2019 BMW X5 consumer reviews

$60,700 starting MSRP
side view of 2019 X5 BMW
92% of drivers recommend this car
Rating breakdown (out of 5):
  • Comfort 5.0
  • Interior design 4.9
  • Performance 4.9
  • Value for the money 4.4
  • Exterior styling 4.7
  • Reliability 4.6
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2019 BMW X5 xDrivei50 M Sport

Love it! This is my second X5 xDrivei50 and this version is extremely more comfortable and quiet despite the fantastic HP and exhaust tune. My previous 2016 X5 was very comfortable, but this one is like driving a different car entirely. BMW's are super fun to drive and with all the technology within the car, it is fun to learn all the time the things it can do. Utilizing the Dealer Genius' to reacquaint yourself to certain functions so they become more fluid while on the road is critical. There is much to learn even with the redundancies. This version of the iDrive is by far the best I have ever used and I started with it back in 2004. I loaded my vehicle with many of the packages because I have been driving BMW's since 1990 and have loved them ever since. I have opted to lease versus own the vehicle due to the huge repair bills that come with my previous vehicles I owned greater than 10-years. To have all maintenance covered for 3 years is a nice bonus. To turn in your vehicle for the latest and greatest is a luxury but if you can do it, it is wonderful. I am very appreciative that I am able to lease an expensive car like this but this car starts and ends my day with such joy and comfort. Sitting in LA traffic on the 405 and 101 every day is hellish; this car puts most of it aside. I am comfortable, have many entertainment options from books, radio, dictating text messages, etc and still be an aware, smart driver. The safety functions on this (and previous) X5 are fantastic. There are many settings to adjust the safety functions to how you want them from early to late warnings / response available in this 2019 X5. This is a very powerful car and easy to drive but not great on fuel economy. But the driving modes and how I choose to drive can provide better fuel rating than if in Sport mode and hammering the accelerator. But all that power is there for when you want / need it and it is smooth and a powerhouse. Love it.


All around performer and comfort

Plenty of room. Excellent ride and comfort. Connected drive is awesome. Best luxury SUV by far. All around the best performer and new styling for 2019.


Most enjoyable car I’ve ever owned

We enjoyed our 2014 X5 but the new 2019 X5 is incredible! The ride, interior and exterior styling is 2nd to none. We completely recommend!!


New X5 is amazing!

The new X5 is quiet, smooth ride and handling, and great overall design and appearance. Technology upgrades are recognized and appreciated. While agile and efficient in town, it is even more enjoyable out on the open road. Significant improvement over past models!


Shopped all luxury SUVs and this was the winner

By far the best SUV I have ever owned! It's substantially bigger than my old vehicle, but just as easy to drive; plus, I love being up high. The bells and whistle are amazing, but most importantly, I'm in love with the look and feel! The V6 gives it plenty of zip while still maintaining respectable gas mileage! I was surprised to find I was getting slightly more than 20 mpg in the city! I do my research, and when I compared all other luxury vehicles, there was no real rival. I was looking for a smooth ride, good MPG, conveniences such as remote start, and beauty. This SUV is at the top of the luxury class in all of those categories. In my opinion, it is worth every penny and I'm so happy with my decision to buy!


SUN Motors

The car sells itself! Great technical improvements. This model year is a great improvement over my 2016 x5. I live in Pittsburgh and was unhappy with the local BMW dealer. Purchased car at Sun Motors located in Mechanicsburg. Dennis Fisher was great ! Thank you!


Outstanding Re-design for 2019

Considered a RR Sport V8, and the newly redesigned X5 Xdrive 50i. I chose the X5, fully loaded with Bowers&Wilkens. I couldn't be happier. I will say there as many glitches with the new iDrive 7.0, and some of the other technology tries to solve problems I don't have...example, keyless entry automatically trying to lock/unlock the car as I leave or approach. Sometimes this causes car to continuously lock/unlock when I'm standing next to it with key in my pocket. I'm very satisfied with the V8 power and torque. It is an absolute MONSTER on the road. Overall, I'm very satisfied. Just want some of the technology glitches with iDrive 7.0 to get resolved.


Has the most options

Love this suv in the Phytonic blue color and the v8. So many options inside to configure how you want it. Love the wireless car play and charging tray, massage seats, heated steering and seats. I like that I can set up as an option to have it lock and Unlock upon approach. Great storage compared to Audi. Love all the usb/usbc outlets. Stereo system in b and Wilson edition is superb. The ride is quick, responsive and quiet. One of the quirks I’m not fond of or used to is the corrected steering,I had to turn it nearly off. It’s nearly scary if you go over even the slightest line in a road. I also wish all car makers would allow you to permanently turn off the auto start like Volvo has done. I’d like my heated steering and seats like my Audi to remain on after turning the car off and back on so I don’t have to push a bunch of buttons upon starting each cold morning. The laser headlights are gorgeous on any color. I don’t care for the crystal shifter. It’s gorgeous but it’s sharp feeling, not smooth like the free option. I like the look of the glass control knobs and would of just liked it to be standard. Hot and cold cup holders are a nice option and yes it maintains the warmth of the cup. It’s very loaded with modern options in comparison to the Audi, Volvo and Mercedes.


Nicest car we have ever owned.

This new generation BMW is loaded with lots of new features and technology. No weaknesses in the design or performance and being a BMW we are confident of its reliability and long-standing value.


Most beautiful interior

After looking at all the high end suvs out there I bought the X5. Love the interior buttons and touchscreen. It’s nice to have both. The smaller engine produces plenty of power. Ambient lighting is gorgeous inside at night. This suv has so many extra features and is way more modern than the Audi, Volvo and Mercedes we compared them to. But it you won’t regret it