2019 Honda HR-V consumer reviews

$20,620–$22,020 MSRP range
side view of 2019 HR-V Honda
86% of drivers recommend this car
Rating breakdown (out of 5):
  • Comfort 4.6
  • Interior 4.6
  • Performance 4.4
  • Value 4.6
  • Exterior 4.8
  • Reliability 4.7
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Don't buy a Honda.

When I purchased my 2019 Honda HRV it only had one previous owner and 15k miles on it. From day one the air conditioner didn't seem to perform as well as one would expect for a practically new vehicle. I had owned the same year CIVIC prior to the HRV and traded it in to step up to the next level and the Civic at nearly 50k miles was beginning to have some quite disturbing issues with the autonomous drive features or the braking system. I couldn't tell which. I just knew that more than one time when I had exited the freeway and had to come to a stop at the end of the ramp and was attempting to proceed with a right turn the Brake Hold feature self-engaged meaning the electronic emergency brake engaged on it's own. However the Brake Hold feature is designed to temporarily engage the Brake upon stopping but release as soon as the driver engages the gas pedal. The Brake at these instances did not release and should not have engaged unless I chose to manually press the Brake Hold button on the console which I had not since I was on the freeway and this feature is not designed for non-stop freeway driving. I was not able to move the car forward until I turned the ignition to to the "off" position and then restarted the car which basically had the effect of resetting all the electronics. But that was the Civic. So, with my HRV I didn't experience any of the problems I'd had with the autonomous drive on the Civic because to this day I have never been able to get any of the autonomous features to perform on the HRV at all. The only feature that did work temporarily was the Brake Hold feature but not for long. And the autonomous features such as Lane Assist have yet to ever engage. Now, back to the weak air conditioning. In the middle of the hottest day on record in the San Fernando Valley about 4 months into owning the HRV the air conditioning went completely out, literally putting my life in danger being more than 40 miles from home in temperatures of 120 degrees outdoors and inside the HRV with its all black interior there was no escaping the dangerously high temperatures. I ended up with painful sunburn on my face, chest, arms and hands and felt completely nauseous and this was during the pandemic when I didnt have the choice of just dropping into a restaurant or anyplace else to cool down for a few moments. That's my experience with my almost new and new vehicles from Honda.


Happy Consumers

We love our Honda HRV. This is our second Honda and we intend to stick to this product. It is good on gas, comfortable, has a great design and space to carry many articles.


Nice Ride For Those Who Simply Want To Drive.

If you want a hot rod and home office in your vehicle look elsewhere. If you want a reliable, fuel efficient, and comfortable ride this is your vehicle. Has just enough technology, but not so much where you are angry and frustrated with the technology. People complain about the acceleration, my question is: how fast do you need to go? I have the awd sport and enjoy the way the vehicle handles the road. Added bonus: ample room in the backseat and trunk. Lumbar support is awesome as well.


It’s cool enough for the price

I got the Sport AWD model, but all together it’s just a good quality Honda. I enjoy it, but not gonna lie it is SLOW. The AWD system works really well and the ride and drive is smooth, but the car is genuinely just not meant to be as fast. If you are aiming for speed get an Si or Acura. These are just really great on gas and give you a great sized compact suv for a really great price. Plus who doesn’t love a known brand to last 300,000+ miles.



I love the car, because it’s a Honda and I know they can run a long long time! The HR-V is a little smaller than a CRV. It’s better for shorter drivers. More car-like than SUV. It has AWD, which I wouldn’t be without. The only part I don’t care for is that it isn’t high enough off the ground for me. Overall, I love the vehicle and am happy to finally own a Honda!


I love my car

I test drive and brought this car in September 2019 for my birthday. I had a 2009 Accord before this one. This new car is what I wanted, quiet, very quiet even with snow tires. Spacious interior and very stylish inside out. I had took my car with me for several long road trips out of province, I have no issue with it at all. It’s a small suv that you do feel it’s struggling a bit when you have 4 adults 1 kid and full load of stuff at the back. But I usually drive with 2 adults and 1 kid only and it’s doing very well. Had drove almost 20k km so far and I still loving it .



Cute SUV from the exterior. The interior is not friendly at all, no place to store your items. vehicle has no power ! I mean total gutless engine. The CVT is not up to standards. The HRV is OK for running around town and being a grocery hauler but that is about it. The seats are very uncomfortable. Shop before you buy this. Many better vehicles out there to choose from. So why did I buy it -- strange as it may seem -- I sort of like it. I know it has faults, not perfect and provides some strange times but so do some of my friends and I also am included in this. The car has its own personality -- strange one but sort of nice at the same time.


Another Practical Honda

Comfortable in town or driving across the country. Easy to connect your cell phone and use navigation. It has all necessary safety features. But I especially like the brake hold. Pushing that button allows the car to be held in a stopped position at anytime you stop the car with the break. Especially convenient at long red lights. When it turns green again, just step on the gas and the way you go. The backflow also has the magic seats. This, together with the back compartment allows you to carry many different types of items and many large items as well. It is not the fanciest car but for the price it is fairly handsome and very, very functional.


Well I don’t think I could tell he was at Honda ha

The number one thing that I’ve noticed about this vehicle is the quality that they put in it and they give you fuel efficient excellent safety features comfortable ride fairly easy to handle in and out of traffic it’s not a racer but it gets you where you’re going from A-to-Z


Automatic braking system malfunctioned often

I loved this car but because the automatic safety braking feature frequently engaged for no apparent reason, I felt afraid that I would be driving on the highway and it would brake unnecessarily and I would get rear ended and injured. I traded this in after 6 months because Honda could not fix the problem, and could not disconnect that system.