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(286 reviews)

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imma believer

First I would like to say that I'm a Chevy lover. Angel has changed my whole world about the 2013 Subaru Legacy. I came to mccloskey just to look around and had no intention of buying. Angel, having more than basic knowledge of the Subaru, has wowed me to a point I didn't even want to consider anything GM had to offer.he was patient and answered EVERY question as if he had been knowing me for years. This was not what I expected from a dealership. Having a positive attitude and making jokes kept me calm and at ease. I will not only continue doing business with mccloskey but I will definitely send my fellow soldiers from ft Carson to him. He could have tried to get me in something more expensive and way out of my league and comfort zone. That's why with the knowledge he had and the fact that the other employees were so nice, I decided to purchase that beautiful car which is saving me tremendous amounts of money just on gas itself. Thank you again for having Angel on your team. Oh and I think my wife loves my new car than her own. In your face Phil long!!


Awesome service from Rodney and Truck Town

The reason I rated this salesperson a 5 on all areas is because: Rodney was very friendly, very smart on the vehicles. I wanted a used car and for the same price i qualified for a new susuki. He spent all time needed with the customer and didn't try to push, He didn't overtalk, etc. which I liked. He allowed me to ask every question and He had an answer He even showed me the car fax! Awesome salesman! McCloskey Motors at Truck Town is a better dealership with Rodney as a salesman. Awesome job! Thank-you

Dealer response

We think Rodney is awesome too! Thanks for your kind review!


Fantastic service. felt like I was apart family

Rodney Stearne was one of the best cars salesman I have ever seen. When I arrive he came out and made me feel like I was welcome. He made sure that I was in a descent car that was reliable all year around. I never had such positive look on cars salesman until I met Rodney Stearne. he presented nothing but the best cars for me and I will always appreciate it the time and the care he gave me that day. Thank you Rodney Stearne.

Dealer response

Thanks you for all of the kudos and Thank you from Rodney too!



This place deserves 6 stars! This is my 3rd purchase so far and it keeps getting easier. They have a great vehicle locator program that saved me a ton of time, tears, and $$$ that got me the exact Ford Edge I wanted with the exact options and I didn't have to drive out of town to shop. It is always tough to put your faith in a place to bring a car in and not know exactly what you might get..but they gave me a guarantee of what I would get and throw in free oil changes and a warranty for piece of mind. Excellent job as always and they just helped my cousin pick up his new (new to him) F-150 last week and was thrilled to get financing as a 1st time buyer and get a awesome truck to boot. Easy financing, great staff, A+!!!!

Dealer response

Thanks for the compliments! :)


unhappy with the Service Department

We own a 2009 Suzuki XL-7 and took it to McClosky to have the 100k mile service performed. Just before we took the vehicle to McClosky, we had the oil changed elsewhere. Upon making the appointment for the 100k mile service, we advised "James" to NOT change the oil. When we picked the vehicle up from McClosky, they had in fact changed the oil and wanted to charge us for it. James was nice enough to remove this charge however and we went about our business. The next week while driving the car though, I noticed some steam coming up from the hood. I popped the hood to notice that the overflow compartment for the radiator was empty. I bought a gallon of radiator fluid and put it in (it took the whole gallon). Finally, we also ordered two hatch struts and was told by James that these would take 3-5 business days to arrive. Now a month later, we finally received the parts. We did not find this out because they called us, but rather we called them and convenitenly were told that "The struts just arrived yesterday". I would suggest to anyone who is thinking of going to McCloskey to look at other shops because we have the impression that they just don't really care about the customer. "Big Joe Auto" I believe has grown up to be a typical run of the mill used car dealer.


Unprofessional and In knowledgeable

Our experience started out great, all the customer service reps who have nothing to do with the actual dealships are very nice and caring. We drove 60 miles for a scheduled appointment to look at this perfect car that we wanted. When we showed up, they had no clue that we were coming, we told them what car we were wanting to look at and they seemed very confused. Finally after waiting around a girl, Katie said she was going to take us to the car. We got in another car which she swung the door open and hit the car next to it, (just goes to show how they treat their vehicles), we drove to their other location and test drove the car we were wanting to see back to the original dealership. Katie did not know anything about the car...literally nothing, only the make and color! Everything was good with the test drive, there was some inside damage to the car which Katie again knew nothing about but we still liked it because it was exactly what we had been looking for. When we got back to the original dealership, we sat down at a desk and Katie said she would be right back. We waited for 20 minutes before we were approached by Dillon who then negotiated price with us. He guaranteed that the car had a 2 month waranty which we later found out after buying the car that it did not! Negotiating pricing is never fun but we got to a place where we were happy. At this time because he kept stepping away for 15 minutes at a time, it was closing time for them. We were told that we would have to drive all the way back down to talk with a finance agent. We were also going to come back down because they guaranteed to look at an issue with the car. We confirmed the apointment time and made sure it would be enough time. A couple days later we came back down, of course they had no clue we were coming and had to wait a half hour before being seen. Dillon then took our car to the mechanic to get the issue looked at WHILE we finished up the paper work. Jessie helped us with the finance part, great guy, very knowledgable, probably the only helpful person we met with. This took a little bit of time which is expected, during the paper work process all the sales men were playing kick ball and throwing a football knocking things over in the store. I understand if there is nothing to do you find something to occupy your self but there is also a line of professionalism to follow. After we were done, we asked to go to our car or if it was done, Dillon ignored us and walked away. Another gentleman who was very nice, not a sales man took us over to where the mechanic was. When we got there the mechanic told us that the car was not ready and that they were closed now. Dillon had told him that the car was staying over night...How could it stay over night, this was our only form of transpertation, Dillon knew this because he asked us!! So now we will have to come down again to get an issue figured out that they should have done before we bought the car. Long story short we came here only because they had the exact car that we wanted, I would not recommend buying from them unless they have a car you cannot go without.

