2014 Acura RLX consumer reviews

$48,450 starting MSRP
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75% of drivers recommend this car
Rating breakdown (out of 5):
  • Comfort 4.5
  • Interior design 4.5
  • Performance 4.3
  • Value for the money 4.0
  • Exterior styling 4.4
  • Reliability 3.9
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Great car

Really it's a great car and I'v had my fare share of cars but hear a noise everytime I turn the heat or ac on and I took it to the acura dealership and they said that is a normal sound for the RLX. So I'm very disappointed with this issue and when my warranty end I will be looking at another car that don't make a sound with the air and heat on.. If someone else know of this issue please let ,e know what the fix is... Thanks


Start-up/Battery Drainage Problem

This would be a great car if not for a problem with something draining the battery. I purchased the car in May 2014; Had to call Acura roadside assistance to start car in Jan 2015, and again in Sep 2015. The car was taken to the dealership to be checked out after each incident, but maintenance personnel could not find the problem. The only thing they could tell me for sure, was that there was no problem with the battery, They suggested that I might not be driving the car often or far enough, or that I might be storing the keys less than 15 feet away from the car. When I called Acura I was told the same thing, which to me suggested that because neither organization could find out what was draining the battery, they somehow figured I was doing something wrong. .It is very frustrating to be paying so much for an unreliable car. Too bad I didn't buy a Mercedes.



I'm on MY 8th Acura( 6 of them being RL's) I am shocked at that LEAP backward that Acura has taken with the RLX. My previous car was a 2011 RL that was clearly the best car I have owned.It was tech savvy and EASY to use, it had ALL-WHEEL drive,it had AIR-CONDITIONED SEATS, the navigation provided weather and ACTUAL traffic incidents and construction reports and the Bluetooth was so easy a xxxxxx could use it.Also, when driving you could program any location or a new location into the nav system. NONE of these features exist on the new RLX. In addition the concierge service for $600 is without question a major ripoff. It's not the price ----it's the principle it doesn't work for "instant" traffic. I've had multiple problems with the traffic system and the Link feature.My concern and complaint is that the system DOES NOT WORK. Acura subbed out this system to a third party who presumably re-wrote the software.I'm sure Acura got the cheapest price in doing so.Well it shows!!! I have finally complained to the Acura owner's relations people. I am awaiting their callback. But in the meantime, I challenge ANY ACURA technical person to see my car and tell me I'm wrong about the nav /traffic system. I believe based on a review of their brochure that this would qualify with the FTC as false advertising. I know this site does not want disclosure of names/ e-mails so i'll just say that I live in So. Windsor,Ct and I purchased the car on 10/28/13. Maybe someone from Acura reads these reviews and will contact -it shouldn't be too difficult.


Battery Issues from Day One

Have now had the RLX for 12 months. Battery replaced once, towed by AAA six times to the dealership with an intermittent dead battery issue. The dealership cannot locate the electrical drain causing the battery to fail. Whenever the car is jump started the computer resets and the vehicle works fine for a few days, then the dreaded weak or dead battery. Their most common suggestion is to make sure we drive the car every day to keep the battery charged and take longer trips. Supposedly if the car sits for three or four days the battery could drain far enough to not start the vehicle. Too many visits to the dealer with unsatisfactory results, yet the dealer says they cannot trace the problem, so no lemon law violations. Contacted Honda Regional in Torrance and the same response. They cannot find the problem, so sorry about the inconvenience. So the car has become a garage queen and at one year old has just 3,000 miles on the odometer. Too many accessories controlled by the computer and Honda/Acura seems baffled unless it's a simple solution. Next time will stick to MB or BMW for a car in this price range. Previous Accords were quite reliable, upgrade to a RLX and seems Honda is over their head in trying to compete with the imports in the luxury category.


Have really enjoyed the drive

All in all the best luxury car I've owned. Comfortable, good power, excellent mileage, great sound system, set up is not to complicated and interior is beautiful.


Smooth and Quiet Ride

This is one of the best luxury car I've driven. This had everything I was looking for. Pro -smooth handling/turns -smooth ride -quiet double pane windows -great technology package -large and spacious interior -cool led BRIGHT headlights -rims that make the car look real expensive Cons -havent seen any yet


Not yet

Too early to tell , reliability or recommend to a friend Since I have not driven this car more than a few months its too early for me to give much of an opinion more than I have.


A Very Good Car

The RLX is a really nice car. Its a HUGE improvement over the former RL. The car accelerates well. Stops very well. Lots of leg room - front and rear. Big trunk (but no spare tire). Headlights project well at night. Electronics can initially be somewhat intimidating but it doesn't take a surgeon to figure them out. After about 15 mins you will learn all the electronic bells and whistles. If you can, spring for the Krell version. I have the Advanced version and wish I had the additional features. The collision warning and lane departure warning are great. Not so sure about the all wheel steer. After driving it for over 5K miles, I just cant tell anymore. Sport mode turns the car into a rocket. The rear view camera options are impressive. Acuralink ROCKS! I can lock it from anywhere with my iPhone! Its a lot of car for the money. Its not a looker. This car is for the driver, not the casual onlooker. Highway cruising gas mileage is good but city not so much. Downsides? No panoramic sunroof and no heated steering wheel.


We will see how reliable the car will be

Drivers seat & position is not as good as the '05 TL This computerized auto is driving me crazy. It's better fror youngsters than seniors. I will dump this car when the warranty is up...I will refuse to pay for repair of the computers when they FAIL & they will faill. The car drives well. Site lines are good all around. Breaking & Acceleration is good, power steering is good. Little if any tire noise at highway speeds. The Sensitivity of the FM Radio is POOR...I lose stations sooner than I should... The Krell sound system is very good.


I have owned six (6) Acuras

To compare the Acura against the what the Germans offer instead of what you are getting is a little misleading. For example, the RLX is the second strongest engine in its class among LUXURY vehicles (M37 strongest) (i.e. RLX is considered near luxury because Acura does not offer a large size vehicle; go figure!) Secondly, MSRP is just that, a suggestion. But to get RLX value in other Japanese, American or German, you will pay well over the suggested price of the RLX. Acura got it right, they chose elegance over flash. They provide reliability over liability. Necessary performance over relative performance. Bottom line...I'm canceling my subscription to automotive magazines, they go with the popular choice, not with the sane one!