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(455 reviews)

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Worst car buying experience ever. I was hoping this would...

Worst car buying experience ever. I was hoping this would let me post pictures as I have evidence of everything I'm about to write. I bought my new to me van from the used car department October 2019. It's a 2011 Chrysler Town & Country Touring. I bought the wheel & tire protection as well as the oil change package with it. The listing stated new brakes & tires which was one of the reasons I was sold. As a single mom, fantastic, less to worry about going forward! The car fax they gave me even showed in July 2019 they replaced all 4 rotors & front pads. I never once thought to question if they were in fact new brakes & rotors that were put on. Well needless to say there was squealing almost immediatly from the brakes. I called them & was told, no they're fine. It's super common with new brakes to squeal as they're breaking in. When I took it in for an oil change in January 2020 I mentioned it again. They told me there was nothing wrong. They were at an 8/10. I could not convince them anything was wrong. Fast forward to July 2020 and it still was just terrible. I was almost due for another oil change as it was supposed to be 7/20 according to my sticker as I was still under the mileage since Covid I'd only been driving to/from work & the store really. I had a mechanic friend look at them and he informed me there were gouges in my rotors and no pad left. That there was no way new brand new ones were put on nor was it possible for them to wear from an 8 that bad that quickly. I called up Perrysburg auto mall only to be rudely treated. They finally agreed to take a look at them. I dropped off my van only to receive a call back stating I needed all new brakes & rotors all the way around & for them to quote me over $800. I staggered at that. How can they possibly be trying to charge me for that? It was supposed to be all new when I bought it from them under 9 months previously & had questioned it since I bought it only for them to shrug it off. I asked to speak to someone higher. I was angry. After being given the run around I was finally offered that they would do it for $400, that was the best they could do. They're mechanic also informed me there was no warranty on the parts because they were in fact not brand new but practically new as he said it. I declined & went to pick up my van. My mechanic friend upon me showing him all my paperwork offered to help me. He got me all 4 new rotors & pads with lifetime warranties for $225. Needless to say I never wanted Perrysburg Auto Mall touching any vehicle of mine. They duped me & ripped me off with the worst customer service I've ever experienced. I went down & cancelled the maintenance & road hazard plans with them. They only gave me some of the money back even though I'd only used one oil change. But at that point I just wanted out, so it is what it is. I will never go there for another vehicle purchase & I've been warning every one. Seriously made me think of the dad in Matilda. Doesn't matter what family you put in danger so long as you make a sale!

Dealer response

Hello Ashley. I am sorry to read about your disappointment regarding your recent purchase and service experience at our store. We did in fact replace the brakes on your vehicle prior to you purchasing it. As a matter of fact, we spent $1,525 in service repairs. I would be happy to send you a copy of the invoice for your records. With that being said, it sounds like your experience with our service department after the fact was unacceptable. If for some reason the brakes were not performing as they should then it should have been addressed the first time. I apologize for that and have discussed this situation with our service director in order to better our process and make sure this does not happen again. I realize we may have lost your business and for that I am seriously disappointed. I would like to say in response to your statement regarding our integrity, we are not in the business of strictly "making a sale", we have a great deal of satisfied customers although much like any business we do make mistakes and not all mistakes are deliberate or malicious. Please get in touch with me if you would like to discuss further. Nick Ort General Manager 419-872-5444.


Sales manager tried to raise price at the last minute

Dealing with the salesperson, Ryan, was great. He was very courteous and responsive via text - sent a ton of great photos and videos detailing the truck. We spoke by phone on price and discussed shipping; I followed up by asking for a bill of sale to complete the purchase. When I received the bill of sale the next day, the price had increased by ~$2000 - with no justification or rationale given. It’s these kind of moves by used car dealers that will ensure platforms like Carvana or Vroom, or honest-price dealers such as CarMax will run them out of business. For the sake of all of us, I’m hoping it happens sooner rather than later.

