2015 Jeep Renegade consumer reviews

$17,995–$19,995 MSRP range
side view of 2015 Renegade Jeep
76% of drivers recommend this car
Rating breakdown (out of 5):
  • Comfort 4.3
  • Interior design 4.4
  • Performance 3.9
  • Value for the money 4.0
  • Exterior styling 4.5
  • Reliability 4.0
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Fun to own but has some issues

Great car in many ways but it's really not much of a jeep. Clearance is not much different than a mom van so in three feet of snow you are not going to do well even with 4 wheel drive. I have gotten stuck in snow that my CJ7 would have blasted through. I would never call this a true off road vehicle. The shifter for the automatic trans has a button as if you should use it to shift from drive to reverse or what ever but it doesn't actually do anything. In fact when my wife reaches for her purse on the floor she always knocks it into 1st gear and if I don't notice it right away it really sucks. As some have said it has no spare tire but that is becoming the norm with vehicles trying to reduce weight for fuel standards. Also have a feature that can tell me how long till next service but I can't get anyone to use it. Still end up with a sticker on my windshield that is of course going to fall off so I have to keep track on my own. It handles surprisingly well and I have slid past some idiots that I almost t boned because they pulled out in front of my (narrow escapes by slamming on brakes and sliding around the morons of the road). Also it's way too easy to hit the button for locking on 4 wheel drive. Otherwise I enjoy it but it's not the best on gas and if it was more of a real jeep I would not mind half as much.


where do I begin with the problems...

At first I loved my renegade. At 40,000 miles I had to replace to coolant fan and from what I read a lot of people have. This still hasn?t been recalled and the repair is about $500. The thing that really gets my blood boiling .. an INVALID VIN! That?s right folks after owning it for two years I took it to get the required emissions inspection and it couldn?t be completed. It comes up invalid vin in the system. It doesn?t stop there I ?m having difficulty with getting the registration, unable to get recall information, issues with insurance as they are unable to identify the vehicle etc. Frusrstsd I take my Jeep back to the dealership I bought it from in June 2015 and I?m told that my Jeep originally came from Italy. It has an Italian vin as it was never switched to a USA vin making it show in the system as invalid. I?m told there is nothing that can be done .The manager even told me he has had several renegades he?s tried to do trade in appraisals for and is unable to do so due to the vin. The solution that my Jeep dealership had for me was to take my Jeep there next week and they will input a different vin so my vehicle can pass inspection and they will do this every year. Wow way to go JEEP! I feel so much better! I bought a vehicle that can?t pass inspection at 41,000 miles due to your error and now u want to illegally input a false vin so it can pass emissions! I?m stuck with a vehicle I can?t drive legally and apparently will have a heard time selling. I don?t know how this is legal . This vehicle needs to be to bought back at cost . I was sold a car that was a demo car with 900 miles with an invalid vin.


Worst car on the market BY FAR

Terrible car. Bought it the first year it was introduced which I will never do again on any future car. Within three months it was back to the dealership because the doors wouldn't lock. They told me it was an electrical problem and the locks needed to be reset, but also admitted that Chrysler didn't have a fix for the issue so I would probably have to do it again in a few months. Which I did less than 3 months later. Also, the protective cover separating the engine compartment and the passenger floorboard is made of cheap felt. Its broken off completely and instead of fixing it they give you a pack of papers explaining to you how to put it back on. The tires have been replaced twice already and the transmission absolutely sucks on this thing, and if you try to go up a steep hill, itll jerk back on you and act like it won't make it up the hill. Anytime I come to a stop on this thing, it shakes really bad and makes a loud noise which is so loud I've even noticed people sitting next to me at stoplights looking at me. My car has less than 45000 miles as well by the way. Absolutely would NEVER recommend this piece of junk to anyone.


Relayable and confortable car

It is relayable, good room space and nice and comfortable to drive. I would recommend it to my friends. No issues even in the cold winter.


Great vehicle!

I really like this car. Has a sunroof, remote start, uConnect system. Fun to drive. Small vehicle but very roomy on the inside. Cost efficient and a joy to drive!


Amazing car and very affordable

This car met all of my needs. Great car with great price. This car should satisfy any average consumer. Jeep always stands behind their products, and this vehicle is another example of their overall desire to dominate the auto business.


Very easy and comfortable suv.

Fun to drive good on gas and comfortable. I use this car to transport my granddaughter and to drive to golf courses . Very happy so far.


3 Years and Ready to Trade-in

I was one of the first to own a Jeep Renegade Latitude in the area after following their progress for over a year. Purchased in 2015 (still had wrapping all over). Positives: Love the look of the Renegade, both inside and out. It is a fun vehicle to drive, can fit through small openings and park anywhere. Good view through rear window. Negatives: Highly disappointed with the functionality. Has been in the shop 6 times for "service engine" light. Once for update to software (did not get notice before). The other 5 times, not resolved. Dealer can't figure out why the light comes on and told me "as long as it's not flashing, keep driving." Bought this for the 4WD capability to travel the snow in mountains; however, 4WD would not turn on or lock. 4WD will work during the summer, but not winter. Again, dealer can't figure out why. Last week, doors wouldn't unlock (had to disconnect the battery to reset). Seems to be a common, but annoying, problem. Multiple blind spots so need to do extra checking when changing lanes. Engine hesitates when accelerating onto highway or passing. Seats are low and short drivers have to jack the seat up or feel like a kid who can't see over the counter. Seats are also not comfortable for long drives (front or back). MPG stays around 29, both city and highway. Conclusion: Although I love the look and compact size, I am definitely fed up with the number of trips to the dealer.


Have had many Jeeps and this one is my favorite so

Drives great is compact but still roomy inside. Family fits comfortably. Very reliable. Would definitely recommend this vehicle to friends and family. Very happy with it.


Very easy and comfortable suv.

Test drove and Renegade at another dealer. When i drove it at Freehold jeep it seemed like a different vehicle. Rode really nice. Very pleased, so far.