2016 Chevrolet Tahoe consumer reviews

$47,000–$50,000 MSRP range
side view of 2016 Tahoe Chevrolet
86% of drivers recommend this car
Rating breakdown (out of 5):
  • Comfort 4.8
  • Interior 4.7
  • Performance 4.5
  • Value 4.2
  • Exterior 4.7
  • Reliability 4.7
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My 5th Tahoe truck.

I’ve always owned Tahoe trucks. This is my 5th one. I owned an 01, 03, 04 and 06 before they changed the body style which I wasn’t fond of. The vehicle model is very attractive compared to other trucks I saw when I wanted to purchase something brand new. The Vortec 5.3 engine is still one of the most reliable engines ever made my opinion. I’ve never had issue with my previous trucks. My last Tahoe, I sold it with 301K miles on it. It was my work truck. Now, I’ve switched this truck from leisure to working. I recently had a major repair. One of the parking assist sensors went bad and cause a domino effect, shutting my computer down. Had to have it towed to a dealer. It’s still fairly new so, finding parts that are compatible outside the dealer for cheap isn’t going to go well. I ended up having to replace all my modules, harnesses for the modules since they had heavy water damage from years of exposure (the design doesn’t cover them). That was a $2800 repair. Not bad for having it 6 years 113000 miles driven. I do highly suggest getting the extended warranty on these newer vehicles and renewing the warranty again if you plan on keeping it long term after it’s paid off. As far as the engine, The correct oil makes a difference. Using the wrong type will effect your fuel efficiency and performance of the engine. Your mechanic may be best at figuring which is ideal for your truck in is current state. The truck does well on the highway for its size. I get about 24-26 highway average. The most I’ve gotten was 32.6 miles on the highway but that was mostly on a flat surface which the engine switches to V4 when it’s not under heavy demand. City driving is to be expected. 13-17 depending on idling at lights, traffic, stopping and starting. It’s a reliable truck if your not looking for fancy with a high price tag for an SUV. Can seat 7-8 ppl safely (I had ppl between 5’10 and 6’2 in the third row and the said it wasn’t a bad sit and was surprisingly more comfortable than they expected a 3rd row to be, handles well (your not gonna make corners at nascar speeds in this truck so expectations are within reason) and it’s acceleration is powerful enough to get you in and out of exits on the highway where the flow of traffic is doing 75mph+. I recommend this truck to anyone that wants reliability, safety for themselves and family and something attractive without the Kardashian price tag. If your hung up on brand name status recognition, spend the extra 40K-62K and get a Mercedes truck if that makes you feel better. If your not one of those ppl, Tahoes are great.


Very smooth ride for a bigger vehicle

We got this vehicle to pull a travel trailer still waiting to get it but will let you know. So far we are impressed of the power this 5.3 V8 has


Slug slug slug

This is the most underpowered slug of a brick I have ever owned. LTZ fully loaded. Power side step Doesn’t work half the time. Gotta leave it all Up to cruise controls and endure what ever happens. Takes two days to stop The thing give it no less that 100 feet once your on the break and 0-60 in five days. 4wheel Drive but can’t go in snow. Hardly ok in rain. I wouldn’t think of towing anything with this. No way it would do it. Death trap if you need get up in a hurry your out of luck. Third row on the floor. Useless. Power seats with no room for storage. And you have to be at the rear access to operate the folding seats. Major blind spots. So big it won’t fit in a space. Back up camera... I have to open the door and look down to see if I’m really in the space. Front collision warning goes off for no reason. Heads up display unexpectedly quit then came back on. This land boat is a xxxx mobile that shouldn’t be driven faster that 15 mph.


I would have bought a Mercedes

Yes, there’s plenty of room. The stitching on the leather is shoddy. The exterior is deteriorating. The AC compressor was welded on wrong, there is a perpetual screw loose near the catalytic converter.... making an awful rattle. I’ll never buy GM again. They do not stand behind a $78,000 vehicle.


I love my new vehicle

This Truck is exactly what we needed for our family.It has a lot of room and we ride so comfortable.My kids have so much space in between.


A beautiful and reliable vehicle

This vehicle is an example of ultimate luxury the ride is a smooth silk , Comfort level is a 10 , it is spacious and the interior is a 10 for design. All of the technological extras that come with this vehicle are amazing I owned one of these vehicles for 13 years and decided to upgrade to a newer model I have never had an issue with one of these vehicles I absolutely love them and highly recommend them.


Beautiful vehicle with all the bells & whistles

Luxury vehicle with amazing extras. Fits 7 comfortable with plenty of wiggle room. Everything we needed plus more. Comfortable ride & even included DVD player for the grandkids


Great suv never had issues with maintenance

Its a smooth ride with a powerful naturally aspirated v-8 engine you can really feel the engines work. Good for a family car. Well worth the price I pitch it for!


What’s not to Like

Looks good, drives well, it is reliable, and has good resale value They all should be made like this in America way to go Chevy


Great vehicle

I have been searching for my Tahoe for months and when I came to Loganville Ford, they exceeded my expectations. Not only did they vehicle have the look I wanted, it also had low mileage and an incredible price!