very ug;y and the hwole shape of the car is not goood at all. but it is way better than the rvaf at least which is a goood thing. but i don't like the new ones. I would rather get the older ones.


Best car I've ever owned.

I've owned this car now for about a month, and it's nicest vehicle I've ever owned. It's quiet and also I have the black one, and with my tinted windows now, it looks awesome. Also I love all the features such as lane assistance, and how it'll stop on it's own so that you don't hit anyone while checking out everything else lol


My 2020 Toyota

Great car for the money. Reliable and fun. Great on gas and handles well. Great for long trips or just cruising around town. I would highly recommend this car.


"Corey keeps rolling"

Yes, the car does have some negatives AND it's not as peppy as the Civic but I love the car. I have friends with Nissans. Kia's and Hyundai's (the Kia sounds like a semi-truck) all have had problems...my "Corey" just goes and goes......


My honest opinion

I’m in love with this car but it has a few problems the USB port for CarPlay is non operational after only 40000 miles and the alignment needs work already all things that can be fixed very easily but a hassle nonetheless this is my 3rd Toyota and other than gas I never had any major problems with any of them


Great car, but could be better with small changes

I purchased a 2020 Corolla about six months ago and overall I love it. That being said there are three things I'd change about it: 1. The audio/CarPlay screen. It's HUGE and can't be moved or adjusted. I'd much prefer a screen that is set into the dash, like in the newer Nissans for example. I drove a new Nissan as a rental recently and the entire dash was set up better than my Toyota. 2. It's really difficult, or rather impossible, to find a place to put a phone mount that doesn't partially obstruct your vision. I found one that is designed SPECIFICALLY for 2020 Corollas that has a mount that snaps into the hazard lights button, but it obstructs the CarPlay screen. It would be nice if in this day and age new cars came with build in phone mounts. 3. The rear window needs a windshield wiper. It tilts far enough back that rain doesn't run off, it just sits there. Turning on the rear defrost helps some, but I bought a squeegee so I can pull off and clear the back window so I can see better when it gets really bad. I'd really rather not have to get out of my car when it's raining to have to clear my window. A rear wiper would have eliminate that necessity.


Definitely most reliable car i've ever owned.

An Amazing car, good on gas (i fill up to full and takes 3 weeks to fill up again). Super quiet you don't know that it's on, it has lane departure so you can get back in the lane you're in. What else can you expect from Toyota, one of the most reliable cars on the market rn


Good value does it all

Comfy good performance nice styling options are good all you need for a good price good gas mileage cruises right along good cornering fairly quiet better when cruising very satisfied