Jaguar Xf 2018

Top 10 Vehicles With the Longest Driving Range

By Brian Wong on July 18, 2018

CARS.COM — Vehicles with long driving ranges and exceptional fuel economy have their advantages. The ability to hop behind the wheel on a whim and drive really far is a nice bit of freedom. So is t... Read More
2018 Jaguar XF Sportbrake: What Does It Cost to Fill Up?

By Rick Popely on July 6, 2018

This Fourth of July was lodged on a Wednesday this year, but that hasn’t stopped travelers from taking extended holidays on either side of the holiday. Many of them will be road-tripping in c... Read More
2018 Jaguar XF Sportbrake Review: Enthusiasts Might Not Rejoice

By Mike Hanley on July 3, 2018

The Enthusiast Special Hang around enough car enthusiasts and you’ll learn many of them have soft spots for wagons, preferably with a manual transmission. And a diesel engine. In other words,... Read More
2018 Jaguar XF Sportbrake Video Review: What Is This Car Doing Here?

By Mike Hanley on June 18, 2018

Behold the 2018 Jaguar XF Sportbrake, a wagon version of Jag’s mid-size sedan. Other luxury brands like Audi and BMW have been running for the exits in recent years as they’ve dropped w... Read More
2018 Twin Cities Auto Show: 5 Things You Can't Miss

March 8, 2018

Ok, so the movie “Fargo” turned 22 years old this week, but, so, ya know … despite widely held stereotypes about the state of Minnesota and its dialect made famous by the movie, y... Read More
2018 San Diego Auto Show: 5 Things You Can't Miss

December 21, 2017

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7,000 Jaguar Sedans and SUVs: Recall Alert

November 22, 2017

CARS.COM  Vehicles Affected: Approximately 7,000 model-year 2017-18 Jaguar XF sedans and F-Pace SUVs; model-year 2016-17 Jaguar XJ sedans; and model-year 2018 Jaguar XE sedans  The Problem: The... Read More
2018 Jaguar XF Sportbrake: First Impressions

By Joe Wiesenfelder on October 30, 2017

CARS.COM — The one thing designers can do to make wagons look better — sportier — is keep the rear end from being too bulbous. Jaguar has done this as well as any with the new 2018 XF Sportbrake wi... Read More
Jaguar Unveils 2018 XF Sportbrake Wagon

By Fred Meier on October 30, 2017

CARS.COM — For luxury buyers who want a sports sedan but need more capacity for runs to Home Depot or the polo field, Jaguar offers the new XF Sportbrake, a wagon version of its latest XF sport sed... Read More
Jaguar Debuts New Four-Cylinder Engine for XE, XF, F-Pace

By Mike Hanley on June 27, 2017

CARS.COM — Jaguar has announced a more powerful version of its turbocharged four-cylinder gas engine that will be available in the 2018 XE sports sedan, 2018 XF mid-size sedan and 2018 F-Pace SUV. ... Read More