2016 Ford Taurus consumer reviews

$27,220 starting MSRP
side view of 2016 Taurus Ford
95% of drivers recommend this car
Rating breakdown (out of 5):
  • Comfort 4.7
  • Interior design 4.5
  • Performance 4.7
  • Value for the money 4.5
  • Exterior styling 4.7
  • Reliability 4.8
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Taurus is the most comfortable car I've ever owned

My 2016 is my second Taurus. I bought a 2013 with 10,000 miles on it and drove it for 80,0000 trouble free miles. I travel daily in my work and comfort is key. The Taurus fits me like a glove and also delivers tremendous fuel economy for a car it's size. My 2013 FWD delivered 30mpg on the highway, and my 2016 AWD is excellent as well, at 28mpg. I normally trade around 90,000 miles and this time around there was no question what I would buy. Look around and find a program car with low mileage and you can practically steal it when compared to the original sticker price! I especially like the collision avoidance features on my new one, and got a pleasant surprise when my insurance dropped $200 yearly when I upgraded!! Excellent all-around value in a touring vehicle!


Most fascinating car I have owned. You would love

Meet all my needs. Would recommend to anyone. Space excellent, ride smooth. Exterior color is awesome. Its like riding in an airplane.


Most realiable car I have owned. Owned a 2010.

Plenty of space. Met all my expectations of a car. Loved the color. When I test drove it I was satisfied with the smoothness.


Always loved the style of a Taurus.

The car is big on the inside. Comfortable. I love the candy apple red exterior. Rideability is awesome. Smooth. Would recommend this car to anyone.


Taurus --- Meh

This should be a very reliable car, as Taurus has been on the road since the mid 80s. The 2016 should have had a much stronger engine and transmission. This model shifts back and forth too much during normal travel and hasn't the torque needed to get down the road without downshifting multiple times to get to travelling speed. The car is very roomy and has a decent ride, however mine is the Limited edition and in my opinion should ride much quieter and smoother for its 41,000 price tag. The trunk space is extremely roomy and was able to stow away a small apartment. The SHO is the only model that offers fog lights, that I know of; the limited and below do not on the 2016. The headlights, low beam, has a definitive black line or blind spot just above the light line forward of the car. The high beams are substantial and are what to be expected for that level of light. The SYNC3 system is unique in that it gets its updates automatically and do not require any outside intervention by the owner. Navigation is easy to use and stays updated. Overall I like the car, the boost I was looking for can be found in the SHO model, but for 14,000 more dollars was just not provocative enough for me to buy that model. If you're looking for a family sedan then this is a very nice selection and looks great going down the road.


Very good automobile.

Own a Lincoln Town Car. This car is no longer available NEW, neither is the Crown Vic, &, I wanted something close. Not a fan of the new Continental, so I chose a Ford Taurus. Just got home from a vacation trip, & I am very pleased with the overall experience I have had with my new, 2016 Ford Taurus. Performance is excellent, as well as COMFORT, which is important to me as I spend a lot of time, driving. A great, good looking ride!


Better than my 2009 lincoln

Great!!! Probably the best car I have ever owned!!! Has everything I need and then some!!! Dealer was awesome!!!


very comfortable, smooth ride. user friendly

I love this car. Smooth ride. Handles nice. Plenty of room. huge display screen for rear view camera. very clear picture. Very user friendly.


Silly you it's a crossover with a trunk...

Purchased our 2016 Ford Taurus SEL with the 201A Sync3 package in April 2017. Our vehicle cost was $22,500 before tax, title, etc after taking advantage of Ford Credits $4,900 incentive. Due to slow sales this is an extremely large and well equipped car to obtain at midsize car prices. This was a "want" purchase... (Be mindful that it shares the same platform as the Ford Explorer) In owning it I have come to realize that it is not a true car but rather a crossover with a trunk and in viewing it that way I truly love and understand the car. I do believe we are fooled into assuming it is a true car while its cramped front seating and wide center console certainly dictate to your body that it isn't - It's like window sitting in coach on a cross country flight aboard a 737 with a large box between you and the other passenger. Ford should post a warning that front seat occupants may experience leg cramps and blood clots on long drives - it simply has that feel. (Yes - it can feel that cramped and may even cause anxiety attacks if you dwell on it - remember its a crossover with a trunk and not a car and you will find peace and understanding with it) Now in marketing it as a weird crossover with a trunk I think it will sell well with women. Here is my why list: The high belt line offers excellent privacy - Male Gawkers will not see much of you There is a true feeling of safety in the car - I can't deny this at all Great crossover like ground clearance The driver seating position is high like a crossover Its exterior size is intimidating - It's not a pushover on the road High cowling intimidates many drivers viewing it from their rear view mirrors Jaw dropping trunk space - No one can deny this Great and much needed rear back up cam - If any car ever needed one this is it Useful and much needed blind spot side mirror integration Your very own police car My final thoughts Large intimidating well mannered and quiet car with sub-par interior space and comfort. Great for most commutes but I can not recommend it for half day journeys due to its cramp front seating caused by a needlessly wide as well as tall center console and a thick inward pushing B pillar that wraps over the heads of front occupants like a fuselage would a windowed seated passenger on a commercial flight. Men and Women Purchasing this car Men hovering around 6 foot may have issues with comfort but do keep working those seat adjustments until you find that sweet spot. I am a guy and it is work transitioning it from her to me but that sweet spot is obtainable. Women please seek this car out as I truly believe it will exceed your expectations. What I perceive as cramped is comforting to my other half, I love her driving this car and for once I love being the passenger After just 4 days of researching this vehicle I found the middling SEL model with just the 201A Sync3 package to be the best fit for us. Purchased to partially relieve my Venerable 2011 Hyundai Azera Limited of some family hauling duties. The dealership maintained Azera still rules the roost with its comfort, prompt power delivery and sheer eagerness to take on the 13+ hour drives from Newark, De to Kenosha, Wi and back. It is my opinion that the Taurus would require driver swaps for this type of family travel.


Looks Good and good operation cost

Full size car, so the grandkids have room. Cost of operation good. Has power and the looks of cars costing more.