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New Chevy Blazer

Wonderful experience purchasing a new vehicle. Second time I've gotten one from Ginn. First time was used, but same care and attention. Patient and helpful in the decision process. Great getting loan rates - beat my bank offer. No pressure!


new Vehicle purchase

Best experience I have ever had in purchasing a vehicle.


Service Department

So after buying 4 cars in 3 years. It has been a struggle with the service and parts department trying to rip us off at every turn. Service is awful and as of today the lying, stealing, and cheating has ran over into the quick change oil center too. BEWARE OF THIS DEALERSHIP


Oil change

Very hot in the shop, but but the service folks were upbeat and got the job done with a smile.


Buick Enclave 2016

This is my home town dealer .Was able to take this vehicle home for a few days to test drive.Outstanding customer service.Made the car buying process less stressful.Also have a great service department


Ginn is great again

This is my second vehicle purchased from Ginn, the high standard of customer service guarantees that there will be future vehicles purchased from here.


Larry and Patti King Covington,Ga.

Larry and I want to thank Ginn Chevrolet,Deon,Robert,Mark and Mike for the excellent experience in our purchase of our 2019 Chevrolet Equinox! everyone went out of their way to work with us and make our trade possible! could not ask for a better experience in purchasing a vehicle!v We highly recommend Ginn Chevrolet for your next vehicle purchase !


Trouble shooting/parts changing on my daughter's Cruise

My daughter carried her Chevy Cruise to the shop just over a year ago and they said that the turbo was bad and replaced it. Well we bought the extended warranty but it still cost I believe 200 bucks but anyway the car ran so probably was correct diagnosis. Well here on September 17 it messed up so she took it back and they said that there was a plastic tube cracked and they said that they replaced it but she drove it away and it broke down in a parking lot close to the dealership so then they said that it was probably the turbo again but it was not under warrenty. She asked if they could help her get it back to their lot until she could get it picked up. They told her no and that it would be okay there and she had to leave it. We paid for having it towed to our home until we could get someone else to look at it as she couldn't afford to do the turbo at this time. Several weeks without a car she finally got a mechanic to come to our home and when they took this part that was said to be changed off it was obvious that it wasn't a new part but she was charged 180 bucks for the job. She called the service department and they told her that she would have to have it towed back to the dealership that they wouldn't just give her parts or pay someone to put on without them looking at it. Well we couldn't pay to have it towed again is what my daughter told them and they gave her the 45 dollar part. My issue is that they didn't replace the part but charged her and the turbo was just over a year old and they said nothing they could do after they changed parts and guessed that it may be the turbo or may be the engine but could be anything. Heck anyone can just change parts when they don't know what else to do and at someone else's expense. I spoke with the manager and he told me that he would investigate and call back. Well when he did he said that his service manager told him that what my daughter told me wasn't what really happened (in other words she's a lier). He said that he couldn't do anything as far as refunding labor for installing a part that was not installed. The manager stated when I said that I didn't think that he would go against his service manager, I wasn't there so I can't say what happened. I then told him that if he had no intention of making a decision because he wasn't there that he should have never wasted his time nor mine. I let him know that I think that him and his entire service department was wrong for taking advantage of my daughter and his comment was to call the General manager/co owner of the two dealerships to complain. I probably won't but I'll say that if you go to this dealership I'm not saying that all of them are not honest but the manager of the Chevrolet dealership isn't gonna do anything as I guess that he is a puppet on a string and can't make any decisions or he just could care less that his service department is not trustworthy because they charged a young lady for work that obviously wasn't done. Then the service department cared less that her car was left in a parking lot until it could be towed and the belief is that the didn't want to take the time to help her and told her that it couldn't be taken back to their lot.


Great experience!

Friendly staff! We didn’t have to sit around for hours! Mr. Mann was very helpful he helped us get the best deal for our price range!!


Don't waste your time at their service center.

We took our car there to have them run it through a fuel pressure check, check codes, check battery, and then change spark plugs as we had an occasional slow crank starting. After 24 hours without hearing anything back from them, we called them, and we were told that the technician took it out for a drive, and could not replicate problem. My husband was upset that they did not do as requested. He told them to do as requested first. They then started to do our request. My husband complained about this to their service Manager, who argued over the phone with my husband. After getting our car back after 28 hours, we then found out they drove the car for 42 MILES!!! Complained to the General Manager, who said "it's normal for our service department to test drive cars 42 miles, we even drive some up to 300 miles"!! What??? Either that's the poorest excuse I've ever heard or somebody doesn't know what the xxxx they're doing! 42 miles equates to about an hour of driving! So, they drove my car around for an hour the first 24 hours of it being in their shop and then did what we requested in the last 4 hours of having our car, great business model Ginn!! They will never get our business again!