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2019-2020 BMW Cars and SUVs and Toyota Supras: Recall Alert

By Patrick Masterson on June 23, 2020

Vehicles Affected: Approximately 2,800 model-year 2019 BMW Z4 coupes, model-year 2019-20 3 Series sedans, model-year 2020 X3 and X4 SUVs, and model-year 2020 Toyota Supra coupes The Problem: In cer... Read More
Top 5 Reviews and Videos of the Week: Audi Q8 Can’t Get as High as Highlander

By Brian Normile on January 12, 2020

One of the many new SUVs introduced for the model year, the 2019 Audi Q8, has a lot to offer shoppers, according to reviewer Brian Wong. The five-seater offers a luxurious, comfortable and... Read More
10 Biggest News Stories of the Week: 2020 Ford Escape Hybrid Jumps Genesis GV80

By Matt Schmitz on January 8, 2020

What we like and dislike about the 2020 Ford Escape Hybrid, revived after an eight-year absence, tops our weekly list of the 10 most read news stories of the week. Read More
2019-2020 BMW 3 Series: Recall Alert

By Patrick Masterson on January 3, 2020

Vehicles Affected: Approximately 130 model-year 2019-20 BMW 3 Series sedans The Problem: The outboard rear seat belt pretensioners may not lock as intended during a crash, increasing the risk of in... Read More
Top 5 Reviews and Videos of the Week: 2020 Lexus RX Fills a Prescription for Popularity

By Jennifer Geiger on November 17, 2019

We’ve always found enough to like about the Lexus RX, but up until 2020, that statement came with a big but. Yes, it was a fine vehicle, but the touchpad or mouselike multimedia controls were confo... Read More
2019 L.A. Auto Show: 2020 Land Rover Defender and Everything Else We Expect

By Matt Schmitz on November 13, 2019

Want to know what’s showing up at the 2020 Los Angeles Auto Show? Check out our roundup of what to expect when you go right here. Read More
10 Biggest News Stories of the Week: 2020 Corvette, Civic Si Can’t Beat Best Deals, SEMA Wheels

By Patrick Masterson on November 13, 2019

Whether it’s blowing your budget on the world’s most decadent Butterball or chipping in to spare Santa Claus some grief come Christmas, spending money this time of year gets unusually easy. At some... Read More
2019 BMW 3 Series: 8 Things We Like and 5 Things We Don’t

By Nick Kurczewski on November 8, 2019

The 2019 BMW 3 Series is smarter, safer and as stylish as this iconic German sports sedan has been for many years. In fact, the BMW 3 Series is the target many car companies aim for when engineerin... Read More
Genesis G70 Vs. BMW 3 Series Video: Luxury Sports Sedan Smackdown

By Kelsey Mays on November 7, 2019

We love the 2019 Genesis G70 so much that we named the all-new luxury sports sedan’s Best of 2019 vehicle, our top award. One of the ways it won us over was how well it smoked the competit... Read More
2019-2020 BMW 3 Series, Z4: Recall Alert

By Patrick Masterson on November 1, 2019

Vehicles Affected: Approximately 220 model-year 2019-20 BMW 330i sedans and model-year 2019 Z4 coupes The Problem: The needle roller bearings of the counterbalance shafts may have been improperly i... Read More