2020 Honda Pilot consumer reviews

$31,650–$33,650 MSRP range
side view of 2020 Pilot Honda
69% of drivers recommend this car
Rating breakdown (out of 5):
  • Comfort 4.5
  • Interior 4.5
  • Performance 4.2
  • Value 4.1
  • Exterior 4.5
  • Reliability 4.1
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Don’t Buy

A 2020 and already had to change the injectors and now it has a transmission transfer seal leak. I had a 2019 honda pilot wish I upgraded for this one when it stopped working due to problems with the injectors also. Will never do business with Honda again.


Not good enough

Coming off my 190,000 mile 2012 Honda Pilot that I had purchased new, I had high hopes for this SUV. It's ok. My major complaints are it shakes the wheel and "BRAKE" comes on whenever I'm on a curve with another vehicle coming from the other directions. We are both in our lane. In slippery conditions this can cause an accident. My other complaint is the popping/cracking noise. It did it first at 58,000 miles. They replaced the wiring harness under the dash and it went away......for 6 months. Now it's crackling/popping much worse, the radio goes dead and won't work again until the car is turned off and started again. I've read about this going back to at least 2016. I don't know how they can't get this right. I'll try a Toyota next. Honda quality over-rated.


It is a juck

No radio x2brakes shake if you go down a big hill for a long time the car starts to shake at a slow speed before it shifts


Disappointed with Honda

Before buying the used 2020 Pilot (very low mileage, now i know why)I checked to see if there were any recalls on this car. I brought it from Carvana and they did not list any issues with the car. I was happy with the car for a couple of weeks then the crackling and popping sound started. The whole infotainment system gets messed up as well as the rear system. I wish I knew of this issue prior because I would not have gotten rid of my Odyssey. I'm so disappointed with Honda. They knew of this issue prior and keep building these cars this way. Ridiculous. I'm no longer a Honda fan. @honda @hondapilot @pilot


Bad quality assurance

I had a 2020 pilot exl in pearl white for one and a half year then decided to sell it! The reason behind that is the quality assurance on the car body is bad and poor, on the passenger front door from inside where they weld the door with the glass frame man could see that place looking very bad, they should grind it after welding and not leaving the car go to the consumer in that bad shape. Every time I was opening that door I was thinking how fool me not seeing that at the time I purchased this car! This message to the Honda quality assurance LEARN QUALITY FROM THE GERMAN!


Don’t go to bell Honda

Honda Pilot is the best suv. Bell Honda in Phoenix. Honda’s worse dealership in the country. Honda Pilot gives me 25 miles per gallon city and state


2020 Honda Pilot Review

I have always wanted a Honda Pilot and bought a 2020 model anticipating a great vehicle. It has been back to the shop SIX times for issues with the drivers side mirror. It is supposed to be a fancy automatic adjusting mirror, but instead self adjusts up beyond where I can see in it. The dealer's technicians have tried many things, but still claim they can't recreate what I am telling them I really don't know where to turn now.


Snap, crackle, and pop

I love the Touring, just not the snap, crackle, and pop. Bought it brand new and have had an issue with it since the first few months. It is in the shop now for the 5th time to fix the issue. It effects the radio, navigation, and heating and air. Every time I take it, they tell me if is fixed. I don't drive it but a few times a month and the notice starts all over again. I believe and upgrade to a newer Pilot is needed with the same balance owing warranty, and car note. They were well aware of this issue I am sure.


Great car

I love my Honda. It drives beautifully, it’s comfortable, holds the road, you feel safe because it’s so well made. A wonderful driving experience. I plan on buying it back when my lease is up.


Gas mileage

Only 13,500 miles and getting 20 to 22.5 mph. Is this what’s to be expected? I drive the speed limit and enjoy life so I don’t hot rod so I would have gotten better mileage.