2017 Toyota Prius Prime consumer reviews

$27,100 starting MSRP
side view of 2017 Prius Prime Toyota
95% of drivers recommend this car
Rating breakdown (out of 5):
  • Comfort 4.7
  • Interior design 4.6
  • Performance 4.7
  • Value for the money 4.8
  • Exterior styling 4.6
  • Reliability 4.9
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Prius Prime: Impressive mpg and mileage

I have been using this new car for third week now. Its mileage reaches more than 500 miles and the tank still is more than half. As of today, its mpg is 74 which is impressive.


Best hybrid vehicle I have owned

This car has been amazing with saving gas. With my field of work, I have to drive many miles each day. With this car, I have been able to save so much money on gas. There is also a great amount of technology in this car and a lot of safety features. I would definitely recommend this car.


LOVE the versatility of Prius Prime

I love the EV capabilities of my plug-in hybrid Prius Prime. I cannot wait to start using this car every day. I'll definitely rack up the EV miles by charging it. I'll be very happy when I realize how little gas I'm using each month.


My favorite Prius yet

This is my fourth Prius and first plug in. I have owned 3 previously. One I had for 90,000 miles, one for 150,000 miles and one for 60,000. Aside from routine maintenance I never had a problem with any of them. I?m only at 10,000 miles on this one but so far I love it. The only negative, the Entunes suite sucks. I understand toyota is now moving toward incorporating Apple CarPlay and Googles android version.


Who would've guessed a Prius could look so snazzy?

Loving my new Prius Prime! It's absolutely beautiful in red, very sporty, and drives like a dream. I've only had it for 500 miles so far, so I really can't speak to it's reliability, but so far everything's been great. The electric motor lets me plug it in at night (to a regular outlet in my garage), and my commute to work and home is primarily electric, but it also generates electricity via the wheels, and the gas kicks in when going uphills. I got up to 103 mpg the first week I owned it, and I can get even more whenever I'm just driving in town. The gas gauge didn't budge all week, and the mpg just kept going up and up. It's seamless, and so quiet, yet powerful, too. My only disappointment was that there isn't more storage room. The trunk and glove compartment are small, but, the high gas mileage is so worth it, and the seats fold down if I need to carry something bulky. If you're at all tempted to buy a hydrid, I'd recommend looking at this one!!


Love the Prius Prime

My wife and I are 1st generation Prius owners: we had a used 2001, traded for a new 2007 to have more space for our growing family; picked up a used 2013 V when "the other car" died, and in 2018 bought a Prime when the 2007 died (215,000 miles). We still have the V for the family trips when we need the luggage space, but have been pleasantly surprised by how much the Prime can hold. And for performance, economy, styling and all around FUN, the Prime is far and away our favorite one yet. The all-electric acceleration is tremendous compared to the standard Prius. The ergonomics of the controls are superior to the past models. "400 miles on 1/4 tank of gas" is fun to say. We drive many short all-electric trip per week. Thanks Toyota for developing this amazing machine!


Plug-in great option for additional mpg

Real life MPG (without plugging in) ranged between 63-68 April-November and about 50-54 December-March. I drive with the aim of maximizing fuel economy and range. With an 8.8 kWh capacity battery, the all electric range is only 25 miles. I pay about $0.21 per kWh of electricity from Eversource MA; if we assume it really only uses 75% of the rated capacity and to recharge back to full requires only 6.6 kWh at $0.21, that translates to approximately $1.39. This means the equivalent per gallon gasoline break-even price during the winter months is about $2.77 (6.6?0.21?50/25) and about $3.49 (6.6?0.21?63/25) during the warmer months. At todays gasoline prices, it is clearly a great option if you can plug it in for free or for less than what it costs me for delivered electricity.


Exceptional quality, fun to drive

Everything about this car is top notch. It's a fun sporty drive and all the technology is easy to learn and use. The ride is comfortable and the interior is beautiful. I think anyone looking for a car that's economical to drive around town doing errands the Prius Prime Plug-in is the car for them. I almost always get all my errands done in electric mode.


Best Car We've Owned

My husband is able to make his 47-mile roundtrip commute entirely in electric vehicle mode, greatly increasing our average miles-per-gallon as well as the cost-effectiveness of the purchase and reducing our carbon footprint. The auto-assist features make driving less stressful, and we get lots of compliments on the car's appearance and comfort. We've owned Hondas, an Izusu, an Infinity, a Chevy, a Volvo, and other Toyota models, but we enjoy driving this car more than any other.


Good for the Planet, Great Drive, Sporty Look

I've only had my Prius Prime for two weeks but I love it. I like having the easy plug-in that only requires a standard household three-prong-plug, and the instant transfer to gas-powered hybrid I was used to with my reliable 2005 Prius with 210,000 miles my husband is now driving. The 2017 Prius Prime has almost every safety feature available--from radar that detects someone walking in front of the car and lets you set a determined distance between your car and the one you are following and will slow your car if that car slows, detecting people walking on the side of the road and if you have gotten too close to the median line and beeps at you, or detecting a car coming from the side if you are backing out and can't see. It was hard to see out the back of my 2005 Prius but this car has a larger rear window and better view, but also has a compete back-up camera. All this and comfort and what a friend calls its wonderful Hot Momma Red color. A great buy, especially with the $4500 Federal tax rebate and the Massachusetts $1500 Electric Car immediate rebate. With the 25 miles on electricity gas consumption is low, making the Prius a truly climate-friendly car.