2008 Toyota Camry consumer reviews

$18,570–$19,620 MSRP range
side view of 2008 Camry Toyota
83% of drivers recommend this car
Rating breakdown (out of 5):
  • Comfort 4.4
  • Interior design 4.2
  • Performance 4.3
  • Value for the money 4.1
  • Exterior styling 4.4
  • Reliability 4.3
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This car has had 5 recalls from the factory. thisf

This car is comfortable, safe and pleaseing to the eyes. it gets great gas milage and seats 4 comfortably. I have traveled a great deal in the last 9 years and this car gets me there and back every time. The clear coat on the pain is starting to flake off, but overall this is a great car.


Most reliable car I have owned!

My camry never let me down. It fit my so well. Was great in gas. Drove very smooth. Was beautiful outside.


Great car

Great room, rides and drives great and got great gas mileage. I love the styling of the S package and the seats are very comfortable.


Great value for the money!

I purchased this Camry for the reliability & got more items which make me very happy! It drives so smooth, the sun/ moonroof is a great addition! It's very roomy for my family. I feel very comfortable & very satisfied with my Camry!


No problems ever

I brought for the color got more then I ever bargained for. Kept up scheduled maintainence, took care of it and it took care of me. My grandson wants me to hand it over to him but I need it for a trade in. The only problem I have it with this car is the hazy headlight covers. That annoys me the most but all else is well. No rust and paint is still good.


No better car available!

Over 245,000 (210,000 I put on)! My XLE is comfortable, fun, powerful, saved me from two accidents with maneuvering and acceleration, so far. There is a dash problem Toyota is fixing. The only thing I've replaced other than standard stuff is the water pump, but that was at 200K! I love, love, love my Camry. Its my 5th one. I had a '98 that was a lemon, but all the others have been outstanding! Two of them were totaled in accidents, neither my fault, and I walked away. I'm taking this one to 400K if nobody hits me, then I'll replace it with a new one!!!


Lots of Warranty Work Needed - Caveats

I bought the car in Massachusetts in late 2007, where it stayed until a move to the Southwest in the Summer of 2012. So, the car has been in climates that have been very different. In Mass., I lived near the Atlantic Coast, and the winters also bring salt to the road, The SW is a different animal, aheat-dominated region. I'm glad that I bought the extended warranty (six years or 100K miles). I needed it. Repair warranties included, of course, the brakes (the 2010 recall), a repair of a broken Cruise Control mechanism, both front sun visors. Since 2012, extended warranty work has included a new radiator and rack-and-pinion replacement. More recent out-of-warranty work included replacing the water pump (these go bad, infamously so, by 90K miles or so), front shocks, new spark plugs and wires, a new belt tensioner (the old one snapped at the dealership during a belt replacement) and an overhaul of the brakes. Current mileage: 100K In addition, Toyota has sent some advisories for coverage if the engine consumes excess oil, or if the dashboard begins to warp and melt. (These are extended, no-cost coverages through 2016, if I remember correctly). As for replacing leaking shocks: I had complained to a Toyota dealer in SE Massachusetts several years ago about these leaking shocks, but they absolutely insisted that these were not defective. The current dealer servicing this car has a different take, a more appropriate one, on shocks that leak. So, about $5000 has been put into the vehicle over the last three years. Half was covered by the warranty (which itself cost $1300), and half was out-of-pocket. (My cost, then, has been about $3700). This is somewhat more than I would have liked to have budgeted, given that the car has been well-maintained. In terms of comfort: The drivers' seat is not comfortable for long drives (despite the fact that I have a motorized seat). I've compensated with a Gelco GSeat Ultra support pad, which provides the ergonomics that should have, but were not, designed into the seat. Toyota has a lot to learn about ergonomics. This current set of problems aside, I hope to reach 200K miles with the car. I've corrected a portion of what made the 2008 (really the 2007-09) a less than stellar run for Toyota. The car is quiet, and handles decently. With the repairs, I trust it on the road. I just wish that all of this radiator, rack-and-pinion steering, water pump, water pump tensioner, shocks, even the visors limping falling, a different times, in situations that were potential hazards, didn't leave me to doubt the quality of the initial assembly and parts, at th e point of sale.


2008 Toyota Camry Hybrid

I have owned a 2008 Toyota Camry Hybrid for 9 years now. It has 98,000 miles and has been fabulous. I have absolutely nothing bad to say about it.


Excellent workhorse car value!

I read the other reviews and must disagree!! It is 2015 and I bought my beloved camry in late 2012, with about 107,000 miles on it. have barely had to do any work on the car and am now at almost 150k and the reliability, great gas mileage, attractive styling on the outside, and comfortable drive make me happy! I am a former Camry owner also. Previously had a 1998 Camry for 5 years and it was awesome until it hit 200,000k and then some things started breaking down, of course. I am amazed at the way the vehicle holds it's value. For a single woman who doesn't know cars, this has been an exceptionally easy car to own!! I owed a Volvo S40 right before I bought this car, and THAT WAS A PIECE OF TRASH AND SO MANY MANY PROBLEMS!! My Camry is refreshingly problem free. I have not had to replace breaks or transmission ,etc. Just regular oil changes and normal maintanance like a battery here, air filter there. Great car!!