2019 Honda HR-V consumer reviews

$20,620–$22,020 MSRP range
side view of 2019 HR-V Honda
87% of drivers recommend this car
Rating breakdown (out of 5):
  • Comfort 4.6
  • Interior design 4.6
  • Performance 4.4
  • Value for the money 4.6
  • Exterior styling 4.8
  • Reliability 4.7
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The 2019 Honda HR-V: A lot for very little

I purchased this car and have enjoyed every moment of driving it since then. It is a Sport Model with AWD and 4 wheel discs, Apple Car Play is a must! The price was 2 grand less than I thought I'd pay. I got a great trade-in as well. I would buy this car all over again. Great road presence and plenty of room. Plus with AWD it is going to make winter driving so much easier in these mountains of Western North Carolina, after all it IS an SUV. The Dealer I chose was Morganton Honda, a smaller dealer with a lot of heart and expertise.


Small, but not cheap

I focused on the HR-V because I live in a condo with a small, short garage and I need a medium hight vehicle at my age. I found this model met my needs exactly. I only wish there were a locking glove compartment and other features found on more expensive models.


50-50 pros and cons

This is a great looking car and great technology. I feel so good being in it. I have brought my car to the dealership 3 times in a 3 month period; brand new with 7000 miles. First time, the engine grinds every time i hit 40 mph. Dealership updated the computer and it got fixed for two weeks. Second time, the engine grinds every time i hit 60 mph. Dealership contacted Honda and stated "it is normal for this specific car to make these noises between 5-70 mph." Third time, the engine consistently grinds between 75-80 mph until the gas medal is let go. It grind for about 20 minutes. Dealership says "this car has had this problem since 2017 and cannot find a solution to it, so it is normal." I have had two mechanic family members check/hear the noise and they all say it is not normal. Overall, the car is great looking and great technology. But, if you do not feel comfortable with this noise being made all the time, do not get it. If you trust Honda enough for this noise to be ok, definitely get then.


Horribly noisy

I test drove and bought the vehicle. Got it for my birthday. Loved it so much, then after about a week, suddenly the engine noise kicked in. The vehicle was new from the factory and beautiful. Everything I've ever wanted in a car but SO loud. It's in peak condition and apparently the noisy motor is a common factor. Maybe a feature of the Hrv Sport only? I hope so. Glad I leased it, but only 2 months in and its already get to me. Only 2 years and 7 months left.


loving this car

really enjoy driving this car and am impressed with its features feels very safe and am getting used to it fast learning how to park with the camera is a totally new experience for me


I've only had a few days so we'll see.

Lots of interior leg room & cargo area. I got the Touring model but was disappointed that there is no remote start feature or remote rear lift even thought this is the top model. There is also no middle console or storage area for garage remote or sunglasses. Everything else is great.


Honda HRV

I took the car for a test drive up and down the highway for several kilometres and couldn’t believe how noisy it was! My husband mentioned the tire noise but there was also engine noise. He drives a 2018 CRV by the way. The ride was comfortable. The seats felt supportive. The interior has enough storage for my needs. A little underpowered especially when getting on the highway. To get back to the dealer,I drove through back roads and through the town hitting traffic lights and stop signs. The car noise was overwhelming especially when accelerating!! By the time I reached the dealer, I was getting a headache. I can’t believe how some people can actually say that this car is quiet! If you plan on buying one, I suggest that you drive the car at least for 30 minutes on different roads. I was so happy to drive home in my quiet Honda Civic! I love Hondas and wanted a (Honda)small SUV but unfortunately until the noise problem is remedied, I won’t be buying one! If the noise level doesn’t bother you, then it’s a car worth buying.


always had honda's best car on market but this one

Right now having a problem.. Driving lights went on dashboard. park light went blinking,emission problem see dealer. pulled over 2 mo old. took to dealer order part . that night light on dashboard went out then high beams would not work, cruse control not working and lane system not working. went back to get part and after looking again everything started to work.did not have to put part told to drive ans see what happens. ok for the time going home then later high beams did not work and cruse control and lane did not work. taday is Sunday tomorrow taking to dealer up in phila again. third time not where I GOT IT Will get back and let you know


Most safest car

I was in a real bad accident 2 months ago. I was rear ended by a van doing 55 miles an hour. I went up in the air came down onto the back end of a truck in front of me and ended on the other side of the road. My car was totaled. I was rushed to the emergency room and had cracked ribs and broken vertebrae. The tow truck man said my car did everything it was supposed to and that is what saved my life. I bought another one as I felt safe.


I made a good choice

This is a smaller SUV than what I'm used to, but I love it already. It actually has a lot of leg room. It is pretty inside and out. I like the Amethyst color, the passenger side blinker camera and its smooth ride.