2011 Honda Pilot consumer reviews

$28,320–$29,920 MSRP range
side view of 2011 Pilot Honda
95% of drivers recommend this car
Rating breakdown (out of 5):
  • Comfort 4.7
  • Interior design 4.4
  • Performance 4.4
  • Value for the money 4.4
  • Exterior styling 4.5
  • Reliability 4.6
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Most reliable car I have ever owned

Excellent vehicle, very comfortable with a lot of leg room. I would recommend the Honda Pilot as a very nice reliable suv to purchase for your family.


Very Roomy

This car meets all our needs. We travel a lot and it is perfect, also super great on gas. Wish I had purchased this vehicle way before now


Good, but LX plain seats

Bought this in 2015, with 20K in excellent condition (garaged at home and work). 75K miles on it today. Total repairs and replacements: tires, one wheel bearing, battery, wiper blades, air and cabin air filters, fluids, oil and filter changes. Since I run cars up to 200K, this daily driver will be getting: new stuts with coils and shocks ( even though the ride is good). This wil help the: handling, comfort, suspension, tires and brakes.


Drives very smooth!

This car, so far, has been great! We have been on a 5 hour trip already and no problems. My teenagers were comfortable, and this is important to me!


Purchased 5/31/2019 @ 103000 Caught fire 7/27/19

So far not all that I thought it would be. I just hope it gets better soon. Alternator caught fire 1000 miles after buying it from Honda World of Louisville. Battery was 5 years old, why did Honda World choose not to replace it while it was on the lot for sale. Learned a lot about the whole experience. I'll never buy a used car if the battery is older then four years because the alternator might have been working overtime for the few months prior to purchase and possibly Honda World could have prevented an alternator from spontaneously combusting.


Owned for 8 years. Enjoyed travel & daily rides

Comfortable rides. Great for travel with kids. Good driving experiences. Added many extra options many giving it a unique sporty & luxury look. These extra options included: - Running Boards with lights, - Rear & Front Chrome Metal Plates, - Side moldings, - Cross bars, - Door Guards, - Rim Locks, - Trailer Hitch - Tailgate trim, - Splash Guards, ... Great fun!


The little SUV that could

As our kids got a little older, we replaced our 2006 Honda Odyssey with the 2011 Honda Pilot EX-L to get out of the minivan driver's club. It took a little while to get used to a truck feel but she has been the best vehicle we have owned hands down. We have 156,000+ miles on the truck and with regular maintenance runs like it did the day we bought it. This truck has gotten us through tough hurricanes, blizzards, flooding, challenging and precarious road conditions and most importantly has never died on us. Make sure you do the major maintenance work, timing belt, water pump, differential service, etc. If you do this you will be a happy owner.


Broke down the next day.

Honda pilots are supposed to be reliable. They promised me that nothing was wrong with it. The car broke down the next day. I have never been scammed like this before.


Nice ride

The pilot was very nice and roomy. Runs really well. Seats are comfortable. Has a lot of great features like navigation, power seats and dual heating. I recommend getting this vehicle.


virtually perfect

Pros: Gas filler on driver's side. 6 CD changer. Rear window opens independent of lift gate. Gear shift isn't (quite) on the center console. Emergency brake is on the floor. (not on the center console) Very comfortable. A lot of amenities. Cons: Rear view mirror is a little low. If you're over six foot, you'll do a lot of ducking to see on coming traffic to your right. Wind shield is a bit too slanted making the A-posts a little too far forward, which also blocks your view left and right just a tad at intersections and such. Center console could have been designed better. Why hide cup holders??? and why are they so low??? a lot of small storage compartments instead of at least one larger one. Odometers, temp, and door ajar, indicator is a small LCD screen behind the steering wheel. There's a big LED screen on the dash they could have used!! Don't understand that one at all. Didn't really want a back up camera. The picture is in the rear view mirror which is more intuitive but still not as good as turning around and looking with your own eyes. And a sun/moon roof is always useless. (Why put a hole in a perfectly good roof?) The CD player and climate controls take a little getting used to. Especially when some buttons have indicator lights on them and others have an indicator on the LED screen. Taking your eyes off the road even longer to look twice- once for the button and then up to the screen to see what's being done. For all the design faults, it was still the best of what's out there. Yes, other SUVs were even worse. I would definitely recommend a Honda Pilot. Big enough for most uses, just be aware of its short comings. --- This site mandates a rating for value for money. Well, that depends on what you paid, doesn't it. This site mandates a primary use for the car. The choices are awful. "Day to day driving" would have been my choice. I don't "commute", I'm not "transporting family", Not "off roading". I may tow a small boat from time to time but its not the primary use. So I was left with "having fun". Horrible choices.