2010 Toyota Venza consumer reviews

$26,275–$29,550 MSRP range
side view of 2010 Venza Toyota
94% of drivers recommend this car
Rating breakdown (out of 5):
  • Comfort 4.8
  • Interior 4.6
  • Performance 4.6
  • Value 4.5
  • Exterior 4.7
  • Reliability 4.8
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great car.... lots of added extras for the price, very roomy, looks great interior and exterior, excellent touring car. Even can sleep in it very comfortably with seats down


Best car overall

Likes:Luxurious like Lexus yet cheaper, good on gas, excellent features, silent refined engine, good ride quality, stable at high speeds despite it size, a rugged car, reliable(with proper maintenance, it will easily last 300k miles without major problems) Dislikes:not so friendly rotors, the car can be slow with its v4 engine(though not annoyingly slow)the v6 is the better option if u prefer performance, this car is a robber magnet(if you have a flashy and reliable car, it'll be at the top of a robbers priority. This car is one of those reliable cars with fewer problems and dislike making it a super perfect car for me


10/10 one the greatest cars i have owned

Currently have 182k km on it, this car can be abused and will still work like its brand new. Highly recommend for new drivers looking for a reliable vehicle. Its cheap to buy, fairly cheap to fuel up and has great fuel economy


155,000+ on my Venza V6 & running like a champ

I bought my "Gold Umber" V6 Venza in 2013 with 41k miles on it. The only thing this car doesn't have is 4WD and a sunroof. It came with premium everything including a trailer hitch which I use for my bike rack. What I love: It has power, drives like a car, sits higher than a car but lower than an SUV, loves the freeway, and is super realiable. I'm put 115k + on this car since buying it and drive a round trip from Austin & Houston every two weeks for the past 6.5 years. The cargo space is huge with the seats folded down. I litteraly moved my entire 2 bdrm 1 bth apparment contents in this beauty to a 15x12 storage unit and used it again to move all of my contents to my new house. The only things I didn't move in my Venza were my Queen Matris, large couch, and dresser. Everything else had the pleasure of travling in my slick cargo tranporter with me at the wheel. Didn't want a car, wanted a truck but, I didn't like the ride and they are slow and don't carry many people unless they are huge, didn't want an SUV they are heavy, slow, or don't have the get up and go. The Venza checked all the boxes and it looks and drive way better than any other vehicle I studie up on. It's wider than a camry with lots of room and has power everything. Not so good: Navigation system in car is just a joke now. It's take DVD's. You have to understand this wa good for 2010 but terible now. 6 disc CD changer is awesome but, I haven't used it in 6 years. Some say the gas is terrible but, I drive 85-95 on the freeway constantly and I get at the least 21 mpg 23-24 if I do the speed limit. Gas it's great but, I don't give a dam. Maintenance: Over 115k+ miles I've had the following issues. Replaced 2 batteries (expected) - $150 x 2 Replaced both front rotors at 135k - $250 parts $100 labor Replaced both front berrings at 150k - $500 cash Replaced drives side visor at 155k - $39 exact replacement ebay Tail pipe tips at 145k(someone stole one) - Bought some really solid chrome tips on ebay for $12 bucks. who would have every known. Transmission oil change at 133k - two full sets of tires (Over the 115k miles I've driven the car)


A great family car that isn't a SUV

I got this car because it wasn't a SUV. It was called a crossover, but it was really a station wagon. It has been a trustworthy and decent car. I would definitely purchase another one, but they do not make them anymore.



Great vehicle all around great for family out having fun n commuting . Highway is enjoyable or just around town drive is smooth good handling comfy. Comparable to sister Lexus


Toyota Venza

When I was looking for a new “used” vehicle the Venza was last on my list of V6 Toyota’s I wanted. Unfortunately for me the 4Runner, 4 door Tacoma, and V6 RAV4 were either not available in my area or out of my price range. But after a test drive and giving it a closer look it is a great car. Lots of room, plenty of creature comforts good power and sporty.


Very good car for family

Big space, comfort and reliable family car. Droven to Monument Valley Utah & Grand Canyon, i ever had a problem. 26 GPM on freeway, 18 GPM on local.


Fun Zippy AWD 4Cyl

We have owned this 2010 Venza with AWD 2.7 Lt Auto Transmission since 77,000 miles and have 125,000 miles now. We have had it serviced regularly, without any major repairs, only a rear wheel sensor that wasn’t cheep but not major. We drive snow conditions in the winter months with any problems in snow or even rain. With all the family and the back filled up while traveling for the holidays we find the 4Cly lacks the get up and go on a steep incline but does very well in day to day traffic in the city. We are pleased and happy to not have a mini van any longer!


Family friendly

Dependable car. Love that the rear seat folds down and is open, perfect for moving larger items. Plenty of room for 3 kids in second row. Drives like a car with room of an suv.