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Honda Clarity Plug-in Hybrid 2018

2018 Honda Clarity Plug-In Hybrid Video: Clear Advantages?

By Brian Normile on November 14, 2018

Honda's commitment to fuel-efficient and alternative-fuel vehicles continues with the 2018 Clarity, available in three flavors: battery electric, fuel-cell or plug-in hybrid. The latter is t... Read More
Read This if Reliability Ranks High on Your Car-Shopping Checklist

By Kelsey Mays on October 25, 2018

The Lexus GX luxury SUV notched top reliability scores from owner surveys in Consumer Reports' latest annual reliability study, while the Ram 3500 heavy-duty pickup truck ranked worst. The m... Read More
Hyundai Juices Refreshed 2018 Sonata Plug-In Hybrid With Price Cut

By Fred Meier on July 19, 2018

Hyundai's 2018 Sonata Plug-in Hybrid has arrived with the updates already seen on the other refreshed 2018 Sonata models, along with a $1,350 cut in the starting price from the 2017 base mod... Read More