Dealer response

Hello, I just responded to your one-star review on the CarGurus website, however you left more information on this review, so I was able to find out after talking to Ryan what happened. Primarily, we adjust prices daily according to several factors including product demand. These prices can go up anywhere from a couple hundred to a couple thousand dollars just as they can go down the same. However, if there is a deal currently being negotiated, we will not raise the price on that specific vehicle. It is my understanding that you live in Colorado and had been discussing the shipping costs with Ryan. There was no deal in place at that time. We have several people that call us daily from around the country that do not end up making a purchase. The Ford Raptor you were looking at was priced at $51,976 originally and changed to $53,189, which is a $1,213 difference. Not $2,000. We are the 10th cheapest out of 265 available in the entire county. Please reach out if you would like to discuss further. Nick Ort General Manager 419-872-5444.

Consumer response

Hi Nick - a quick response: 1. Based on cargurus and other historical price sources on this truck since Feb 2020, the you change the price ~monthly, not daily. 2. Correct on where I live. I spoke by phone to Ryan about price & shipping, I agreed on his guidance and asked for a bill of sale. Unclear what needs to happen to have 'a deal in place', nor what the relevance of 'several people' calling you daily. 3. If price was the sole factor in driving sales, you should have had no issues selling the truck for the last 3+ months when it priced lower than today. Perhaps its something in the way you deal with customers that has kept this highly desirable truck on your lot for potentially the longest in the country.

Dealer response

Hello - 1. I stated we change prices daily. We do not change prices on every vehicle in stock daily. Again, the prices are changed based on certain criteria. 2. A deal in place is when you receive a buyer’s order or worksheet like the one you received on July 30th. At that time, the price had already been changed. As for the "relevance" of several people calling daily, if we would not change prices based on the fact that someone called in a showed interest on a vehicle, we would literally never be able to change prices. 3. I never stated that price was the sole factor in driving sales, also the truck was sold out of state on Saturday for $58,000. I do this for a living and am rather good at it. Thanks for your input.

Consumer response

Congrats on the sale for $58k, a full $4,811 over asking! Must have been quite the bidding war since we spoke on the 30th and I can totally understand why you changed the price on me. You may want to let CarGurus & your website team know that it was sold - it is still showing as available.

Dealer response

Thank you. It was Saturday and it usually takes a day or so for all of the websites to update.


Nick made buying a new car such an easy and quick...

Nick made buying a new car such an easy and quick process! We’ve been doing business there for years! Definitely would refer people there again and again!


Awesome experience working with Nick Ort Jr. Great...

Awesome experience working with Nick Ort Jr. Great communication, answered all my questions, zero pressure sales person, everything went smoothly. Eric explained all the features of my new Terrain and he was awesome too.


Matt made it so easy to stay safe during this pandemic...

Matt made it so easy to stay safe during this pandemic both while test driving and purchasing. It was all so easy, except avoiding the Buckeyes on the way down from Michigan! Lol. Thank you Matt!!!


Great experience! (again)!! Nick was knowledgeable and...

Great experience! (again)!! Nick was knowledgeable and professional. Hooked us up with a great deal. The car needed a repair and it was done quickly.


Matthew Ovens did an outstanding job from first contact...

Matthew Ovens did an outstanding job from first contact to final paperwork! He was responsive and very friendly throughout the entire process! Every question and concern was handled with urgency and care! I felt like I purchased my vehicle from a good friend! Thank you Matthew for your professionalism!!


As car buyers with little-to-no dealership experience, we...

As car buyers with little-to-no dealership experience, we were relieved to have someone helping us who was genuinely kind, friendly, and helped us with absolutely no pressure to buy. We left the dealership feeling good about our purchase, as well as the interactions, and the fact that we were supporting a business and salesperson that we liked, and weren't settling for. Thanks again, Matthew Ovens, for all of your help! You helped us feel at ease during the entire process.


Enjoyed the no pressure sales approach that Matthew...

Enjoyed the no pressure sales approach that Matthew showed. He was very thorough and completely helpful. Because of him I will tell friends and family where they should look for their new or used automotive needs. Thank you Matthew.


Mathew was absolutely great. I got a great car and I...

Mathew was absolutely great. I got a great car and I can’t thank him enough for his business and cooperation. He was honest, open with every question we asked, and even established a great friendship with Mathew during and after the process!