2020 Chevrolet Equinox consumer reviews

$23,800 starting MSRP
side view of 2020 Equinox Chevrolet
92% of drivers recommend this car
Rating breakdown (out of 5):
  • Comfort 4.8
  • Interior design 4.7
  • Performance 4.7
  • Value for the money 4.6
  • Exterior styling 4.8
  • Reliability 4.7
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Design a car just for Women…they buy more cars!

Pickup is not great! I see a yellow light & I have to stop because hitting the gas on an AWD LT does not get me thru that light! If you like to hit the gas & get a like speed… Not this Equinox! No Top Gun get! Unless you have a few extra grand for one step up engine! My pacific blue looks real pretty on the outside…but inside I’m gonna need some changes! Interior leaves much desired for female drivers or parents. Why can’t someone design a car with an actual spot for your purse? A place for Wipes or Tissues? Seatbelt width is uncomfortable if your over 150lbs.( average) the compartment where you plug in your phone is poorly designed.. God forbid you should put something in there…everything has to be removed to get phone plugged or unplugged. Back windows aren’t designed to be opened in increments so that you some accidental open the window too much with kids in back seat! The Equinox definitely needs some tweaking & the stereo that comes with it if you done have the extra $2,000-3,000 for a better set up! Oh yeah, how about putting a hole in the head rest like the old Volvos for women who wear clips in their hair or pony tails. Come on…More Women buy these cars then men! Get Smart Detroit! You know Women would spend the extra $ for a car designed just for them! 🤷🏻‍♀️


2020 Chevy Equinox

I Purchased my 2020 vehicle from Weber Chevrolet 270/Olive. My Sales Rep was Joe Rice. He was very knowledgeble about my vehicle. He also, answered all my questions & concerns. He is an excellent asset to the Weber Chevrolet company. I highly recommend him to others who are thinking about & making a car purchase. Thanks Joe Rice


Hottest Equinox out there!!

I bought a 2020 Equinox LT2 2.0 Turbo and the thing just flat hauls xxx, I love it. The handling is great, the ride is very good for a mid size SUV, I really don't get why the previous reviews were so bad, they must have been given a monday or friday car. I have been in the auto industry for over 40yrs and this is one of the best offerings from chevy in years! We had a 2011 LT1 that couldnt get out of its own way, so I traded it in never really intending to buy anything with a turbocharger, but after I test drove this one I was sold! xxxx the dealership even gave me well above and beyond the fair market value on my 2011 even with "key scratchs" down the whole right side and 2 minor accidents reported. And they took 10000+ off sticker and free "Dupont" coating. Like I said, I LOVE this truck!!! If someone got a bad one I feel for them, but mine is GREAT!!!!!!! Its also the "Pacific Blue Metallic" which just like a "Morano" custom paint. (It changes color depending on you're point of view) its absolutely BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!


Please avoid this DANGEROUS VEHICLE

I didn’t know they could make cars this bad. It has a weak engine hooked up to a turbo charger and they DO NOT work together. The power is always behind you and you don’t know when it will get there. On the freeway you feel like your going to be killed. The sway bar on the vehicle is completely out of control you feel massive swaying back and forth all the time, it doesn’t matter if you actually turn on the mechanism. The red beeper to warn you on the front windshield is actually a distraction and goes off randomly. The worst part is you can see it while your driving. The volume buttons are on the back of the steering wheel so when your on the freeway you will grab them and all of a sudden the volume goes way up or down or the channel will change. The A/C is complicated and I never did fully figure it out. I sold that xxx after a few months, I got a good price for it. The dealership did not get a good car lol.


This car will try to kill you.

This is absolutely the worst vehicle I have ever driven, the “front end collision prevention” should honestly be called the “rear end collision guarantee.” It will locked your brakes dead stop in the middle of an intersection. Don’t bother driving through residential neighborhoods as it assumes the parked cars on the streets are hazards. The lane stay assist is spotty AT BEST, as it has attempted to prevent me from making emergency maneuvers multiple times. The technological features work maybe 80% of the time, as for the 20% you’ll just sit in silence as your vehicle thinks it’s connected to your phone and will not play any sound. The engine is lackluster. The space provided for you is a minuscule upgrade over the Chevy trax, which gets considerably better gas mileage and performs better for cheaper.


No Turbo

Purchased early Jan. 2020. In Dec. 2021 check engine light cam on, dealer had diagnosed the fault to be "Turbo Charger Underboost" . Charged me $118 to reprogrammed the ECM. Failed again same day, same fault. I've been driving around without turbo. NO GOOD. Dealer doesn't want to fix although I bought 3 cars and a truck from the owner of the dealerships. Can effectively shut off the "start/stop system" which I hate. They won't deactivate it for me. Otherwise, I like the car. I'm over 40k in mileage, everything else on it works as advertised, just no turbo. Will not buy another one!


Beats my Mercedes GLC300

Purchase this vehicle for a vacation vehicle and was presently surprised how much I liked driving this vehicle. The ride is soft, but refined. The accessories work flawlessly/apple play, and provides plenty of space. I own a 2018 Mercedes GLC300, but find myself enjoying the Chevy better. Shocking. I know.


Just bought

This car meets all the things I was looking for in a new car. It has 3 USB ports to use for all my devices.


Bad motor

I purchased a 2020 in 4-28-2020 it has 13,000 miles and the paint started to come off , screen has went out, now the motor has a bad piston so now the motor has to be dropped to fix. It has been a nightmare ever since.



Fourth time bringing it back for service since Nov2020 and seems mostly computer but they say every time its fixed??????Buy a new car for reliability and good service.???