Dealer response

Hello BE139, I appreciate you taking the time to really outline your entire experience with us. While I am thankful that the experience started out well, I truly apologize for the overall outcome. To address your concerns, we will be certain to spend some additional training on product with Katie. It sounds like we had a communication gap with our sales and service centers and we could use some work on that as well. I have already notified the appropriate people within our organization, and while it can't change what transpired during your visit, hopefully we eliminate this sort of interaction in the future. I'm sorry that did not go smoothly. I have also talked with the individuals involved and very much apologize for the unprofessionalism displayed in the showroom. While it is never enjoyable to find that we have represented ourselves in a negative light, I am truly appreciative you have taken your time and have brought these things to my attention. If there is still anything that you are needing resolution on, please feel free to contact me personally 719-594-9400 x 1651. Thank you, Mike Phillips


kind & helpful

He was very kind and helpful through the process of finding and purchasing a new vehicle.

Dealer response

Awesome! We're glad you feel that way! Thanks, Mike


Great service

A+!! Rodney was very professional and helpful I will be coming back when I'm ready to buy a truck.

Dealer response

Sounds great Daniel! Thank you!


amazing experience

This was an amazing experience. Very nice people (especially Paul) My mood was very bad from previous experience at another dealership. Leaving very happy today. Thank you

Dealer response

Glad to hear you are happy! Thanks Bryon!


An unpleasant experience

I traveled 700 miles to purchase a hard to find awd sienna. Before I left Arizona after finding the car on autotrader and negotiating a a price with a specific warranty with the dealership (4 years, 48,000 miles included) I called to confirm the price and warranty before making the lengthy trip. The friendly sales associate assured me that the price or terms would not change when I arrived. Not True. After I sat down with the business manager to finalize the agreement he informed me that the cost would be $47 more per month than the confirmed price I made with a sales associate before I made the 11 hour trip. I explained that was not the agreement that was made and he sent me to talk with the sales associate. After some discussion between the sales associate and his "manager", I was told that the payment would be made to be $9 more per month than the agreement. Since I had already spent 5 hours at the dealership, it was 8 pm now and after an 11 hour drive I decided that $9 more than the agreement was ok. I finished the paperwork and at 9 pm Ieft feeling a bit surprised by the evenings events. It wasn't until I arrived back in Arizona that I noticed the warranty had been changed from 4 years, 48,000 miles to 3 years 36,000 miles. This change was made without my knowledge. While the sales manager insists that the agreement I had with the dealership is different than what I confirmed with the sales associate, The associate and I know the truth, he does not dispute that. I was treated poorly by the business manager and skipped over while he helped every other person in the dealership that evening, waiting until the end of the evening to be helped. When the deal was finalized I had signed a peice of paper that had been changed from a 4 year 48,000 mile warranty to one with a 3 year 36,000 mile warranty. This was done in a shady way to say the least. While the dealership continues to deny that they are not honoring their word, the facts speak for themselves. Buyer beware. This was not a pleasant experience.

Dealer response

William Akens (hereafter "Customer") contacted McClockey Motors, Inc. (hereafter "MMI") beginning on 12/27/2013 regarding the possible purchase of a 2009 Toyota Sienna. The customer also requested pricing on a service contract and a 3 year/36,000 miles service contract was quoted to the customer for both pricing and was quoted included in the payments, with just a verification of the tax rate remaining. Several days later, on 1/2/2014 the customer came in and completed all documents and finalized the purchase. At that time the only adjustment to any numbers was upon verification of taxes that are paid by the customer. MMI offered to upgrade the 3 year/36,000 mile service contract to a 4 year/48,000 mile service contract. There was a cost associated with this upgrade and therefore the payment would have increased. The information was printed and presented to the customer to review with the 4 year/48000 mile service contract and declined. The customer did not want an increase in payment and therefore MMI continued the sale of a 3 year/36,000 miles service contract as discussed in the original phone conversation. On 1/4/2014, the customer contacted me and had thought he was receiving the longer term contract. I told the customer I would have to check out the information in the loan packet and call him back later when our administrative office was opened. I researched all documents in the deal and reviewed all of the information shared with the customer. Upon speaking with him for some time, MMI and the customer reached a mutual and satisfactory agreement. As an act of goodwill, MMI agreed to upgrade the 3 year/36000 mile service contract into the 4 year/48000 mile service contract at a discounted rate and the customer agreed to pay the difference. If there are any further questions or concerns regarding this, please feel free to contact me personally at (719) 594-9400. Thank you, Mike Phillips