2017 Toyota Prius Prime consumer reviews

$27,100 starting MSRP
side view of 2017 Prius Prime Toyota
95% of drivers recommend this car
Rating breakdown (out of 5):
  • Comfort 4.7
  • Interior design 4.6
  • Performance 4.7
  • Value for the money 4.8
  • Exterior styling 4.6
  • Reliability 4.9
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So far I love it

I bought the Prius 2 Eco, and it really does get well over 50 mpg. Nice. I bought the car two weeks ago, and have put about 150 miles on it. I am pleasantly surprised by the comfort of the seats and the handling of the car. Very nice indeed! There is very little road noise when driving. The upholstery and interior are unusual;.I think the black/white/grey color scheme is both attractive and stylish. Things I don't like: The instrument array. I find it unnecessarily cluttered, with too many choices, displays, and menus. I'm an intelligent person, and not at all intimidated by technology. Should I really have to read the Owner's Manual before I can reset the dashboard clock or trip the odometer? Because of the information overload, I'm never quite sure where to look to find a gauge, and I find it distracting. In my opinion, this is true of ALL the new cars, not just my Prius. The mostly-analog display on my 2013 CR-V was much better, to my mind. Other than the information displays, however, I haven't found anything else to dislike about the car. I'm excited about the gas mileage and quality of the car, and looking forward to many miles of driving.


Great car for the family

The 5 main reasons I went with the Prime was I can drive in HOV by myself, the $6000 of Fed & State rebates, the nearly $10,000 I would save in 6 years by trading my existing car for the Prime, the fun ride and crazy amount of safety features.


Great car

Let me say that I've only owned this car for a month. My husband has done most of the driving since I had flipped surgery and can't drive for six weeks. But that being said the ride is very comfortable, the styling inside and out is very comfortable and stylish. I love the fact that the first 25 miles is electric so all of my local driving is electric only and uses no gas. Getting 60 miles to the gallon means that when I drive to Florida we only have to stop for gas once. The only option I would like to see is opening the hatchback the use of your foot when you are carrying heavy packages One of my decisions in the purchase of this vehicle for the outstanding safety features


A wonderfully economical vehicle

I purchased my Prius Prime in May, 2017. I currently have 5K miles on it and have used about 5 tanks of gas; mainly used on long trips. In the summer the electric charge takes me about 35 mi which is good enough for my daily errands (about 28 mi); in the winter the range is closer to 26 mi which means I burn some gas. On a recent trip for So. OR to No CA of about 1K mi; I used both electric and gas (hybrid) and got about 68 mpg. The cost of electricity ends up to be about $1.76 per gallon. This is my fifth Prius; first plugin hybrid.


Great for running around town without using gas

The car is very comfortable. We bought the Advanced package, with all the bells and whistles. The Safety Sense is very reassuring, particularly Blind Side Monitor and Rear Cross-Traffic warning. The 11" screen shows the road map very well. The only negative is that there is no CD slot with the large screen. It recharges in a matter of hours using standard household current. We are getting 20-25 miles of Electrical mode on a charge. We find the car very responsive. It can be hard to keep within the speed limit, since you don't hear a motor revving.


This car is off the scale !!!

Having owned a 2007 Prius, which was the best car I have ever owned, the Prius Prime is off the scale in comparison. Magnificent car !!!


great mileage

good car for the price, great gas mileage, many safety options are standard. With plug-in on many days, you will not use any gas.


lots of technology for little money

The Prime offers exceptional gas mileage and range combined with the option to drive short commutes entirely in electric mode. The exterior design takes getting used to and is overly showy but the interior is comfortable and mostly quite functional in spite of the many options and choices this vehicle offers including dynamic cruise control, lane control and automatic emergency breaking. The car is quite responsive in its quiet way getting up to speed with its CVT transmission. The Prime beats the Volt in price and the Hyandai Ionic in company experience with plug-ins. I have it only for a few days, so I can't say anything about reliability



The car moves out quietly and smoothly. It handles easily and the ride is quite comfortable. It has plenty of acceleration. All said, I enjoy driving this car. In addition the safety warnings are most helpful and give peace of mind. We were backing out of a parking spot and it let us know that a car had turned into our lane (in a parking lot) ; it did stop before getting very far but it was reassuring to have that kind of warning.


Best eco-friendly car out there!

The new Prius Prime Advanced has all the safety bells and whistles available, amazing mileage, much quieter than my 2010 Prius Five, better ride and connectivity. The new, huge display is wonderful and the heads-up display with adaptive CC is superb. The only drawback is the lack of a spare and a bit of compromise in rear storage. With rebates and tax credits it is actually less expensive than a non-plug in model. I typically run over 1500 miles per tank since my driving is usually limited to about 35 miles, which is the range of the plug-in charge. Night electric rates are REALLY inexpensive, and the car is set to charge beginning at 11 PM, which it does with great joy. LOTS of kick from the electric motor too!