2009 Chevrolet Cobalt consumer reviews

$14,990 starting MSRP
side view of 2009 Cobalt Chevrolet
82% of drivers recommend this car
Rating breakdown (out of 5):
  • Comfort 3.9
  • Interior design 3.7
  • Performance 4.3
  • Value for the money 4.3
  • Exterior styling 4.2
  • Reliability 4.3
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Always at the shop for repairs

I had the SS turbocharged 2009. In 3 years, i cost me over 6500$ of repair bill. Always broken and i was using it about 18000km per year. Very hard suspension, you feel every hole of the streets like if you were riding a solid iron slate. The turbo is always broken, it freezes under 0 celcius. The sun roof get jammed open, so have fun while trying to close it before the storm. It drinks gaz at an amazing rate, even if you do not use the turbo. Worst winter-condition car.


Safe, reliable, money saving car.

I bought my 2009 cobalt xfe about 3 years ago and I have loved it since. It gets amazing gas mileage. I've put over 50k miles on it and haven't experiences any mechanical issues what so ever. Very dependable car. The interior is somewhat basic and cheap but it's a cobalt, it's made to be affordable. The audio system is decent and the cd player has satellite radio and an mp3 hookup. The seats are comfortable enough to where I can drive 4+ hours with two herniated discs and be comfortable. The car is very safe too. I hit a tree head on doing about 45 mph and didn't get a scratch on me. I would definitely buy one again. Cheap, reliable, great fuel economy, and very safe.


Great year, great mileage, great buy

I purchased the car because of the great mileage it gets but also because it was steal. Only thing I dislike is that it has no armrests, also I have yet to learn how to use the cruise control but I'll get to that sooner or later. Besides those small details I'm extremely happy with my purchase. It's a Chevy, what's not to love.


Still in love

My first Cobalt was a used 2008. It was my first 'big girl purchase' and a stick shift. I fell madly in love with that car. I drove across the country with it twice, and put a substantial amount of milage on it. I never once had any kind of problem. It was dependable, got great gas milage, and recently proved just how safe it was. I was hit by a drunk driver in an Escalade about 2 months ago, and my little Cobalt held its own. I suffered only minor injuries, and I am confident that some other car models would have crushed like a tin can. Although the car was totaled, I went right back into the market to get another Cobalt. This time I bought a used 2010, and am loving it. Getting back on the road has been nerve wracking, but it helps to know I am driving a vehicle that can keep me safe.


Lots of style!

I've only had this car for a week but I live it! Very comfortable and drives very smooth for a 5-speed. Would definitely recommend to friends.


Nice economy car

Just purchased an 09 Cobalt lt about 3 weeks ago. For the most part it is a good vehicle. I love how intuitive the controls are;a'lot of newer cars have very complex controls that are irritating to master. I also like how peppy the engine is; for a little 4 cylinder it moves pretty sprightly. Visibility is wonderful although the mirror adjustments are limited. The gripes I have with the car are minor. 1st, it rides well for the most part but does not absorb bumps well. I live in Baltimore which may have the worst streets of any place in the country so I can't be to harsh . 2nd, the power steering seems to be a little on the heavy side;I've heard this is typical in american made cars(I am coming from a Nissan). 3rd I wish the vehicle were slightly bigger. It is a compact so I wasn't expecting a Maybach like back seat but it is very cramped. It's competitors; like The Sentra and Civic, are also compacts but offer better rear space while achieving similar gas mileage. 4th and final con has been gas mileage. It has not been terrible but it has not been great either. I have been averaging about 24-25 mpg with 65%City 35% highway driving. It is not terrible but I was hoping for more. Overall the Cobalt is a good car for those not looking to spend a fortune, or those who want to downsize from a larger vehicle. I can't say much on reliability since I just purchased it, but my Cobalt has over 100,000 miles and runs just as good as ones I test drove with half the mileage. I'm confident it will reach 200,000 miles or more as long as I stay on top of regular maintenance. I used to be one who bashed american automakers, but the cobalt is changing my perception. Good job Chevy on building an affordable and reliable vehicle!!!!


Smart Money Choice

Great drive and gas mileage. It has a responsive and peppy pickup without sacrificing the aweome gas mileage! I bought a 2009 with about 28k miles I look forward to 200k great miles with the car. I would recommend this car to m friends and family.


cobalt ss

I bought a 2009 cobalt ss and i am very happy the turbo engine is amazing enough power to let you have fun but its completely capable of just cruising around town and the fuel economy is with out comparison on a trip to the beach and a 4 hour drive through mixed driving i average of 34 mph the interior is a little plan looking but it has everything you need the trunk has plenty of room and the styling is very cool but very easy to live with


Cobalt SS Turbo

Really great car, you can't beat it for the money! Hanlding is is solid and feels like it's on rails in the twisties. Gas mileage is around 29-30 average mpg. Front seats are very comfortable and keep you snug during spirited driving. Shifting is great with the manual short throw shift knob. Steering feels good with little to no torque steer. With the GM stage one upgrade, the car feels even stronger. Driving this car would put a smile on any and everyone's face. You can't go wrong with buying a turbocharged Cobalt. Quit second guessing and just do it!



Driving on I-10 on a clear morning, going at 70 mph, not sleepy, not distracted... the 2009 Chevy Cobalt I was driving started to swerve uncontrollably, then went off to the grassy embankment & rolled on its side at least twice. It finally landed on its passenger side against some small trees. The front wheel broke off along with its axle. The airbags did not deplore. Miraculously no one was seriously hurt! I was lucky, but no telling how the next accident of this sort will end up. GM is totally unresponsive & denies any responsibility. Something had to be wrong with the vehicle! There was just no other explanation. This is not about law suits. It is about consumer safety! BEWARE