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Ford Mustang 2005

Our Favorite Cars of the Past 20 Years

By Joe Bruzek on June 28, 2018

Cars.com is celebrating its 20th birthday in 2018, so our editors reflected on two decades of new-car coverage to pick 20 favorites. Some of these are the cars whose pictures you'll see hang... Read More
Your Car Is So Old...

By Matt Schmitz on March 22, 2017

CARS.COM — Time to give the mothers of the world a reprieve from the your-mama's-so-old jokes and instead redirect our youth-fixated culture's age-shaming snaps toward another targ... Read More
Ford Adds 1.9 Million Vehicles to Takata Recall

By Jennifer Newman on June 1, 2016

CARS.COM — Ford is recalling eight models from its Ford, Lincoln and Mercury brands as part of the Takata recall expansion that was announced in May 2016 by the National Highway Traffic Sa... Read More
Mother Proof's view

By Kristin Varela on April 15, 2005

I'm slightly annoyed when the first Ford representative I introduce myself to at a Mustang convertible event in Florida this weekend immediately mentions, "There's at least one thing you&... Read More
KansasCity.com's view

By Tom Strongman on December 25, 2004

Ford Motor Co. dressed up as Santa this year and gave auto enthusiasts a hot-blooded Mustang. That's a present that will last for years. Sun lovers should rejoice because a convertible version... Read More
Los Angeles Times's view

By Dan Neil on November 11, 2004

As a thought experiment, try to imagine that there never was a car named Mustang before - that it wasn't an automotive icon four decades in the making, Bullitt's bullet, Carroll Shelby&ap... Read More
TheMercuryNews.com's view

By Matt Nauman on November 4, 2004

LAS VEGAS - Sin City is all about new, with non-stop construction and roads through the desert like Clark County 215 that leads to nowhere in anticipation of the emergence of somewhere in five or 1... Read More