Car Gadgets

Big Savings or Big Brother? Your Usage-Based Car Insurance Is Watching

By Nick Kurczewski on April 25, 2018

You wouldn't invite just anyone into your car or truck, would you? While most of us would never allow a total stranger to hop aboard, a growing number of car owners are increasingly comforta... Read More
Need That Whale-Shaped Tea Infuser, Pronto? Amazon Delivers to Your Car

By Jennifer Geiger on April 24, 2018

Need penguin-speckled socks or lettuce, like yesterday? Amazon can already deliver pretty much anything at the drop of a hat (including a hat), but you have to be in a building to get the packag... Read More
6 Ways Vision Mercedes-Maybach Ultimate Luxury Lives Up to Its Name

By Fred Meier on April 24, 2018

Mercedes has a new vision for over-the-top indulgence. The Vision Mercedes-Maybach Ultimate Luxury concept, unveiled at Auto China 2018 in Beijing, is a dream machine for those fortunate fe... Read More
What Is ESP or ESC?

By Jim Travers on April 17, 2018

An electronic stability program, also called electronic stability control, can help keep your car on course in slippery conditions or emergency maneuvers by selectively applying one or more of t... Read More
Is BMW's Apple CarPlay Subscription a Model for the Future?

By Brian Wong on April 17, 2018

BMW has given the X4 a redesign for 2019 that upgrades the sleek SUV's technology and interior space. But lurking in the changes was one detail that caught my attention, as it may signal a b... Read More
Crank It or Leave It? We Tested Auto Climate Control to Find Out

By Kelsey Mays and Joe Wiesenfelder on April 12, 2018

Somewhere between the correct way to hang toilet paper and the right quantity of decorative pillows on the bedspread comes another spousal debate: how to use automatic climate control.... Read More
Is the 2018 VW Atlas’ Fender Stereo Worth the Cost?

By Joe Wiesenfelder on April 11, 2018

Is the Fender premium stereo in Cars.com's Best of 2018 award-winning Volkswagen Atlas worth $5,800? After comparing this 12-speaker system in an Atlas SEL Premium with the eight-speaker sys... Read More
2018 Infiniti QX80 Vs. 2018 Nissan Armada: Is the Luxury Badge Worth It?

By Jennifer Geiger and Kelsey Mays on April 4, 2018

When the redesigned Nissan Armada hit dealerships in mid-2016, we found it a capable full-size SUV with plenty of similarities to its older platform sibling, the Infiniti QX80 (née QX56).... Read More
2018 Nissan Leaf e-Pedal Tested: Getting to Work Without Working the Brakes

By Brian Normile on March 21, 2018

Nissan's redesigned Leaf features the e-Pedal, a feature that allows for one-pedal driving. When activated, pressing the accelerator still moves the car forward, but reducing pressure active... Read More
Uber Self-Driving Death Could Have Long-Term Impact on Autonomous Cars

By Nick Kurczewski on March 21, 2018

Uber has temporarily parked its self-driving fleets following a deadly crash in Tempe, Ariz., where one of the ride-hailing company's autonomous Volvo XC90 SUVs struck and killed a pedestria... Read More