2013 Nissan Rogue consumer reviews

$20,310–$21,610 MSRP range
side view of 2013 Rogue Nissan
73% of drivers recommend this car
Rating breakdown (out of 5):
  • Comfort 4.2
  • Interior 4.0
  • Performance 3.8
  • Value 3.9
  • Exterior 4.2
  • Reliability 4.0
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Reliable, great value

This vehicle has been very reliable and never broke down. We performed regular recommended maintenance and owned 7 years after it was paid off. Good value, comfortable, has good cargo space without being a large SUV.


A non-stop headache

Wooooof. Save yourself a headache and don’t go Nissan. Bought my 2013 Nissan rogue with 30k miles on it. 50k miles later (2 years into my loan) the transmission crapped the bed after leaving me almost unable to drive on the highway at the holidays. $3k later for a new transmission, it still sucks. Barely can go over 40 miles per hour without making TERRIBLE noises. And it was noisy to begin with. Since the 80k mile marker, it’s been an endless downhill. I was still paying off the car and pouring THOUSANDS into it. Now, the trunk doesn’t stay locked for reasons unknown to me. While I’m driving the light will pop up saying that it’s open when it’s not. The driver side back door does this as well now. It’s been a never ending headache to be honest. And while Nissan had a class action lawsuit to cover the transmission issues in the older models, it hasn’t for the 2013+ so the transmission issue was something I had to cover myself. I’ve finished paying it off now and I’m going to sell it as soon as I can because I’m sick of only being able to go 30mph.



This car is an absolute bag of xxxx. I bought a 2013 Nissan rogue SV sport as my first ever car around November 2021 at 50,000 miles from capitol motor group in patchogue/Medford. As soon as we payed the people at the dealer told us the car didn’t have clips to keep the bumper connected to quarter panel. Why would you tell us that AFTER we bought the car? So that left a sour taste in my mouth to start. then Not even a week into having the car, I get a flat. No biggie. Easy fix. Around $100 for a new tire. Then around june 2022 the trunk actuator went out causing my trunk to stay unlocked causing it to stay open at all times. This resulted in alarms and having to start my car every hour to make sure the battery didn’t short out. Not only was it extremely annoying, it was also a $480 fix. Then in November 2022 same issue but the actuator in the front driver side door went. This time the door was stuck on lock and wouldn’t unlock. This caused me to have to crawl into my passenger seat and get in and out of my car that way. That was a $380 fix. I should also mention that I don’t slam my doors or trunk and get annoyed when others do so. So how this issue occurred I have no clue. Then in September of 2023 I was involved in a hit and run where I got the xxx end of my car TAPPED. When I tell you this guy was doing maybe 5-10 mph I mean it. I was expecting maybe a dent and a scratch and all would be good, I mean he barely hit me right? The bumper completely broke in half down the middle. Why? The bumper and most other important protection areas are made of PLASTIC. My bumper literally CRACKED in half. That I didn’t even bother to fix because that woulda been around a $1000 job. Plus it’s not really a major issue to me so whatever. Then the icing on the cake. In November of 2023 At 100,000 miles the car won’t start. Tried the battery but the car still has working lights so it’s not the battery. You can hear the fuel pump engage so it’s not fuel pump. I have a feeling it’s either the starter or the ignition switch. If it’s the alternator, I’m just gonna light the xxxx thing on fire. Both the starter and the ignition switch are around $200-$500 jobs. So in 2 years I’ve poured about $2500 into this thing with only fixes. Now keep in mind $40 for a full tank of gas every 2 days for commuting to work. I’m planning on selling it ASAP and If I were you, I’d stay far the xxxx away from this bag of xxxx.


It’s mid

I have a 2013 Nissan rogue sv/Sl package. I love my Nissan for the cameras, and the easy to park. The mpg isn’t the best, it says 24 combined, but over the 2 years over owned mine it’s gone down from 24 to 20. Recently drove 4 hours and was going great at 70 mph but anything faster it goes down, but great for city driving.


cons and pros

I'm short with back problems ..the seat(s ) incline really hurts me. I had blind spots.could not reach anything and cup holder awkward.. I got a pillow ..I sat up higher..still uncomfortable but blind spots were better..Hit head getting in now. I am not sure of the cvt..I feel uncomfortable ..I like it ..in town.. but not on hills. It did do very well in the winter..wore tires well..


Good until accident

Was a great car until I smashed it and was hurt because the airbags didn't deploy. It caused me to hit the windshield and recieve severe head injuries. They should have deployed and saved me from having severe injuries and memory problems.


Bad transmission

The 2013 Rogue has a CVT transmission which has had multiple problems in newer models. At 9 years, 96,000 miles my transmission went out and had to be replaced at a cost of $6,000. I talked with Nissan USA but there was no remedy nor discount offered since there has not been a recall. I won't buy a Nissan again - I've had Toyota and Honda with never a transmission issue.


Paint peeled

paint peeled off in several places. It looked liked there was only one coat of paint put on the vehicle. Cup holder is too far back making it difficult to reach your coffee or soda.


New to Nissan and I think I'm a Fan

My first Nissan and I love it. Drives great. Very comfortable. The SL trim package is awesome and the way to go if you can swing it.


love this car

i enjoy the new set of wheels it ride nice in town looking for word to driving to Quincy il to see my dad soon.