Fuel Economy

What Does It Cost to Fill Up a 2019 Nissan Pathfinder?

By Rick Popely on September 21, 2018

Fuel economy doesn't appear to be top of mind for many new-vehicle shoppers these days, so automakers are finding other ways to boost attention. The 2019 Nissan Pathfinder seven-seat SUV, fo... Read More
Fast Five: The Top 5 Cars.com News Stories of the Week

By Matt Schmitz on September 19, 2018

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We Got 19 MPG in a 2019 Chevrolet Suburban RST (What Do We Win?)

By Mike Hanley on September 19, 2018

It goes without saying that fuel economy isn't one of the main reasons to get a full-size SUV. But if you are considering a behemoth like the 2019 Chevrolet Suburban, whether for its towing ... Read More
2019 Toyota Corolla Hatchback Is Easy on the Eyes and on the Gas

By Kelsey Mays on September 18, 2018

"Is that the '19 Corolla?" Seldom have stranger words been uttered. Yet there I was, stepping out of a 2019 Toyota Corolla hatchback at Costco on the Friday evening before Labo... Read More
5 Ways BMW's Vision iNext Autonomous Electric SUV Sees the Future

By Fred Meier on September 17, 2018

With the reveal of the Vision iNext, BMW is looking to future mobility it sees as electric, autonomous, super high-tech in connectivity and services — and an SUV. Befitting the lofty conce... Read More
Everything We Know About the Audi e-tron Ahead of Tonight's Reveal

By Nick Kurczewski on September 17, 2018

Audi is getting ready to reveal the e-tron, an all-new electric SUV that will have two electric motors, all-wheel drive and quick-charging capability. The German automaker is keeping some key de... Read More
Sorry, Fuel Savings on Diesel Pickup Trucks May Not Make Up for Cost

By Brian Normile on September 14, 2018

Diesel fuel hasn't seen its reputation grow substantially as electrification becomes the method of choice for increasing fuel efficiency or in the wake of things like the Volkswagen Dieselga... Read More
Third Row's a Charm: Volkswagen Atlas Can Haul Adults Back There

By Kelsey Mays on September 14, 2018

Family size might be on the decline, but many parents still need a whole lotta seats in their family haulers. Pew Research found in 2015 that nearly 4 in 10 mothers have three or more kids, a br... Read More
What Does It Cost to Fill Up a 2018 Nissan Kicks?

By Rick Popely on September 14, 2018

Regardless of gas prices, automakers continue to add more crossover models to fill ever smaller niches or to try to create new ones. The 2018 Nissan Kicks, for example, has the typical styling c... Read More
2019 Ford Edge Dulls Mileage Expectations, Sharpens AWD Abilities

By Aaron Bragman on September 12, 2018

The latest 2019 Ford Edge crossover will be hitting dealerships soon, featuring a mildly restyled exterior and standard four-cylinder powertrain, and Ford has just let us know what kind of fuel ... Read More