2015 Volkswagen Golf consumer reviews

$17,995 starting MSRP
side view of 2015 Golf Volkswagen
95% of drivers recommend this car
Rating breakdown (out of 5):
  • Comfort 4.7
  • Interior design 4.8
  • Performance 4.7
  • Value for the money 4.6
  • Exterior styling 4.7
  • Reliability 4.8
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I just bought it and am very happy:)

It is the TDI 6-speed manual and it is sweet. Luxurious and high quality features combined with the features of a sports car. VW makes the smoothest manual transitions in the world.


incredible mileage

purchased the vehicle for a more efficient means of transportation. The creature comforts are moderate, but it is made up for with the gas mileage. With the 2L Diesel model, i easily averaged 59mpg over the colorado mountain highways. On flat roads, this could be easily into the low 60s.


Great VW TDI

This VW Golf TDI SEL is the car that was looking for.It has everything...The car is more refined, efficient, and engaging compared to my old golf TDI 2013


My VW 2015 VW TDI Experience

Full disclosure - our family is rabid pro-VW. That said - if the cars disappointed we would not blindly stay with the brand. That said - after many years of wanting a TDI, I decided that NOW was the time to buy one since it is possible to find low-mileage CPO cars that were 'bought back' by VW and are slowly re-appearing at VW dealers. Two weeks in I love this car and have absolutely ZERO buyers remorse. The extended warranty offered by VW makes the experience almost like buying a new car, and I am hoping that support for the millions of TDI vehicles on the road will continue for years. Buying fuel is NO ISSUE and the mileage is incredible, even after the EPA fixes. The car is a blast to drive with its 6 speed manual trans, and I'm having a blast finally driving my TDI VDub. My only question is: when will we come to our senses and stop messing with electric vehicles with their HUGE battery issues (price a replacement battery and consider what happens with the disposal of all these batteries as they age out in regard to the environment!) Really glad to join the ranks of happy TDI owners and hoping that manufacturers wake up that people want to drive fuel efficient CARS, not just trucks.


Best Compact Car I have Ever had!

This car is amazing! Great on gas, comfortable, easy to maneuver, and very stylish! I get constant compliments on it and love to drive it. For a small car, I expected it to be cramped and not great for long trips, but it is surprisingly spacious! I love it!


Amazing fuel mileage

This car has lived up to my expectations and more. great fuel mileage and adequate room inside for a 6'3" construction worker. Not great for passengers though, kids have a hard time for leg room with me driving.


Best in class

Test drover every car in the class. Some I wouldn't wish on my worst enemy. Some were pretty good. The Golf was the only car that I felt was excellent. It is the most solid, fun to drive and comfortable. The styling is not crazy like some but it isn't what I would call great looking. It's a good design, well built and the chassis is the most solid of any. Handles great, good power and good economy.


Love this car

I had a VW diesel golf years ago and so glad to return to one! Love the engine and the oomph. Easy to park, easy to drive, and my husband loves the sunroof.


Best car I ever bought and best deal

Taut suspension but comfortable, corners great ( VW widened footprint). Fuel economy when first got it, 48 mpg, has dropped since first diesel modification about 5 mpg final modification + new fuel filter etc. hope will improve. Electronics are excellent!!


Get the Golf GTI Instead

If you had the choice to buy a Golf TDI or a Golf GTI, you'd go for the TDI if you were a bit daft and one of those people who look for fuel efficiency when purchasing a car. But if you had half a brain and you wanted a fun little hot hatchback, you'd go for the GTI. Recently, I test drove a Golf TDI, and I found myself longing for a GTI. Yes, both cars look the same, and if you're not really a car nut like me, you might not know the difference. However, there is a crucial difference. One car is for green eco-friendly people, and the other is for petrolheads. Petrolheads don't want a car that does a million miles to the gallon, they want a car that leaves Greenpeace violently angry, and shaking their heads in confusion. Sadly, there are more people who care more about trees than horsepower or speed. So, I'm afraid that now I'll have to write a review of the Golf TDI to make Greenpeace happy-ish. To tell you the truth, there's nothing too overly exciting about the car. It hasn't got enough horsepower, even for the eco-friendly nutters. And, I'm afraid it's the same story with the torque and top speed. So, the new TDI isn't even good enough for the tree people. Basically, what VW have done is make a car for a market that doesn't exist. Now more than ever, because of the emissions scam. Happy, Greenpeace?