2010 Ford Fusion consumer reviews

$19,695 starting MSRP
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82% of drivers recommend this car
Rating breakdown (out of 5):
  • Comfort 4.4
  • Interior 4.3
  • Performance 4.2
  • Value 4.3
  • Exterior 4.5
  • Reliability 4.3
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Ford fusion unreliable car

I had a 2010 Ford fusion brand new very unreliable that car was garbage as soon the warranty the car gave nothing but problems. So I got rid of it I ended selling it. Now I currently own a 2011 Chevy Malibu when I got this car it had only 43K miles it's been 7 years now I've owned this car I haven't had a single issue not what so ever great car best car I ever owned way better than the Ford fusion.


Great cars.

My last one was at 262000 miles and still going strong until I totaled it. Drove it on long trips all over. I loved the AWD. Wish I had another one.


Great car!

We like our Fusion very much. We are going to keep it another year. It has 157,000 miles on it now. Still waiting for airbag fix.


Must Trust when possible.

This model is fine, but previously had a 2010 Fusion which was a safety hazard as it stopped when it wanted to and could not be trusted. Turned in for another new Fusion. This model is OK but heated seats totally stopped working at 9 years, so reliability was given 3 stars, but the engine is working great with only 114K as of 2022.


Better than expected.

3.5 awd performs great, has plenty of merging power. Longest trip so far has been 7 hours and it was a comfortable and smooth drive. Older model but has some of the newer car features. If you take care of it, it can last as long as the 200K miles i see on some for sale and still going strong.


Junk ! 4300 miles $2300 stearing module failed

Every year some problem .dash warning lights on and off ,no codes read out ,code P 2111 can't find anything wrong. Recalls by Ford just look at list . A low tire press light ? the ignition locks up won't start. Car just slows to a stop ,no power dead in st. turn off restart car runs ? Power train light on then off then on.27539 miles on a 2010


Truly Awful

Where to begin? In the 6 years I owned this car, I never had a smooth experience. Check engine lights, gasket seal breaks, batteries dying (though that is unrelated to the car). The backup camera is tiny and in the rearview mirror, the Bluetooth connection doesn't ever like to work. The 2.5 I4 is completely underpowered and you have to push the pedal all the way down just to get anywhere.


Good car if you get a good one

For my first car I’m glad I chose the Fusion. It is very comfortable and has a good number of features. My particular car has the 2.5 engine and it seems to be pretty reliable and somewhat peppy. There’s some bad quirks that my car has which is normal with used cars (wonky suspension). Something I absolutely hate is the adaptive transmission. It must be used to the way the previous owners drove because even after a year of driving, the shift timing is still off. My advice to anyone looking is to go for a thorough test drive and make sure the car was properly cared for. I know many people who love owning these cars but I must’ve just got a bad one. At this time, I would not get another car with an adaptive transmission.


Bad/ Not a good brand car

I have had lot of problem with my 2010 ford fusion. I want ever buy another FORD product. Lot of problem with the motor and transmission.


Most reliable car I have ever owned

I purchased a used Ford Fusion Sport with a lot of options and under 15k miles. I'm a big guy, 6'3" and big-boned, with two younger children that require car seats. There is still some room behind me with the seat backed up all of the way. The features and smart key are a nice touch. I am used to a V-6 AWD vehicle, so it has taken some time getting used to the slower acceleration in normal or ECO mode. In Sport mode, the acceleration is good. I really like the looks of this car. It just stinks you have to go to the Sport or Limited model to get dark interiors, but I'll deal with it.