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2018 Chevrolet Spark consumer reviews

$13,050–$14,150 MSRP range
side view of 2018 Spark Chevrolet
95% of drivers recommend this car
Rating breakdown (out of 5):
  • Comfort 4.5
  • Interior 4.5
  • Performance 4.4
  • Value 4.6
  • Exterior 4.6
  • Reliability 4.7
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Chevy Spark should come in lemon yellow

If you are low income and cannot afford high prices of real cars, the Chevy Spark is for you. No automatic windows. Not even an automatic trunk latch. Have to get out of the car to use a key to open it. After only 5,000 miles, the A/C unit has already conked out. Auto Nation Chevrolet told me it would cost $200 just to "check" it. Then it could cost $1,600 to repair on top of that. Guess I'm going without A/C from now on. Overpaid for this lemon. It's no wonder they are phasing out this model. I take really good care of my vehicles. I had one car for 24 years and another classic car for 44 years. This Spark is a huge disappointment.


It pays for itself

I bought a chevy spark a fun car as i call it great on gas easy to park and get me where i want to go with ease not a gas guzzler at all fill the tank and see the gas station in a week in a half later.


Great on gas! Fun to drive. Very versatile.

This car has plenty room in the front seats. I'm 6'3" and am very comfortable. The electronic display is the perfect size and is a feature that I wouldn't have expected for a vehicle in this price range. I get 33 MPG consistently and that is freeway driving 90 miles per day on the turnpike doing 80 MPH. I wonder what the mileage would be if I was doing 65 MPH? This car has great site lines and great maneuverability in city driving with crazy Florida drivers. Parking is a breeze and with the standard rear camera it is all the much easier. This vehicle has a CVT transmission which gives great acceleration with a steady pressure on the gas. Just as one of the reviewers said previously, the car responds with a gentle touch in the city and I have no trouble keeping up with traffic. At highway speeds, with a little extra pressure on the gas pedal, my Spark just jumps. I have the base hatchback model, and was surprised at how much stuff I could fit in the hatch portion and by configuring the seats so they lie flat, there is even more room. My base model comes equipped with manual door locks and windows and only 2 door speakers. The hatch opens only with the key and there in no cruise control and the seating is a bit tight for adults sitting in the rear. I am thinking of buying an aftermarket alarm because I did notice that the front door locks automatically at a certain speed and the rear hatch is unlocked with an electric solenoid. I would recommend this car to anyone.


Love my spark

I love my car. Matt Foster helped me find a car that suited me greatly and my pocket I could afford. I love my spark I call it Sparky. Only thing I wished the back seats would gold all the way down if I need it. When I put something in the back. Thanks Dellen in Greenfield for bring there for me.


Worst car I have ever owned!

Bought 2018 Chevy Spark 9 months ago. Worst decision I ever made. Absolutely NO power whatsoever! Takes at least 20 seconds or more to get across the street. No get up and go at all. Pain is already peeling off of the bumper. Tires are bald already. But my biggest issue is anytime the temperatures change I have to put air in the tires. Very sensitive to temperature changes. And I have put more than $20 in air since I've owned it. Ridiculous. I have to put air in at least 2 of the tires at least once a week. Never, ever had an issue with any car before. Also, gas mileage 9 months ago was 35 mpg. 9 months later its 23.4. At this rate the car isnt going to last for the life of the loan. The second I can, I am trading this thing in. Its a $13,000+ dollar car and I wouldnt pay $2,000 for it now even tho its a 2018. I have bought 20 year old used cars built better than this thing. I will NEVER recommend this car!


It good on daily transp. and it’s perfect on gas

Good economy car for every day transportation and it’s driver smooth I will definitely bay another one for my sun or doughtier I highly recommend


Obsessed with my Chevy Spark!!

Literally could not be happier with my Spark (LT)! After owning (& loving) a Yaris for 10 years, this was a perfect replacement and surprising upgrade. Besides being incredibly cute, the Spark is SO easy to drive & has a surprisingly smooth ride, fantastic gas mileage, very comfortable interior with lots of room (for such a little car) & even has a backup camera & apple car play for easy gps/navigation viewing + more :) Could not be more satisfied. Please never stop making this car, Chevy! <3


Love my Spark!

This car meets all my needs. It is great around town, but also I take it on longer road trips. It doesn't have tons of storage room but for me and a passenger, it is very comfortable.



Haven't loved a car this much since my '72 VW. Rides great, roomy, comfortable, all the bells and whistles of a more expensive car. Feels solid. Fit and finish are flawless.


Good car for your money

I love my Spark! It has manual locks and windows but that is the only drawback I’ve found so far. Great gas mileage. It’s my daily driver and I’m averaging about 37-38 mpg. For a brand new car after taxes and things I’m only paying about $14,000!