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2017 Chevrolet Volt consumer reviews

$33,220 starting MSRP
side view of 2017 Volt Chevrolet
96% of drivers recommend this car
Rating breakdown (out of 5):
  • Comfort 4.6
  • Interior 4.6
  • Performance 4.8
  • Value 4.6
  • Exterior 4.7
  • Reliability 4.7
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Fantastic EV / Hybrid vehicle. Really saves money!

I drive around town most days and love the idea of not using as much gas. I drive older volvo's that I love for many reasons but they are aging and certainly not good on gas. I like the idea of full EV cars but the cost is very high and range for me (I take a lot of 200-300 mile road trips) makes it more complicated along with the expense of charging stations or installing upgraded home chargers. I bought a used Volt with 50k miles and it honestly is a pretty awesome car. I can drive around town almost purely on electric, just plug in at night to a standard outlet. And barring me going on a road trip a tank of gas a month maybe less. (8 gallons to fill up!!!!) I love the heated seats and wheel. The interior layout is great and its a very quiet car. It's quick around town and holds its own on the freeway. Are the seats volvo comfortable? NO, but they aren't bad at all in the leather premier trim. Is the back seat huge not really but if you are less than 6' it should be fine. The bose sound system is GREAT. All the safety features are nice. Back up camera, front and rear sensors, lane keep, adaptive cruise, etc.... It took a week or so to get used to how to drive it in EV and maximize my range. I can now get around 55-60 miles in town. I would say to read the manual for sure, the climate controls are situated to save electricity so there is no A/C on or off button and I had to read up on how it works. I got the hang of it once I took the time to understand what did what. The Chevy Volt forum is a wealth of knowledge as well, and that really made it easy to learn how the car works. Apart from slight learning curve it is an excellent car you can easily run in EV only if it suits your situation. Long trips are no problem I can get 42 mpg on the freeway usually and no down time to charge at stations along the way. This is a great car to bridge the gap between full gas and full electric and given the price to purchase it almost makes sense not to own one. I LOVE IT.


I love this car.

No complaints about this car. Love everything about it. Wish I had gotten it from a different dealership though. Plug in electric is great. Rarely ever use gas unless I’m on a long road trip then it’s gas and go.


Chevy Volt, really great car.

I bought a Chevy Volt on March 3 2020. I had read that there was a lot of value to this car. I test drove 3 gently used ones. Keep in mind I am not an expert. I went with one that had been a lease return with 54k miles. I have a short commute, so have it on battery only 98 percent of the time. Got a 240v charger, super quick. One thing, it is a low headroom car, so better for shorter people. Plus side, hi fi Bose stereo system. So far no mech issues. Also filled tank 1x. Been over a year since purchase.


Overall better then I expected

Found the operation to be much smoother then I expected. Owners of older homes may have some problems with being able to charge with 230 volts. This is the only downside one my encounter. Be sure and review your home electrical panel to see if you can provide the needed voltage rate for fast charging.


Overall, a Great Car

This car does fantastic in electric mode. The battery life is pretty limited, but if you commute short distances, this car is a game changer. Its fast, quiet, sleek and fun to drive. The ICE engine to battery connection seems to have a problem and I intend on taking it to the dealer ASAP.


Marvel of engineering–looks cool and fun to drive

Bought this used in 2019 with 14,500 miles on the clock, so it was like new. Previous owner clearly didn't understand it, and almost never plugged it in to charge (easy to tell by the lifetime MPG, which was 65.4, only about 15% more than you get when running in hybrid mode). Goes 50+ miles on the battery in winter, and closer to 60 miles in summer. Which means most days I use no gas. On longer highway trips it'll easily get 55 mpg. It's fun to drive–great acceleration! Not Tesla quick, but still a lot zippier that most gas cars I've driven. Pros: • 50-60 miles all electric, so zero gas for most commutes • quick acceleration • gas engine when you need it so you can easily drive across country with occasional (or no) charging Cons: • Only seats 4.5 people (middle seat in back is really only useful for a small child • rear visibility is not great • no electric seat adjustment


Excellent, I just got a used 2017 chevy volt

Excellent car very happy with the purchase. I only buy fuel in long trips out of town , regularly I drive 48 miles a day back and forward to work 100% electric with about 12 miles to spare, I can get 60 to 62 miles to a charge and 43 to 45 miles to a gallon while using the engine as a generator. Things I don’t like,,no power seat,,no spare tire, no other complaints like I said very happy, by the way this is my second chevy volt I also own 2013 chevy volt just passed to my daughter she drives to high school every day


Stylish and modern alternative to the meh hybrids

What an incredibly well executed hybrid alternative with the brilliant addition of electric only driving range of 50 miles or more. Stylish yet not as in your face as some of the more overtly aggressive vehicle designs out there. Not a racehorse by any means but an excellent balance of comfortable and yet sporty performance with all around competent handling characteristics. Front seats are comfortable and supportive. I give this care about a 92 out of 100.


Super economic - smoothest ride - acceleration!!

The Volt blew me away! I drove it 95% fully electric as it has the super extended range with the 2017 battery of 18kWh. I saved so much while I owned it - could charge at my work place almost for free. Charging at home was also super cheap, $2.70 for 65 miles on one charge! And downtown I found a parking spot free of charge for parking AND charging. Never had range anxiety as it has the range extender gas engine on top - which is by the way also super low on gas. Up to 50 mpg! Driving is fun! Always great acceleration, while you can hardly hear any noise from the electric motor or the gearbox. It is relaxing. So smooth, so cool. Loved it - and all my friends too!!


Made impeccably, no repairs, rarely use gas

I adore this car. Everything about it. I was sad when I heard GM is no longer making the Volt but I am thrilled to have mine. With limited EV plug ins available to date in the U.S. (it seems that will be changing soon as more are expected nation wide) I love the ability to run on gas if needed.