2011 Chevrolet Avalanche consumer reviews

$36,300–$39,350 MSRP range
side view of 2011 Avalanche Chevrolet
95% of drivers recommend this car
Rating breakdown (out of 5):
  • Comfort 4.9
  • Interior design 4.8
  • Performance 4.7
  • Value for the money 4.5
  • Exterior styling 4.9
  • Reliability 4.8
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Chevrolet, Please Bring Back the Avalanche!

This is my 2nd Avalanche because that's how great they are! When I heard they were discontinued in 2013, I couldn't believe it. I will keep this one forever, or until I can buy another new one!


great comfortable ride

I loved this truck the ride was so smooth and the gas mileage was better than what you find in a full size truck


Unbelievable Ride!

This vehicle is built on the same chassis as the Chevrolet Suburban/Cadillac Escalade. You get the benefit of having a truck with an absolutely amazing ride/drive. This is without a doubt the most comfortable truck I have ever owned. (And I have owned over 30 different trucks throughout my life.) Trust me, if you purchase a Chevy Avalanche you will not be disappointed.


Bought used from 85 year old mother

My mother sold me the 2011 LS because it "got too big" for her. she purchased after a wreck and wanted something good looking and safe. After 4 years and 37k miles It became mine for a greater than wholesale price. I have driven a Cheyenne, 2 Silverados and a Ram Quadcab. Cannot decide if I have a truck or SUV. Towed a 3 series BMW this February from Texas to Rock Springs Wyoming, poor, poor gas mileage up the Rockies but nary a whimper. Simply put, it took me a year to decide if I liked it as a truck or SUV, I have come to enjoy its versatility over all. I am intrigued by the new Special Edition Silverado which looks similar to the Avalanche, but with only 49K I will keep it for a while and maybe buy a used special edition after some good reviews, if any. Until that time I will continue to thoroughly enjoy the Hybrid Truck/Suv with the excellent ride and outstanding good looks. ^_^


Comfort, style, value. Avalanche LTZ has it all.

I picked up a used 2011 LTZ for 4k under book value because of high mileage, with zero regrets I feel like it's worth even more. Hands down the best car or truck I've ever owned. The closest thing I can compare the interior to was my 04 cadillac deville DTS. Never had remote start before and it's great that it senses the temp automatically turning on heated or cooled seats. Mine already had an alpine system and tint done so I feel like it couldn't be any better. Highly recommended!


Most exciting vehicle I have ever Driven.

Wasn't a truck driver until I purchased the Avalanche. Fell in love with the style and design of the 2007 and up models. Drove a 2009 LS for 3 years and just moved up to the 2011 LT. Although a little disappointed about losing some storage space, the interior of the LT makes it livable. Had to do some traveling to find the one I wanted and keeping within my budget but very satisfied with purchase. Lower gas prices now, makes it even more enjoyable to own.


2011 Chevrolet Avalanche LTZ loaded

I purchased a used 2011 Chevy Avalanche LTZ from Wickstrom Auto Group. The truck is awesome, I get people asking if I paid $70K for it because It's in mint condition. Looks like it just rolled off the manufacturing floor. White Diamond Pearl coat with a built in Bed Slid from previous owner. Great feature, the Bed Slid allows the bed to slid out for getting to stuff in the back of the bed without getting into truck. The waterproof panels that cover the bed are great, just remove one or all depending on the load. Simple lock in place. The truck has deep storage bins that lock on each side of the bed which is great for carrying small tools or tie down straps, etc. The rear window pops out and can be stored in the front of the bed door which swings down when the rear seats are forward allowing you to carry 16 - 20' items. The heated/cooled leather seats are great! I really like the side heated mirrors that tilt down when you are backing up. You have the rear camera, tilted mirrors to see the ground along side the vehicle and the rear sensors to detect how close you are. The Navigation system and Bose stereo system is another great feature. The only Con I see with this truck is no cabin storage space. The glove box is tiny. The storage area between the front seats is OK but it needs more. No place to put sunglasses, change, etc. The other con is its gas mileage in the city which is low but on the plus side E85 is a buck cheaper than regular. Overall it is a great truck I don't understand why Chevy quit building them but rumor has it they are bringing them back in 2016.


Awesome Truck

We looked for a third vehicle for a long time, and no other full sized truck encompasses the combination of versatility, comfort, and driving quite like the Avalanche. This truck offers a standard sized bed, but with the ability to fold down the second row seats, long items such as 4x8 pieces of wood. After test driving F-150's, Tundras, and Tacomas, the Avalanche easily out performs them on a comfort basis. Chevy has successfully designed a truck that handles like a truck half of its size. To be perfectly honest, the Avalanche feels more like a Toyota Highlander than any of its other full sized counterparts. Although I have not towed anything yet, the 5.3L V8 engine should be able to pull almost anything within reason. Chevy should really reintroduce the Avalanche.


Great Truck

I looked for a long time at crew cab trucks before narrowing down to the Avalanche. The Avalanche has the comfortable ride of an SUV with the flexibility of a truck. The fold-away rear seats and folding rear cab access provide more cargo space than a long-bed truck. I am pleasantly surprised how well it maneuvers for a full-size truck. I definitely recommend the rear parking sensors and review camera for backing. If you find one without them, they can be easily added after-market. This is a versatile truck, that rides and drives like a full-size SUV. My daily ride is a luxury sedan and I find myself looking for reasons to "need" to drive the Avalanche.



one of the best trucks i have ever owned excellent gas milage. LTZ MODEL IS WORTH THE MONEY I went to MARTHALER CHEVY OF GLENWOON MN AND SAVED $9000