2018 BMW 530e consumer reviews

$52,650 starting MSRP
side view of 2018 530e BMW
71% of drivers recommend this car
Rating breakdown (out of 5):
  • Comfort 4.7
  • Interior design 4.6
  • Performance 4.2
  • Value for the money 4.0
  • Exterior styling 4.7
  • Reliability 4.0
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A magnificent automobile.

I bought my 2018 530 a few months ago. I commute 11 miles each way to and from work. The distance is ideal for the 14 mile battery range. I charge at work and get a credit for using the night rate at home. The 530e is one of the best cars I've owned. I bought my first 5 Series in 1984 and have always loved BMW's.


2018e now living in 2022 still performing well.

I bought my 2018 530e in May 2021 with 30k miles on it. It has performed flawlessly with the exception of putting my cell on the passenger seat and that makes the seat belt alarm go off. I leave the passenger seat belt fastened all the time so the alarm won’t go off. I had a contractor put a dryer 240 plug in my garage so that I could charge in under 3 hours. With the regular 110 plug, it took twice that time to charge. Also I have noticed that the 240 volt plug charge seems to make the lithium battery last much longer than with a 110 volt plug which surprised me. I definitely recommend getting a 240 volt plug installed. It makes a marked difference in the daily life span of your electric battery. I get 18 miles of driving range from just the battery which is sufficient for my average day. And the battery does help extend the hybrid range of the car when you are driving long distances. It really helps with the gas mileage. With the charged battery helping, I average just under 40 mpg. Now the trunk is smaller because of the lithium battery and it is noticeable but still has adequate storage but it is on the small size. The engine has been flawless so far. I now have 45k miles on it as of April 2022 so I feel good about that reliability. Sport mode is powerful so you can have fun when you feel like it and give it some gas. The driver seat does hug your body tightly so it does feel like a cockpit. It can feel a little tight but it still feels comfortable. On the 2018, it comes wireless apple carplay ready but you have to pay BMW $350 a one time to activate it. I think the more recent model years now come without the $350 fee. I paid it and it is worth it especially because it is wireless. As soon as I start the car, the bmw connects to my iPhone without me doing anything. That’s much better than having to plug your phone into the car’s USB port every time. I really enjoy that seamless feature. I do wish it had a capless gas entry but that’s a very small inconvenience. I would buy this car again. Fingers crossed that it stays reliable for years to come.


Superb car

I love this car. I had a 2015 BMW 535i before, but the 530e is at least 2 levels up from that. Smooth riding and love the electric engine. Wish it got more than 16 miles on a charge, but it has saved me much $


So smooth and quiet

Pretty new to me so hard to comment on reliability. So many features and very luxurious. Has a ton of power for the size engine and feels great to drive.


First hybrid I’ve purchased

This car replaced my first BMW. I have a 2005 325i, standard, and am passing it on to my teenage driver. That car has over 122K miles on it and was used to teach 5 teenagers to drive a standard and still have the original clutch! I love BMW and purchase them used. By doing that, I purchase a three year old, low mileage, lease turn in vehicles. The cost of the vehicles are very affordable this way!


The 530e does it all !

Gas mileage is super, and the extra boost from the electric motor is fun. Coming from a conventional 5-series, I find eDrive a compelling feature.


It “is” the most reliable car I ever owned!

It has all the bells and whistles that I have always wanted in a new car. I have always loved a white vehicle. I just love it!


Great plug in hybrid

purchased slightly used in 2019, had not owned a plug in hybrid before. I average 60-65 miles to gallon around town in a stlyish and very comfortable car.


A Mixed Bag

The good: visually fantastic, great ergonomics and driving dynamics. The bad: electric only range is poor (9-11 miles max), the door openings are small for a 50 year old 6’1” driver, and the loss of trunk space is substantial. But, all in all, a wonderful car I enjoy driving. If you can think of the phev aspect as an additional challenge/driving aspect of the car you won’t be disappointed. If the potential of electric only driving is not enticing to you get the 540i. Still pretty fair mileage but way better power (cause it’s still a bmw, right?)


Smooth Ride

Excellent gas mileage, smooth ride and luxury all around. You don’t feel the gear changes and would not be able to tell if electric or on gas. It has enough toys to keep you busy. An excellent car from BMW 👍