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2007 Toyota Avalon consumer reviews

$26,875 starting MSRP
side view of 2007 Avalon Toyota
93% of drivers recommend this car
Rating breakdown (out of 5):
  • Comfort 4.8
  • Interior 4.6
  • Performance 4.6
  • Value 4.5
  • Exterior 4.4
  • Reliability 4.7
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Everything I expected

2 friends each had one. Liked what I saw and felt. My Lincoln LS was far too expensive to maintain any longer. No brainer, really! Recommend highly.


Most comfortable ride

I have to admit that this car is as cozy and Comfy as riding in a limo. I traded my 04 Nissan maxima of 7 yrs that I purchased new and it was a fun and stiff ride but compared to the Avalon it's OMG!!!! I now know what I've been missing. This car is roomy and shifts out fine to me. I didn't have to sacrifice giving up the Max for speed because the Avalon LTD has it. I do hear some wind noise at times but oh well, what is a perfect car? I think I made a wise choice for the blizzard pearl color car with low mileage and well kept. I have enough space between the car seat and my seat so the little one can't kick the back of the seat. Everyone thinks this car is new and I have to admit that it is a beauty with a nice smooth ride and easy handling. I'm just glad I didn't purchase the xxx for this as I think I've got the best bang for my buck because of the room and lowered insurance premiums!!! My Avalon is hot with quality interior and added wood grain, the nav is not so hot tho.


almost perfect car

I have owned 3 Avolons over the years and love 99% of the car in all aspects. One small problem with my 2007 XLS and thats stopping the car. This car is built on a GS430 FRAME . The brakes are not ''big'' enough to stop this car for the size and weight. You have to put some extra effort on the brake petel to stop this car.


Exactly as gimmicks or shortcomings

When I saw the car listed I was in shock! It was exactly what I wanted. The salesman and the finance manager were up front and honest. No regrets at all!


Just What I Wanted

I had been driving a pickup truck getting 16 mpg. I bought a 2007 Avalon Limited. I'm 6ft 4in 240 and have no problem getting in or out, and very comfortable driving. It is not a sport sedan, that is to say if you are expecting to do hard cornering, and road rallies you might look else where. If you want a great road car, quiet, smooth and very comfortable, give this car a test drive. I drive 18 miles each way to work, about a1/3 city and 2/3 highway and get a consistent 26 mpg. I've read some reviews talking about transmission issues, but have not noticed any. In fact I find it very smooth almost unnoticed when shifting. Another complained of no cigarette lighter, there however 2 12 volt outlets. I guess if I had a complaint it would the lack of Aux input to the great sound system. I use a FM modulator to use my Ipod.


