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New Car Reviews

Our Our Editorial team tests, reviews and photographs more than 200 cars every year, creating independent and unbiased coverage of the automotive landscape, focusing on consumer advice, trends and analysis. report back with the latest

2017 GMC Acadia

The base four-cylinder is certainly no neck-snapper but it didn't induce white knuckles when passing or merging. READ

by Fred Meier

Washington, D.C., Bureau Chief

2016 Mazda CX-9

Even on twisty mountain roads with quick direction changes, the CX-9 never missed a step. READ

by Brian Wong

L.A. Bureau Chief

2016 Maserati Quattroporte

Everyone who laid eyes on the Maserati Quattroporte declared it a beautiful car, without exception. READ

by Aaron Bragman

Detroit Bureau Chief

2016 Nissan Altima

The four-cylinder engine sounds sort of flat and not pleasing with a bit of a weird whine from the CVT. READ

by Bill Jackson

Assistant Managing Editor