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(286 reviews)

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Excellent service

Paul Coplen is a low pressure high level personality who puts forth a can do it aura with his behavior and kind presence as he interacts with the situation as it evolves in the auto purchase.

Dealer response

Hi John! Thanks for the great review!


5 stars!

They gave me my dream car in my price range. Friendly staff!

Dealer response

Thank you Catherine!


Excellent Service

We had a great experience at Mccloskey Motors. We went in a little weary about whether we would get a car and walked out with an excellent car.

Dealer response

Thank you Angeline for making the trip in and doing business with us!


Really people

Do people realize that when they say they will give you 4000 for your car it ain't true they ad the 4000 to the price of the car , so they get your car for free and still get what they wanted for the car , so guess who's making out , Not the customer

Dealer response

Hi Jerry, I appreciate your input, however that is not how the promotion works. We do offer a $4000 minimum trade in promotion, and it is available on select vehicles. We regularly shop our competition and use software in conjunction other major sources to determine our pricing. We feel that we provide a good value, quality products and fair deals to customers that choose to do business with us. If you have any other questions have questions on our vehicles or our pricing please feel free to contact me personally at (719) 685-7004. Thanks, Mike Phillips General Sales Manager McCloskey Moors, Inc.


worst experience ever

I wanted to trade my car in for something better. I picked out a great suv drove it for two weeks and felled in love with it. When they called me to finsh the paperwork I was told I need to find a different car with lower miles in it so I did two days later I went back in the sign everything I was told I need to find a cheaper car or take my trade back. What a waste of time. I will never go back to this place again.

Dealer response

I am sorry to hear about the experience. I would be happy to hear more of your story if you would like to discuss it with me. This is obviously not the sort of experience we would knowingly want to create for anyone purchasing a car from us. I do appreciate the feedback. If you would like to call me my direct line is (719) 685-7004. Mike Phillips General Sales Manager McCloskey Motors.


worst car buying experience

buying a vehicle should be a good experience. At least they should make you feel like they value your business and try to accommodate your needs. In case it was their way or the highway and send you out the door. I love the car and purchased it anyway. I will share this experience with everyone I know. Rated # 1 in Colorado Springs??? Not sure how that happened...


Looking to Buy

I Have not dealt with them yet but after my conversation on the phone with a sales rep. I am pretty much sure it want be nothing like the previous dealership I bought from


Hindsight is 20/20 - Buyer Beware

Disappointing. I have never worked with an organization that seems to have such an attitude of indifference. Prior to purchase, my husband and I were everyone's best friend...but, once money changed hands it has been a very different scene. We purchased a used vehicle from McCloskey Imports on March 23 (a Saturday evening), and the check engine light came on on the way home. We returned it the following Monday for what we believed would be some simple service, 51 days later, McCloskey has not been able to produce a vehicle that is in working order to provide dependable transportation for our family. We should have returned the vehicle on the first day, but, we believed the sales manager and service team that the fix for the vehicle was a simple sensor and alignment. However, when we still didn't have a car that could pass emissions by the third day we were ready to take their trade offer. McCloskey's idea of honoring their agreement to trade the vehicle for another was ridiculous. We chose the original vehicle based on, mileage, age, cost, product reviews, and cleanliness, but the vehicles I was shown were NOT apples to apples by any stretch. I was shown cars with over 100,000 miles, filthy cars, one with a manual transmission, and cars outside my set budget. I was sent away from their dealership with a "promise" that they would continue to look for something to trade us. Despite our continued calls to our salesperson and management this option was completely dropped, all communication on this subject has been ignored. 3 more ?fixes? and a month and a half later, we have made a car payment, and insured a vehicle that has been in their service bay for 46 out of the last 51 days. The added mileage on the vehicle is 95%, or more, strictly from driving it back and forth from Castle Rock to Colorado Springs 4 times to attempt to fix the reoccurring problems. It is going back today, because it is leaking fluids -- and it was leaking fluids 48 days ago. We will undoubtedly be held strictly to the 60 day warrantee from the day of purchase, and not be allowed any extra time to actually drive the vehicle. We have been told repeatedly that we are very lucky to have the 2mo/ 2000 mile warrantee offered by McCloskey, that we should be happy -- But, somehow I don?t think holding someone to their word is anything extra. We have been talked down to, and pacified by a multitude of managers and the owner's wife; and although Joe McCloskey is spoken very highly of and is touted as a hands on man throughout his organization, he has not seen fit to become personally involved in our case despite our continued requests for assistance. We have asked that McCloskey un-do our loan, or, produce a vehicle that will pass emissions and be reliable transportation... So far neither has happened. Legally, we are still exploring -- McCloskey's has not charged us with the repairs, and they have provided an economy rental for our transportation in the interim. However, we still do not have the car we are paying for. This is exactly the type of story that gives car dealers a bad name. McCloskey Automotive has the power and ability to make a good situation out of a bad one, but, is choosing not to. Shame on you, Big Joe Auto! Buyer Beware.


I liked the selection to choose from

I searched for a 06 or newer Tahoe for a few weeks without finding exactly what I wanted. I saw a few online that I wanted to take a look at. We ended up going to two different dealerships. We ended up buying one here after comparing the selection and price. We were able to get an 08 with all the options


Highly Recommended

Personable employees, welcoming & friendly, knowledgeable. Dale Davison