simply the most VFM full size sedan

ive been owning and driving the touring trim of toyota avalon 2007 model for couple years now. till date ive faced no breakdowns, the car is regularly serviced by toyota dealer . the car has over 55000 miles on it, when i purchased it cpo it had only 17000 miles on the odometer. ispite of the ruckus created by anti toyota brigade in the garb of nationalism for recall, m,y toyota avalon never experienced any braking issues or acceleration issues neverthless toyota was pro active in fixing the pedals took 30 mins. i use the car extensively have done numerous cross country road trips and over the mountain passes of california nevada etc ive constantly gotten 34mpg on highways when traveling 65 to 75 mph with no sudden acceleration or braking as that reduces your gas mileage. the car has fantastic pickup if you floor it you'll be amazed at the pickup it reaches 60mph in 6.5 seconds leaving bystanders with their jaws open. let me tell you a bit about the ride quality and safety, ive had one occasiopn when a pick up slammed into me from the rear he jumped the redlight but lo and behold there was not dent nothing i guess the impact hit just at the right spot of the bumpers, my 3 yrs old kid was unharmed and safe, on one of my trips to redding a giant tumbleweed struck the car headon it was so huge i couldnt see beyond it but there was no damage. the rear seats recline to offer a truly business class seat type experience the floor is flat making it really comfortable for middle row passenger, the trunk is huge, the best thing is that the outside sound is so minimum one can truly relax and drive. i use only michelin primacy mxv4 tires. the music syst is really good no need to add any aftermarket ones. my suggestion is stop getting disillusioned by the tag oh this car is for retirees (atleast the touring trim which i have can be driven hard) if you want a truly spacious car with cavernous space, hid lights standard on touring, leather seats etc, then go for this car the newer model is even better but sadly they dont offer the touring trim anymore. its way better than a accord or camry and without being a hybrid it churns out 34mpg on highways and 22 in city driving and yea 268bhp at 62500 rpm what a steal. i have the burgundy color with titanium colored rims.lot of people give appreciative looks at the red light and yes im just in my early thirties 32 to be exact. just to give you an idea of its reliability ive driven over 40,000 miles in less ahtna 2 years with no breakdowns considering this car was not bought new. anyone can claim about mpg figures but if you dont believe me get hold of any avalon any trim and drive it for 100 miles at an average speed of 65 to 75mph the onboard computer will tell you how much you're gettin in my case ive stretched it to 34.7 miles at a a number of occasions. considering this car is full size it gives u most bang for ur buck and you dont have to sacrifice your power or feel limited in a hybrid car and not to mention avoid paying a premium price for a hybrid car. its tru nissan leaf has come out with a 25 grand hybrid but if want a powerful car with zipping power mergin and overtaking then forget hybrids


great car for the money. exceptional value, great handling. i have owned one for six yrars trouble free


acceleration problem

I did have an unexpected acceleration problem. While driving on route 80 towards New York City at approximately 65 to 70 mph, the car decided to accelerate; it lurched forward for a few seconds. Fortunately the road was not crowded at the time and the car stopped accelerating on its own. The dealer was very nice, gave me a rental until the recommended pedal repair was done but given what I have read about what is unknown about the cause of this problem I am still nervous about driving it. I plan to get rid of the car asap.


2007 Toyota Avalon

I recently acquired a lightly used 2007 Toyota Avalon XL to replace my 2003 Toyota Camry XLE. There is some merit to the other reviews but they are very exaggerated. The V6 motor is strong and much more powerful than my old 4Cyl. It's PLENTY for a typical driver. Seats are a bit firm, but supportive and overall comfortable. Just drove over 400 miles with no discomfort. The interior seams high quality and is typical Toyota - not frilly but nice. The tranny IS different. If you push lightly on the gas at take off, the tranny seems to hesitate a little before finding first gear. It's not near as bad as some make it sound, but is noticeable. Other than that, it shifts fine and provides good smooth power to the wheels. That's about all I'd say is negative about the car. It's a great car, pleasant to drive, and I expect years of good service from it like I have gotten from all my Toyota's. If you want more frills, more power, etc, than you can find in other cars. However, I'll take the reliability and dependability of the Toyota any day. To the people suggestion buying a Cadillac or other brand, let's compare costs after 150,000 miles and see if you still feel the same.


Best Car Ever Owned

After several months' research and test driving, I convinced my wife to replace her 2003 Mercury Sable with a 2007 Avalon XLS. The only "available" item specified was the $200 Blizzard Pearl paint job. Now, after driving almost 15,000 miles, we both are convinced of the wisdom of our choice. This is the first Toyota we have owned and feel that we could not have done better. It has the most spacious cabin imaginable - especially the rear seat. I do the maintenance (oil and filter changes, engine and cabin air filter changes), special 5-tire rotation, fueling and record-keeping. City driving mpg is about as advertized but on the highway, Toyota has definitely under-promised and over-delivered. We routinely achieve better than 32 mpg on long trips and have seen as high as 35 mpg. Have needed one warranty repair, signaled by the CHECK ENGINE light. Replacement of the fuel vapor recovery canister was required. Problem was probably caused by overfilling tank. Interestingly, a full maintenance manual was discovered on the web, downloaded and burned to a CD.