2013 Hyundai Sonata consumer reviews

$20,895–$21,195 MSRP range
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83% of drivers recommend this car
Rating breakdown (out of 5):
  • Comfort 4.4
  • Interior design 4.4
  • Performance 4.4
  • Value for the money 4.4
  • Exterior styling 4.6
  • Reliability 4.3
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2013 Sonata SE Turbo

2013 Sonata SE, Turbo loaded. I’ve enjoyed driving this car for the past 9, almost 10 years, and plan on driving it for many more years. The only minor complaints is the road noise is a little loud, and the back seat is a bit rough to ride in I hear. I think it’s a great car, and the third Sonata we’ve owned. I’ve had no problems with it.


Please read my review and look up that Lawsuit

This car is not reliable and has been a headache. I purchased it for the design, appeal, accessories and all those are nice and it runs great WHEN IT IS RUNNING. I have had to dealt with the light issues mentioned by others. The rearlights and brake lights go out all the time. I have gotten tickets for this. The headlights go off as well but not as much. This is all small fry compared to the engine seizing, stalling or catching fire per the recall. Worse of all the Hyundai Motors America nor Hyundai dealers want to deal with replacing the engine. I have had to go through so many hoops and perform so many tricks for the dealers to honor the Hyundai engine replacement. I am currently going through the process. My car has been at the dealer for weeks now. This car has given me so much grief. It was fun to drive and be in but that IS NOTHING compared to having to replace the engine at about 70k. And it is due to manufacturing errors but they want to blame on owner negligence. Look up Hyunda Theta II engine lawsuit before purchasing any Sonata years 2011 - 2019. They should place this here on this vehicle review of they are really serving their customers and consumers on this site instead of covering it up.



Have had nothing but trouble with this car for years! Started right after I bought it and has never stopped! I would never recommend this nake to anyone!


I like it!

This is a great car overall. I first had a Santa Fe, then the Sonata now and our daughter & her husband traded in her little convertible for a Palisade after her second child. Each was affordable, dependable and fun! I was disappointed with the Sonata in regards to the dashboard which now has cracks all over. Yes, Florida is hot but during the last 30 years of living here, we have never had even one crack on the dashboard of any of our cars. And recently we had difficulty shifting from park to reverse or drive, which might be a recall item. But otherwise, the car still looks good and has been very comfortable & dependable.


Worse car and purchase ever. Not safe

Worse car ever. The car dies not charge android phones only IPhones. MY lights jeep going out. I replace my brake and rear lights and headlights about every 2 to 3 months. I have been given tockets because my brake and tail lights were out when I had just replaced them. It is very unsafe yo drive at knight with your lights out. I have lost count of how many times I have replaced all lights. I keep a case of lights in my trunk for the JIC. And I have replaced the harness 3 times for the rear. My lights for inside does not work when uou open your doors and the fog lights don't work. Replaced those twice. When you search about lights going out there are hundreds of posts of others having the same problem.My paint is peeling in large patches not a chip or scratch. Leaking oil. It is a known thing because of the type of paint they use. Supposed to be non peeling. The lies. Sputtering while stopped at a light then shuts off then the traction light cones on. I hate this car. The dealership or customer service won't help. It has about 10 recalls on it. I fear for my life every time I get in my car based on the majority oth the recalls having to do with the fuel system and watching videos of people cars catching on fire 🔥 while driving or while parked. When I purchased the car I was told it was #3 in safety. There is nothing safe about this car. 🤬😡😡🤬🤬🤬🤬 purchased from CarMax in Charleston


Would not buy another

2013 Sonata with 109K miles. Engine died last week. Would not purchase another one. Should have lasted a lot longer. It was regularly maintained. One outstanding recall that there is no remedy for. How can you recall a car for a serious problem and not have solution?


Nice car

I like the car very much except the dealer sold it with damage not disclosed . It is. Classy car with allot of options and drives well


Car has so many problems,recalls complete lemon

This car has been in the shop ever since i bought it. Would not recommend nor purchase a hyundai again. Just doing this so that other people can know tlwhat they are getting into. Ive never had so much trouble out of a vehicle in my life.


I love my 2013 Sonata Hybrid

Excellent gas mileage. Very comfortable. Smooth ride. Despite having it for 7 years, I still can't say enough about this beautiful, durable car! Glad I purchased it when I did (early 2014) because the body style changed shortly afterwards... Yuck! I would not have bought the newer style without the distinctive Hyundai curves. It turned boxy and looked just like a Kia. No style at all. Back to my 2013 Hybrid... the style, comfort, gas efficiency and reliability has made it the best automobile I've ever owned. That includes all the vehicles I've purchased new: 1988 BMW 320e-manual, 1992 Chevy Beretta-manual, 2001 Pontiac Grand Prix (#3 fave), 2005 VW Jetta TDI (great gas mileage but uncomfortable, cramped & ugly compact... my hubby actually purchased this without my input), and a 2007 Dodge Ram 2500 w/Cummins Diesel (I highly recommend if you're shopping for a comfy, yet very powerful truck. It's great in the snow & awesome for pulling our 5th wheel! ) I've always done lots of research on used cars I bought (only minor repairs, minimal body work, any/all maintenance records, low mileage & able to pass inspection at the manufacturer's dealership. Although I enjoyed them all, there's only 1 I liked almost as much as my Sonata: a 2006 Mercedes 230S (but rear-wheel drive couldn't handle even an inch of Colorado snow.) My other used cars: a 1976 BMW 530i (my 1st car & nostalgic even in 1989), a 1992 Honda Accord, 1994 Honda Civic -manual, & a 1995 Jeep Wrangler 4.0L-manual (lots fun but horrible gas mileage.) Anyway, I was actually in the market for a Subaru Legacy, but I'd admired the style (pre-Kia-shaped) of the Sonata (and Elantra)...Low & behold, I happened to see a Hyundai dealership just before I got to Subaru. Whew... So glad I chose to check it out 1st! Kind, honest, matter-of-fact dealer named James who explained everything so well... And didn't try to take advantage of a selling to a likely less experienced WOMAN. Although I hadn't even thought about getting a hybrid, they were having a great close out sale on their 2013s to make more room for incoming 2014s... He explained the similarities & differences between the hybrid & the regular Sonata. No pressure whatsoever. After a test-drive (including more questions and performance lessons/tests & explanations of its many unexpected bells and whistles), I fell in love with it! Took hubby to check it out the next day and he immediately agreed that James was one of the good-guys in auto sales. He also loved the car (even though I was buying it for myself.) *In case you're wondering, I did go ahead & check out the Legacy. Same price, no upgrades like the Sonata, and completely unable to get out of its own way... No take off power at all & I was completely underwhelmed. Plus, Subaru is practically the Official Car of the State of Colorado, so the kid who "helped" me (and couldn't answer even the general, simple questions about the car), acted as though he'd made a sale the minute I walked through the door. ** I'm not bashing Subaru as a car company... I have many friends who love theirs and I wouldn't discount owning one someday. But genuine interest in helping the customer find what they seek added with kindness, honesty and integrity made for an amazing & unexpectedly comfortable experience (and a fabulous car) that I continue to cherish 7 years later. James at Arapahoe Hyundai set a very high bar for all my future car buying!


Rear tail light problem

This car rear tail light keep blowing out ! And my neighbor asked me cause his and a friend also do the same ? Is this a defect in some or all models.