2011 Chevrolet Traverse consumer reviews

$29,370–$31,370 MSRP range
side view of 2011 Traverse Chevrolet
78% of drivers recommend this car
Rating breakdown (out of 5):
  • Comfort 4.4
  • Interior design 4.2
  • Performance 4.2
  • Value for the money 4.1
  • Exterior styling 4.4
  • Reliability 4.1
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It met my need to sit more than 5

With 7 small grandchildren it met my need for lots of space for Kids and car seats at that time. Since I'm no longer in the transport mode, i no longer needed a larger car.


Bleeding me dry after 100,000 miles

Was pretty reliable until it started pushing the 100,000 mile mark. Several recalls (some that should have been) blown engine at 120,000 in spite of regular servicing. Have had it in and out of shop since.


One of the most attractive suv that looked like a

This car met most my needs to and from work. I didn't get the chance to drive it out of town. I've change a cracked windshield, gas tank, bulbs, breaks, battery, breaks and roaters, then immediately the performance of the Travers declined. Driving home from the fix it shop fine a day later traction control, stability, abs, lights all on. I took it back to the shop I was told that the lights would be reset or you could have a bad sensor. Had to go to work so driving home at 2am the lodge freeway the back wheel starts grinding now it need hub or wheel bearing replaced, on my back to work the next afternoon and paying for the bearing repair, made it all the way to Jefferson off the lodge and stopped at the light turned green hit the accelerator and the car would not move. I turned the engine off to restart it again a lot of clanking and sounds of metal tapping lights and warning messages. Long story short a timing chain or a engine replacement is needed. So I'm looking for a long lasting car or suv thats proving to be built to last.


Not reliable car

This car is not met all I need lots of leg room but always stop from the highway this car is sucks I wont buy Chevy anymore


First new / used car

Had for 2 yrs. now. Just over 100K on it at purchase. So far only issues, rear shocks. The usual oil changes. No problems at all. Went to Georgia in family vacation last year. Kentucky the year before. Never a problem!


Good car for a comfortable commute

It is in good condition and runs very smoothly. I am satisfied with the purchase. I have had good experiences with Chevrolet products, in general.


Car was fine until after warranty expires

Traverse rides well but i had to install water pump around 50,000 miles now at 75,000 miles engine blew without any warning. Drive down road at 30 miles per hour and engine shut off without any problems . Oil was changed 3months prior I dont drive the car much still had over 1000 more miles until next oil change.


Best all around attributes and great on gas

This car is all around great and especially for an SUV saves gas handles magnificent very very spacious fully loaded with features power everything backupcamera


Worst car I’ve ever owned

I have had this car for 4 years and I did all the routine care and for the first 3 years no issues. Once I hit 130k one engine problem after another. Started with the check engine light coming on, bottom line needed the most expensive tune up $1,300. Then leaving the shop my car isn’t driving right, van another $300. A couple of weeks later there was a noise bring it back in it’s the timing chain yes timing chain at 130k?!? Ok I take the hit again 3k, finally I’m like I’m done with this car. I got it inspected and was selling it but didn’t get that far because 2 weeks later steering is off, bam $600, a week later light back on and now pulling multiple codes. Cadillac converter another $800 but was told that that could wait a little bit because it just wasn’t working at 100% so fixed the leaking another few hundred. Then 2 weeks later car now won’t stay running bring it back to the shop and ask for a compete run down top to bottom on what is wrong so we can figure our what to do.... at 136k this car needs a NEW engine the engine is basically shot because of the timing chain (which I replaced) this car is a piece of crap. What is worse is that if you do your research as I have done you will find out that the 2010-2011 where the worst made engine GNC made mostly because of the timing chain and yet they WON’T recall it!!! 136k and my engine is blown. I have put only 30k miles on this and this is where I’m at!!!


love it

i needed a suv that would accomodate my family. The chevrolet Traverse was the best choice. It has 3rd row and is great on gas