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(59 reviews)

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dont buy from this guy

the worst dealership in Long island ...check all the reviews Yelp BBB etc etc...been scaming people for 33 years... Abdoliah rude and like to yell.

Dealer response

Believe me ,I am not a crook, otherwise wouldn't be in business for 33 years with thousands of happy customers, You are just a nasty guy with an ugly attitude that tried to get my price down and I refused to sell you the car. Next day I sold the same car to a very nice Gentlman ,owner of a very well known comedy club,that I had the pleasure to do business with. Bottom line here at MY AUTO INC. I refuse to do business with nasty people like you. Only choose to do business with nice respectful people, and believe me there are plenty around.


Unprofessional and discourteous

Customer Service is Horrible,!!! Inhospitable and dismissive, Don't waste your time and money! Save yourself the headache and find similar vehicles at a location where you and your dollars are appreciated!!

Dealer response

with all due respect, You wanted to finance the car and your credit is so bad that we couldn't find a bank to finance you and you didn't want to hear it. I suggest start paying your creditors and you will build your credit and then you cant finance a car. Don't be mad at us if the banks didn't approve your application because your credit.


Love! my Jeep.

Bought my 2007 Jeep from Andy. Site un-seen, and had it shipped to Wisconsin. Andy was very honest, courteous, and helpful and accurate! in describing the great condition of the vehicle. I looked all over the country for this particular model. After all was said, and done. His was in the best condition. And the best deal as far as price. I even asked Andy about his opinion of two jeeps from other dealers, I was looking at. His opinion was very honest. And when I looked further into those other two, I found out, he was right. And they weren't such a deal after all.😅 He is the only place, I need to go to now, to get the Jeeps, I love.


Would buy from again

I bought a nice jeep for a good price here. I had one issue, and Andy has been extremely helpful. I would buy from him again.


no nonsense dealer

a very joyful experience, thank you for being straight forward. i was getting sick to my stomach with all game other dealers play. I felt comfortable from the first moment I pulled to your dealership and I am grateful for your honesty. I am really enjoying the explorer you sold me.


Respectful Business

My name is Alex. I bought a ford explorer from Andy and after 2 months my front left wheel bearing went 😞. Sooo i called My Auto Inc. because i was upset it happened only 2 months after buying the car. I was just expecting to get more frustrated but it was the complete opposite!! Andy was understanding and accepting of how I felt about the whole situation and without hesitation he offered to fix the wheel bearing if i brought the car there. I didnt have a warranty but he offering to fix the car anyway was a really nice gesture! Now thats customer service!! Most business can care less once they are paid but My Auto Inc. Did what most other companies wouldnt do, THE RIGHT THING!! and to top it off not only did ge fix my wheel bearing but he also offered to change my front breaks because they were a little on the low side for the same discount price he gets it. So i only paid for the parts and not the labor!! I highly reccomend doing business with these guys! They are honest amd respect us hard working people! Thank you My Auto Inc!!


a very happy customer

I can't emphasize enough what a great experience I had at MY AUTO INC.A beautiful facility with a very honest owner.They have a big selection of clean and low mileage SUVs.Every car is in a beautiful condition.If you want a dealership with no BS and no extra fees, this is the place.Thank you guys for my beautiful jeep.I really love it.


Good experience

Overall the process was pretty simple Andy is upfront and honest I purchased a Grand Cherokee which was in great condition he has quality vehicles at decent prices


Wow. What a terrible experience

Of the two times I’ve gone to this dealership I was side-eyed with nothing but disdain. He was rude and dismissive and told me it that was just how he was. He’s incredibly disrespectful and he raised his voice at me multiple times when I told him about the way he spoke to me. I don’t care how “honest” you are about your business you don’t yell at someone and accuse them of wasting your time when they’re trying to make a conscious decision about a major purchase.

Dealer response

Dear Simone thank you for making a purchase from us.I did not mean to raise my voice to you and when you told me that , I explained to you that's the way I talk "loud". I didn't mean no disrespect ,it was all a big misunderstanding. And you said you were hungry and you needed to go get something to eat,and I told you lets not waste time ,lets get the paperwork finished.You weren't wasting my time. I hope you enjoy your new car and I apologize for the misunderstanding.


terrible experience, beware

The assistant was very polite and did a fine job showing me the car, but then had to turn me over to Andy who was very impolite and confrontational, refused a test drive unless I verbally commit to buy first. After I asked five times to test drive it (I emailed him a couple times earlier in the week and he knew I drove 25 miles to come see it so obviously I am a serious buyer), he proceeded to yell at his assistant twice in front of me, which was a huge red flag. I cited his bad behavior in front of customers, and then Andy says he has a bad feeling about me and won’t sell to me! I have no doubt he did me a favor by showing his true colors when he did. No loss for me, there are plenty of used cars to buy. I wished his office staff luck. He’s clearly a troubled person and his behavior showed me he isn’t a trustworthy used car dealer. No doubt he will bash me in reply as I see he’s done to others. My advice to people shopping for a used car is: avoid this used car salesman.

Dealer response

Hi This is Andy, I am so happy that you gave us this review. Because it gives me another chance to explain how I run my dealership. As I mentioned before I pick and choose my customers to sell cars to.If I don't feel comfortable with your attitude and if you are trying to play games ,I will refuse you as a customer .As I did with you. We are in business for over 32 years and have thousands of beautiful, respectful customers with no attitudes and none game playing,that I had a pleasure to sell cars to. And I have plenty of customers that come back for repeat business and refer us to their family and friends. As we run a very honest business with no gimmicks and no hidden fees with very clean and low mileage vehicles, All I ask from the people to come to my dealership is not to play games and don't give us attitude and you will get a Royal service from me and my staff. But if you come in to play games and give us a hard time, you are asked to leave and we won't sell you the car as I did with you. I have no time and patience for people like you. And you don't have to worry about my staff as I take care of them very well and on the same day that you were here the same assistant you are talking about told me I LOVE YOU ANDY, As we were closing for the day.