2000 Chevrolet Blazer consumer reviews

$19,070 starting MSRP
side view of 2000 Blazer Chevrolet
85% of drivers recommend this car
Rating breakdown (out of 5):
  • Comfort 4.4
  • Interior design 4.1
  • Performance 4.2
  • Value for the money 4.2
  • Exterior styling 4.1
  • Reliability 4.2
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Great car, saved my life!

I got caught in a bad snowstorm, the truck spun 5 times in the middle of the road. Then, I realized that I had 2wd on instead of 4x4. Stomped on the brakes and switched to 4x4 and stayed in my lane to the way home! Why don't they continue this model!


Mountain Assault Vehicle

It is ski season once again in WA and so I wanted to get a 4x4 to run up and down the mtn. After researching various makes and models, and with an eye towards this being a seasonal rig for playing in suboptimal conditions, I opted for the Blazer. It is roomy without being a land yacht and with the luggage rack can carry all the outdoor gear needed by 5 adult snow goers. This truck has already plowed through three foot drifts in the passes with power to spare. It has gotten off road and maneuvered easily through treacherous terrain. It's 4WD play is superb and I have become exceedingly confident it will get me thru even the most harrowing trail conditions. This isn't the most glamorous rig out there but I didn't get it for the Junior Prom!


Just Bought this car

It is the 2000 Chevy Blazer LS 4x4 model. Got the cloth seats, 4 door, temp and directions heads up display, power windows, locks, liftgate hatch, heated mirrors, ect. The heat and air in mine are AMAZING! I tested them both. The 4x4 worked great when I turned it on and drove through 11 inches of snow (haha). Speakers are in good place to hear everything. The only defect mine has is a line of surface rust about an inch long, but that will be coated with the rust proof stuff and putting fender flairs on. The hoods clear coat is also peeling, but I'm either going to buy a new hood or re clear coat it! And guess what, mine has 297,506 miles on it. It doesn't ride or drive like that whatsoever! Amazing blazer and when I trade it in, in 2 years, i'll probably go with a newer blazer, trail blazer, their twins (Envoy, Jimmy, Bravada, ect) or the amazing 2 door sports coupes that my mother has had 2 of, the Monte Carlo SS's. I'd buy another one! Amazing! My brother is already wanting to trade me his 2002 Pontiac Sunfire.. NOT! I love my blazer and when ir's ready to go... i might, just might sell it to him!


Was good on snow

During the time I owned it (~ 11.5 years) I replaced brake lines, intake manifold, transmission (at ~ 55k miles), fuel lines due to a leak, and the alternator at least twice. The seat back adjustment handles broke off both front seats, the fuel level indicator stopped working after a couple of years so I had to estimate how much fuel was in the vehicle by how far my trip meter had advanced. The rear wiper stopped working and the rear defroster cable also kept detaching from the rear window. The rear window washer line broke at some point, spraying fluid all over the cargo area. The last straw with the vehicle was when a vent module near the gas tank died and caused every gas pump to stop pumping because of too much back pressure, It would literally take me 10 minutes to put three gallons in the vehicle. The intake manifold death was caused by a poorly designed radiator cap which would deteriorate and let air into the cooling system. When this occurred, the coolant would become corrosive and eat the intake manifold gasket. I traded it in just a week ago with very slightly over 100,000 miles on the odometer and was happy to get ~10% of what I paid for it in 2000. The interior was nice, the seats were comfortable and it had lots of room in the cargo space.


This car just keeps ticking

This vehicle was the most reliable and economical car that I have owned in my life and I have owned many foreign cars. You can't beat it.


GM The Best N Most Reliable Blazer.

I Have The 4.3 To 300HP It Gets 32MPG HWY. I Was Delighted To See No Smog Pump. And Tubing Junk On It! Yay!


my first car

I bought my 2dr rwd blazer when i was 16. ive had it since then too. but at a price. in the auto field most techs call them blazer kits. most have numerous problems, esp with the cooling system. so far ive replaced the water pump upper and lower intake gasket, thermostat, the radiator, pitman arm and steering linkage, door pins, and a ball joint. as far as saftey goes ive had a wheel fall down on me and was ok. pushed into a wall on the freeway and was ok. moved a 700 lbs snowplow on accident and the truck was pretty much unscathed. performace wise, i dog mine everyday. the pedal is always on the floor and im happy with it esp since its a bulky suv with a V6. my parking brake pedal is stuck on so i disconnected the cables and the seat belt warning light stays on even though i wear it so i taped over the light. replacing head and tail lamps are cake, and you rarely need to jack it up to work on it. i only do for the brakes. ive changed to trans fluid and filter several times with no problems, as well as engine lube and filter. good car if you know how to take care of them, but for the mechanically impared i would advise looking into something else because every blazer ive seen has had its fair share of problems. the inside is nice, nothing flashy just cloth and plastic in mine. they are easy to upgrade. rims, engine, stereo, what ever you want. PROS- performace and durabilty. i drove from tenn to ohio in three feet of snow on valentines day with 0 problems. they look pretty good if you take care of it. and working on them is easy CONS, YOU WILL HAVE TO WORK ON IT. thats it. if you have now qualms on getting your hands dirty or paying someone else to. then its a pretty good and cheap car to get.


1999 zr2 Blazer

I have owned my blazer for 1 year its better then my dads fullsize yukon in snow the worst problem ive had with it is the intake gaskate this was a comon problem i was told for all 4.3 votec v6s in s10s besides that ive just done little things like 1 wheel bearing and ball jonts oil cooler lines and soon some body work on the rear qauter pannels due to the fact that it s ahh zr2 so its truning a 31 by 10.50 tire i have a 150,000 miles on mine and drive 80 miles a day in new hampshire weather it may be ahh little hard on gas but it looks good gose great in class 6 road when im out hunting & fishin all and its a great suv and im look for an other one


tough cars for the bucks spent

Tough & reliable has been my experience with the 4.3 blazers. Ours is driven 500mi weekly on Wyoming roads giving good mpg, no problems with the 4wd. For the money spent on an older one with reasonbly low miles (80-100K) you can put a lot of miles on these with very reasonable maint. costs.


chevy blazer101

i have a 2000 blazer automatic and it is the most reliable car i have had so far. with the 4.3 engine it is not very fast but it is reliable. if you are looking for a faster old suv go with a cherokee also alot of the blazers are cheap under 6000 witch is a good value Put a flowmaster 40 on her and make it the perfect suv for the money.