2016 Mazda CX-9 consumer reviews

$31,520–$33,320 MSRP range
side view of 2016 CX-9 Mazda
95% of drivers recommend this car
Rating breakdown (out of 5):
  • Comfort 4.7
  • Interior design 4.8
  • Performance 4.7
  • Value for the money 4.6
  • Exterior styling 4.8
  • Reliability 4.7
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Decent for families with older kids

Bought it at the end of October. Took a long trip to Canada, average mileage went up from 19 mpg to over 24 mpg. Now averaging 23 mpg. Can fit 2 Ikea dressers in the back (not stacked), a 6 drawer and 3 drawer. Needs Android Auto for sure. Camera needs to be wiped off a lot. Rear seat is definitely for 1 kid or 2 real small kids. Can fit one big duffel bag behind 3rd row or 2 carry on size suitcases. Nice hidden under storage behind 3rd row. Thought would get better mileage with 4 cylinder, but AWD + winter probably doesn't make a good combo.


Tall Man Review

At 6'2" 255lbs was looking for legroom. Front seat very comfortable. If seat bottom would have been adjustable the cx-9 would have been perfect. From the front seat the cabin seems very open. The dash is more than an arms reach away. With my drivers position I could sit behind myself in the second row. It was snug but not tight. Some engine noise in cabin when you apply the throttle but it abates when you ease off. some wind noise even at 45 mph. Rolling start to merge say from 35mph absolutely no problem. Was running 75 before i knew it. Cruising at 70mph there is still plenty of pickup for passing. Car does not lack at the high end, but why would you be pushing a 3 row cuv upwards of 80mph. Vehicle seems long but does drive small. Window sill perfect height for resting arm. Your right arms falls in a natural position for adjusting infotainment, which i dont mess with that much. From a large person's perspective the only draw back is the seat adjustment but i can live with that. oh and the from the knee to the footwell is narrower than some cars but most shouldn't have an issue. if you are of larger proportions it may seem tight. hope this helps the verically challenged.


Biggest Bang For The Buck And Then Some

Test drove everything in its class from BMW, Mercedes, GM, Toyota, Nissan, Lexus, Infinity, Porsche etc. Bought the CX9 Signature. While the Porsche had a similar ride and better acceleration but a huge price tag comparatively. The interior in the Mazda ergonomically is awesome. Real wood trim with acoustic glass and 50 lbs of sound deadening in the floor made it a very quiet ride. The torque curve is optimized for the range we commonly drive with the tricked out turbo and had no turbo lag. The transmission shifts very smoothly. The cost to own is considerably less than Western European models. The exterior had the best lines. Sophisticated and classy, not bug like and not something that will look like an Aztec after a few years. I am not a gadget guy but the Signature model is loaded with them. Parking assist, back up camera, heads up display to name a few. Similar features on the Lexus adds $10,000 over the price of the top of the line Mazda with all the bells and whistles. Extended the factory bumper to bumper to 7 years and 120,000 miles due to being a newbie with all the electronics. So many gadgets in any car make me nervous. I can fix mechanical things myself but switching out a flat screen on the dash, a mouse on the center console, a back up camera or lane change sensor is not something I want to tackle yet. I got a deal on the warranty so was pretty reasonable. They squeeze a lot out of the 4 cylinder but it is not from screaming RPMs. There are a few really good video reviews on the engine technology and vehicle overall on YouTube. The safety ratings are not out yet but expected to come in 5 star. Love it so far.


Awesomest SUV ever !

I used to have a certified 2006 Honda pilot, Loved it for the utility but it was not fun to drive, and it didn't' handle corners well at all... but that was my first car so loved it any way. I wanted to get a fun good looking car as my new car but my options were slim with all the clunky looking SUVs from Honda and Toyota. I was going to get the new pilot but a friend asked me to test the new CX9, in the past I really didn't like the Mazda designs when they were owned by Ford, but they changed their ways, now their design is my favorite. I finally got a Blue Cx9 Touring with the premium package (Bose audio, leather, sunroof, navigation) The car is super fun to drive, really sporty and powerful as long as you are not out there street racing it, taking off from a red light and passing cars on the highway gives you chills, the turbo really kicks in. The interior is what swept me off the feet, feels like an Audi, but for budget price. I once heard someone call it working man's BMW X5, really true.... The Bose audio is awesome if you get that option, worth it. They did a good job with sound proofing. Almost no road noise at all. Seating comfort is also nice, but the third row is not as comfortable as the Pilot for longer rides. The car looks amazing, first time hearing people call an suv sexy ! And the gas mileage is also good for an suv. I hear people complain about the infotainment system, i'm okay with it, I like it. Maybe setting radio stations takes too long, too much steps but I preset my favorite station anyway and my phone bluetooth works well with it so I really dont complain about it not having android auto. The center arm rest is a bit hard and might hurt your arm on longer rides, but I use a cushion for longer rides so it doesn't really bother me. I also liked it because it is a pure Japanese car, made in Hiroshima. So hopefully the Japanese reliability is still there and I will get to enjoy this car and use it for family activities for the next 10 years without much issues. Cheers.



This engine has an egr - exhaust gas recirculating system. It takes exhaust gases and puts them back into an intake. Egr cooler does cool it Down some. However, due to their system, you will experience gummed-up throttle bodies and intake manifolds. Plus, egr is the water cooled system. Which, when it does leak, not if but when, your engine will suck your radiator dry and you can hydro-lock this engine-specially if you are excelerating. Think about how I know this, unless you want to spend the money and experience it yourself.