2016 Chevrolet Silverado 1500 consumer reviews

$27,195–$31,435 MSRP range
side view of 2016 Silverado 1500 Chevrolet
86% of drivers recommend this car
Rating breakdown (out of 5):
  • Comfort 4.7
  • Interior 4.6
  • Performance 4.6
  • Value 4.3
  • Exterior 4.8
  • Reliability 4.5
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Runs with the best.

Bought used. Did some research on it found out problems with AFM. I installed a tuner and did AFM delete and got rid of the top speed limiter, also set other perimeters to high performance, cold air intake, got rid of vacuum pump for braking and went to intake vacuum for booster did tranny thermostat bypass. also changed intake from 5.3 to 6.2 and changed throttle body. Installed catch can for oil blow by. Installed a throttle control booster, change oil every 3000 miles has 125056 miles got rid of all3 cats and has headers and dual straight pipes. sounds great. hptuners got check engine light off. I have street raced this against Camaros mustangs ect and tear them up. tranny has no issues nor do valves. Have buried the Speedo several times max speed was 152mph going by speedo on tuner display. In a truck ride was smooth handles great. I dog the xxxx out of it and it just takes it. I invite others to race. tag says RUN YOU.


Transmission problems

Torque converter stop working, apparently this is known problem with Silverado. Replaced with after market because GM converter was very low quality. Do not recommend.


Nicest truck I’ve ever been inside

I’m very surprised with the quality and build of the truck for preowned. My first truck that I’ve personally owned but I’ve had experience with trucks before. I’m really enjoying the new truck and look forwards to using this daily.


Found the ideal truck

Perfect for us! Towing capacity plus roomy. Can carry 6 people or 2 people & 3 dogs! LOL Want to travel & possibly camp in a travel trailer.


I have simple expectations.

I originally wanted a truck with some things already worked out on it but I wasn't able to find one that fixed what GM failed at so I had to spend money to do it myself. I also didn't want a Ford with a tin foil bed, and wasn't interested in Dodge. When I buy a newer truck for 30K I do not take these failures lightly. Each failure makes this rating lose a star. They are failures that only make me have to spend more money after the purchase of a stock truck. It's a big Chevy truck so of course there's a reason to own it. Especially when your out of options like I was after a car wreck. Failure 1 - AFM Automatic fuel managment for better gas mileage. I didn't ask for a truck to be turned into a Prius. I didn't ask to hear the stupid chirp valve noise every time it goes between V8 and V4 modes. I didn't ask for a trucks engine to potentially be turned into garbage because the AFM could prematurely ruin an almost indestructible engine. Had to pay $400-500 for a true computer delete to get rid of this garbage. Failure 2 - Low clearance and air dam. My stock 1991 Chevy 1500 had better front end clearance than this truck. It's embarrassing. I don't care what fraction it adds to gas savings. $500 for leveling kit and wasting my time to rip off the air dam. Fail. Failure 3 - This is within the year ranges of a Silverado premature A/C condenser failure. Mine was out when I bought it. Didn't know until I tried using it when it got warm. Unfortunately the dealership would not do anything for me. I did not expect that I would have to worry about an AC being out on a 4-5 year old truck. It's pathetic. And GM won't do recalls on this because it doesn't present a danger. Dealership wanted $1400 to fix. Found a place to do it for $650. Hope it lasts. My 1991 Chevy had an A/C that worked for 13 years. Until the truck itself died around 300,000 miles. I purchased the old Chevy with 115,000 miles on it. If this is the only way truck manufacturers can now make trucks due to a race to please EPA standards then it is officially the era where full size pickups of quality have become a thing of the past. Find a better way to power these big things. We ran stuff off peanut oil in 1900. Surely by now something else can happen to please the EPA while not wrecking what makes a full size pickup amazing. It's still a full size pick up. And I still purchased it. Just plan on spending extra money. Or hit a field mouse with your bumper while it's laying in the middle of the road.


Love this truck!!

This truck is exactly what my business needed and being an owner I wanted a truck that could do the work and also have good curb appeal. It can handle all tasks and looks great while doing it! Love the V8 I have the LTZ with the Z71 off road package and it’s just so smooth. With elegant interior design and the Bose sound system is great!! Worth every penny spent!!!


A total lemon

Spent $400 trying to fix the AC and it still blows blazing hot air in the hot humid Georgia summer instead of cold air. Transmission gave out and backup camera and stereo system no longer work. Chevy seriously needs to issue a recall on the transmission and AC unit but unfortunately they’re too greedy to do that and expect their customers to pay hundreds or even thousands on repairs for a very young vehicle. At least Ford takes responsibility when their trucks have a problem (especially a very expensive problem)


Used like it, but bummed by transmission failed

I bought this truck certified used from a Chevy dealer with about 60k miles on it. No major issues the first year of ownership and I really grew to like the ride, capability, looks and mpg I was getting. Fast forward to 69k miles and my transmission started acting funny. I took it in to a local repair shop and it turns out my transmission is failing and needs replacement, which was also verified by my warranty company's inspector. Good thing for me that this repair is covered under the extended warranty I purchased when I bought the truck, as the repair shop quoted $5,000 to fix it. Now I'm questioning how reliable this truck will be in the future and if I should switch to something else. After researching more, these trucks have many instances of transmission and torque converter problems with other owners. I've never towed with it but use it to commute, carry a kayak and go camping so it's hard to explain away why the tranny would go under 70k miles other than poor design or build quality.


I love my Chevy truck.

This Silverado is my first full size pick up. I'm completely satisfied with my choice. I currently have 58,000 miles on it and I've done nothing but oil changes and one new set of tires. This truck is extremely comfortable with lots of leg room and rides like a dream. I have the Z71 package with 22 inch wheels, bed liner, bed cover, and running boards. The interior is very plush and quiet. It doesn't feel like a truck when you're driving down the street or on the highway. OnStar, remote start, and the touch screen in the dash are some of my favorite features of my Silverado. This is my daily driver and I get compliments on how my truck looks everyday.


Best Choice I ever made!

I always wanted a truck. I spoke with Whitmore Chevrolet about what I was looking for. Within days they had located what I wanted, had it transferred and I purchased on the spot. Great Customer Service and just a wonderful experience.