2000 Chevrolet Silverado 1500 consumer reviews

$15,655–$19,070 MSRP range
side view of 2000 Silverado 1500 Chevrolet
93% of drivers recommend this car
Rating breakdown (out of 5):
  • Comfort 4.5
  • Interior design 4.2
  • Performance 4.5
  • Value for the money 4.5
  • Exterior styling 4.3
  • Reliability 4.4
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Great truck.

I got my 2000 for $1700, a few things were wrong with it, but it is to be expected of an old truck. Anyways mine is an LS with the 5.3 Vortec and 4 speed transmission. Love this truck, wouldn't trade it for the world. It's reliable, tough, the 4wd is excellent, and with a few performance upgrades its a fun truck to play with. I currently have an XYZ 4" cold air intake and an off brand of magnaflow cat-back exhaust system. The cause of this was more playing with the now 17 year old truck. Which for as old as it is, I was pleasantly surprised on how fast and how well it handles the acceleration and messing around that i do with it. Really a great truck, i definetley reccomend it. Only issue to watch out for is rust, rusty undercarriages are common with old Chevys.





Pracically reliable

How exciting is buying a 12 year old truck? Compared to most of the 20+ vehicles I have owned, not very. But, at this point in myinife, I can only have one vehicle, and the Silverado can accomplish everything I need it to. Sure, it lacks the performance and elegance of some of my favorite cars, but it is a practical, versitile machine that will go many more miles.



i just test drove this truck i circled the vehicle a dozen times and the number of problems are more than unacceptable. the trimming you see around the truck tires is loose and the front driver trim is missing, the Nerf bar's are loose under the vehicle the odometer read that the oil was in high pressure. none the less it was a pretty truck, the rear bumper is starting to sag. and the side was all fabric w/ no tears, surprisingly i then started the truck with hope of a good start. it was running good like most used cars... the passenger door does not open from the outside only the inside. as i pull the the truck out of the lot i was cut off as i used the horn...it sounded as an old man coughing poorly... not even 1/4 of a mile a lady in another vehicle tells me that the entire driver side lights and blinkers are hanging out from there wires.......but none the less it drove with good motivation and inspiration if your looking 4 a fixer upper this is the truck 4 you....but not if you looking for a good work truck


Great Truck

For a truck 12 years old, this truck drives and handles like new. With minor nicks in mind it also looks almost new inside and out. It is a very nicely styled truck.


Fantastic truck

I bought this truck a few years back, and just had to change brakes, and a tranny valve. Ive worked in construction for 20 years, and this is the best truck for my field. Ive hauled so much with it, everywhere from brick paver, to lumber, and trailer full of lumber for the next framing gig. Ive even driven it to farms for work, and the 4x4 is wonderful


best truck ever

I have a 1999 5.3 i now have 363000, on her and have put a plow on it for the last 4 years , and chaged the tranny , and a couple of window motors but over all this has been a real truck , and has been half way around the US , 19 mpg average on highway , and comfort for long time dricving seabreeze


Great truck

I have a regular cab 4x4 with a 2" lift in the rear and 215,000 miles on it. I have had only a few bigger repairs the fuel pump went at 130,000 and have pretty much rebuilt the front end. The trans also sticks in 2nd gear in the winter until I get above 30mph and gets to normal operating temperature then it shifts great. The only thing that really gets me is in the Spring after the first wash I have specks of rust all over the truck. No matter what I do to prevent it from happening I have to wax it so it looks good again. Other wise this is the best truck I have owned and am looking forward to putting as much mileage on it as I can before it nickels and dimes me.


"Ping, tick, and knock"

Get to know these sounds and you'll love my truck. It has the 5.3 liter and its has PLENTY of power and good MPG on highway, but after a cold start in winter, the engine knocks for the first 20 seconds and then quiets nicely. I use only synthetic oil for this sole reason. Especially during the summer, I run mid-grade gas to keep the pinging to a minimum, which dosen't always work. Super unleaded gas makes it not ping at all, but I can't afford to keep putting in expensive gas year round. After a hot restart, the engine ticks like a small marble swirling around in a soup can for 5 seconds. Annoying but not detrimental to engine. Its a lifter or 2 that looses oil and it takes time to refill. That does make the truck sound cheap though. The auto tranny is okay, but doesn't seem especially durable. The 4l60e is not one of GM's strong points. The truck looks nice and rides nice, but it somehow feels like it won't last as long as my old Chevy truck did. I can't believe how thin the brand new Silverado's sheetmetal is now. They don't dent anymore, they just crinkle like tinfoil. For me, the pinnacle of the Chevy trucks looks and durability came in 1998 with the good ole 350 and 4l80e. That's what I should have bought instead. My 2000 isn't bad, but its not what I thought it would be either.


BEst Truck I have EVER owened

I bought this truck in 2001 and it is hands down the best. Almost 280,000 miles and drives like a new one. Engine purrs. Thanks Chevrolet for making a top notch truck!