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Genesis G70 2019

10,000 Miles With a 2019 Genesis G70: We’ve Spent Less Than $4 on Anything Besides Fuel (and Snacks)

By Brian Normile on August 28, 2019

We’ve cracked 10,000 miles in our Best of 2019-winning Genesis G70, and it’s so far been a mostly problem-free experience. That’s great news for consumers — and this author’s sanity, as the person ... Read More
Genesis Connected Services Enhance Our G70 Ownership Despite a Sluggish App

By Mike Hanley on August 27, 2019

From personal finances to the morning coffee order, your smartphone can handle all manner of aspects in your life. And if you have a newer car, like our long-term 2019 Genesis G70, chances are you ... Read More
Get It in Writing: Majority of Genesis Dealers Can’t Provide Promised Online Service Records

By Kelsey Mays on July 10, 2019

Part of wise vehicle ownership is to maintain your service records — whether they’re held electronically, stashed into the glove compartment or stuffed in that box of receipts in your attic. At min... Read More
File Not Found: Our Genesis G70’s Online Service Records Are Missing

By Kelsey Mays on July 3, 2019

Like many vehicles,’s long-term 2019 Genesis G70 has an online owner’s portal where the luxury brand can post maintenance records, issue service reminders and more. In Genesis’ case, it’s ... Read More’s 2019 Genesis G70 So Fresh and So Clean After First Service Visit

By Kelsey Mays on June 20, 2019’s long-term Genesis G70 — our favorite car among all new or redesigned 2019 models — has already hit 7,500 miles. That means we’re adding miles at a decent clip considering we drove the se... Read More
Which 2019 Cars Have Fewest Problems in First 3 Months?

By Kelsey Mays on June 19, 2019

Over the past decade, leading vehicle-reliability studies have centered on dashboard displays and associated features like nearby controls, voice recognition systems and Bluetooth pairing, as such ... Read More
Cleaning Our Long-Term Genesis G70's Leather Seats Was Easy

By Mike Hanley on May 31, 2019

It says a lot about how reliable new cars have become when the biggest issues we’ve faced in five months’ ownership of our long-term 2019 Genesis G70 3.3T have been an occasionally blurry hea... Read More
Bass Model: We Test the 2019 Genesis G70’s Lexicon Stereo

By Joe Wiesenfelder on May 15, 2019

We don’t always report on premium car-audio systems, and when we do, it’s usually to help shoppers decide if they want to spend the extra money on an option. In the case of our long-term Genesis G7... Read More
6 Features Our Genesis G70 Doesn’t Have That We Wish It Did

By Joe Bruzek on May 13, 2019

It’s rare to walk away from any big purchase and feel like you got the right end of the deal, but the 2019 Genesis G70 is one of those feel-good stories because it’s a heck of a lot of car for the ... Read More
How Well Do the 2019 Genesis G70's Active Safety Features Work?

By Mike Hanley on April 29, 2019

Active safety features have proliferated among luxury cars, and the all-new 2019 Genesis G70 is no exception. Our long-term G70 3.3T Prestige is packed with them, from the ones you hope you’l... Read More