2018 Ford Edge consumer reviews

$29,315–$31,310 MSRP range
side view of 2018 Edge Ford
94% of drivers recommend this car
Rating breakdown (out of 5):
  • Comfort 4.9
  • Interior design 4.8
  • Performance 4.8
  • Value for the money 4.6
  • Exterior styling 4.8
  • Reliability 4.8
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40,000 Miles and I'm Still Happy I Bought It

My particular Edge is the Titanium AWD V6 with the 302A (basically every option) and cold weather packages, optional 18" polished wheels and cognac (brownish) interior. MSRP was just over $46,000 but I paid around $43,500. LIKES – The look was definitely what attracted me to this from day 1. It's aggressive and masculine with its chiseled lines and mean looking headlights, yet it has that traditional look to it. I also really liked the full LED rear light package which gives this a much more premium look. Ford did a solid job with sound isolation and making the cabin fairly quiet while driving, especially in terms of engine noise. The adaptive cruise control is one of my favorite features and I barely drive without it anymore because of how useful it is in terms of keeping a safe distance between myself and the vehicle in front of me and it keeps me out of speeding trouble. It also impressed me with how well it reacts to the vehicle in front of me stopping. The general spaciousness also gets major points with its solid leg, head, and hip room both front and back, in addition to the large cargo area. I also love the kick sensor to open the rear hatch. It frustrates me when I watch car reviews and people are trying to sweep their feet to open the hatch and it’s not working like it should. Follow Ford’s instructions and kick front to back, just right of the vehicle center line. I’ve made use of it so many times. The adaptive steering was a fantastic invention by Ford and for those who don’t know what it does it basically adjusts steering feel based on driving. In the real world this means that you can have responsive steering when you push the vehicle, and you can have that “lazy” steering that isn’t so dialed in on those long highway drives. I really like having a front camera, and one that allows you to sneak your nose out in those blind driveways and see if there’s any traffic coming before you move out into the roadway. I also love the full radar sensors that alert you to objects all around the vehicle. It’s a safety feature I want in every vehicle after this one. I really like having a front passenger seat with the same adjustments as the driver. Yep, including lumbar! I’m not sure I can live without that in my next car if I’m going to be spending hours in it on road trips. Why more brands ignore this feature I will never understand. Lastly, it’s all the little things that you get that weren’t available from the factory with competitors. The mood lighting, the LED lit door sills, the hands free parking system, the triple memory front drivers seat, and the huge vista roof just to name a few. THINGS I WISH WERE DIFFERENT: I can’t stand the front seat bottom design with the overly aggressive and poorly designed leg bolster. This is supposed to be their “luxury” trim level and yet the SEL has a better designed seat bottom that’s more comfortable. The steering wheel is terrible. It feels like it’s vinyl material, it’s too skinny, the solid plastic spoke at the bottom prevents my highway hand placement, and the edges where the stitched material meets the plastic parts are too sharp. A 2020 EcoSport Titanium loaner I drove had none of those things going on. The use of glossy piano black surfaces is a trend that needs to end because they show every single imperfection. I’m also not a fan of Ford’s blind spot monitoring in this generation. The amber warning light tends to get lost on me, and my biggest complaint with it is that I want an audible warning if my turn signal is on and there’s a vehicle in or too close to my path. The lack of a physical heated steering wheel button which is also a big miss because of how annoying it is to constantly leave Android Auto to find the off switch. The last big thing that I wish was different is the load floor when the second row is folded. It isn’t flat and it’s not even close. The issue stems from the fact that Ford chose to build the second-row seat bottoms into the floor structure, rather than leaving space below them so they could fold mostly flat. So when you fold the seats, the bottoms don’t go anywhere. RELIABILITY: This has been excellent thus far. The only issue I've had was a persistently on and off airbag light which Ford traced back to an exposed wire in the steering column, and that was covered under warranty. The mechanics of the car have been superb.


Love my Edge Sport AWD

Exceeded my expectations- quick handling, excellent zip, controls easy to use. Service appointments are less than three hours. No surprises. Very comfortable for long hauls.


Very nice car for price range

More room than it looks. Well designed and handles well. Interior is very nice. Comfortable but has a blind spot. Would definitely recommend it for families


Most comfortable vehicle I’ve owned

AWD, heated seats, performance. Leather seats and huge touchscreen with Sony speakers. If it’s a titanium. Owned the car for about two years and other than random rattling noises from the back because of the leather fitting and weird shifting patters of the automatic gearbox and drafty doors I like the car. It’s spacious and it gets you from a to b. Loves guzzling gas but as they say it’s based on your driving.



I rated this less than to typical score to make a single point. Too much technology isn't a good thing always. I understand some people want/desire, or need some of it. It should be optional, or you should have the ability to disable it. I will never buy another Ford vehicle and I have bought many if Ford does not fix this issue. The automatic breaking is too sensitive even on lowest setting, I do not feel safe, it's infact the opposite. I am waiting for the day it over compensates breaking and someone behind me hits me. The sensors on lowest setting are also too sensitive, they drive me insane. They beep for no reason, they get loud or turn down my phone calls for little to no reason. If they get dirty they are even more obnoxious. I have yet to meet anyone with any make vehicle who likes the sensors with the exception of maybe the backup sensor. Even then I have a camera and do not desire the rest. I hope car manufacturers learn. I will buy an older model, and rebuild it if I have to next time, before purchasing new if these issue are not addressed. I took it to the dealership and they claim they can't even disable them, which is ridiculous. I paid a lot of money for a car that I really can't say I love. I kind of miss my old escape and this edge is frankly better in every way. I would still take my old ride back before getting into one of these ever again.


Very good deal

This car came with all the bells and whistles I wanted. It was two years old and had under 9,500 miles. It looks good, drives good and was a great deal.


I have owned for a week

I LOVE my 2018 Ford Edge, I have had it for a week and I wish I had bought one sooner! Lots of room and comfortable too! I am still learning about all the bells and whistles, but I will get it!


Great Car

Perfect size, perfect options included and priced right. Low miles on a slightly used car, looking forward to driving this vehicle in all of the upcoming weather.


Sleek and sporty!

I upgraded from the 2013 to the 2018 sport and I LOVE it! From the moment I sat in the memory foam seats I was hooked. It’s super fast (gotta love twin turbos), so sleek inside and out, and I love all the features.


our second Ford Edge, we love it

second Edge we have owned, very solid vehicle. Quiet and very smooth ride. The 3.5 V6 has good power for this size vehicle. Interior feels well built and all around good vevicle.