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(69 reviews)

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DO NOT BUY FROM THIS GUY I should've known from the start that the guy who runs this place is untrustworthy and sleazy. He's the guy you see in the movies who's going to screw you over. He takes care of his customers like he takes care of his dealership which is dirty, disorganized, reeks of cigars, and unwelcoming. Not to mention, he hardly introduced himself and didn't seem to care about getting my business the minute I walked in. I told him I secured financing and was having my credit union overnight a check to purchase a specific car I like. I also told him I wanted to have a local mechanic check it out quickly to have peace of mind, which is what most people do when buying a used car. He seemed perfectly okay with this situation. As I'm riding in an uber to pick up the car, I call him and he tells me that he already sold the car. He feared what was going to happen after I took it to a mechanic, and rather than call me and let me know he was going to sell it, he did it anyway and totally screwed me over. When I talked to him on the phone, he had no remorse because he's a shortsighted guy who wants money now and doesn't care about long-term customer relationships.


Yikes - TERRIBLE Customer Service

This place is very run down and unorganized. We found a vehicle we thought was in good shape. We purchased it and were promised it would be washed, cleaned, lights buffed by the time we picked it up. When we came back one week later, the car had nothing done to it and we had to wait while the dealer took it to a car wash. After just a few drives we realized the shocks were shot on the 2010 Mazda so paid another $450 to fix it. Called 6 weeks later to ask if they knew why the tags and plates have not arrived and Behran just said "can you call me back tomorrow- I'm not in the office today." I would think he would take my name and number and assure that he would check but I needed to call HIM later. Finally get in touch with him and he acts like he has never seen or heard of us ("valued customers"). Had me text him my info so he could see if plates might have been lost in the mail. He had no records to check to see if they ever filed for the tags- it is on the post office IF they were sent, which he could not confirm. We have paid for tags, will have an out dated temporary soon, and the dealer takes ZERO responsibility or care. Do NOT buy a car here; you are barely noticed prior to buying and definitely dismissed after the sale. Very strange to be so rude to customers in a business that is so competitive. By the appearance of their office, it looks like they barely stay in business. They put forth the least amount of effort possible and it is glaringly obvious. Steer CLEAR!



All cars on their lot are messed up. All good reviews written about them are fake. Cars need thousands in repairs. Super sketchy. Don’t go at all costs.



Matt . Z was the sales agent that reached out to me in an extremely unprofessional way. He was short and rude with me when I had questions about the buying process, 10/10 would NOT recommend, they’re not here to help their customers they’re here to make money off you and that’s it.


New car

I needed something better to drive. I heard of this place, I gave them a try. Sure thing as soon as I walked in there, I was approach by two young men who were very polite. I told them I was there to make some business with them. I told them my price range and what type of car I was looking for. It only took me about 30 minutes to decide what I wanted. As well the manager and owner Matt was very professional. I highly recommend this place and I hope that in the future I can be back for one more car.



I went to look at a car and test drive it. I told the man I was interested in driving a particular car I was looking at he said there is two other people interested in purchasing the vehicle and they may buy it tomorrow the car wouldn?t start the guy said it needed a jump and he said he didn?t have no jumper cables. What car lot wouldn?t have jumper cables would not recommendp this place to no one I left so quickly


Read before you buy from them!

I purchased a car from them at an ok price, 300 miles down the road the transmission failed since it didn't have enough fluid. They said the cars are sold "as is" which is fair enough but I would have thought a dealer would at least check they fluid levels before selling it... they were pleasant to deal with but pretty "matter of fact". Also the car was dirty and the battery was dead when I picked it up.

Dealer response

thank you for purchasing the VW R32 from us, those transmission are sealed one you cant check the fluid, also before you purchase vehicle from us you mention the tire pressure sensor on and i give you $100 off which i had $500 none refundable deposit (i didnt have to but i try to work with you) and another $200 for something else, i would ask for new battery if i was you because that reasonable, car wash is only $7 im sure i would wash it for you if you would ask. thank you for your feedback.


Smooth and easy

The price on the website was the best within a 250 mi radius. That's what caught my eye. Also full Car Fax evaluation available on the website so I knew what I was getting before I arrived. Then a completely no pressure sales process when arriving at the dealership. Gave me the keys for a test drive and left me alone. I will look here again for my next used car purchase.

Dealer response

Thanks for your review! We try and make the process easy, quick and enjoyable. We appreciate your business and look forward to servicing your car in the future. Welcome to our little family!


No Hassel Dealership

They seem to be basically no hassel - I didn't end up buying a car here, however test drove 2 cars here. Looked out on the lot for about 15 minutes before going inside to ask about 2 cars I found online. They gave me the keys straight away, I drove the cars, then came in and asked about getting one of them inspected, he said there someone was waiting to buy it, I figured that was just a sales technique to get me to commit to the car and walked out, but sure enough the car was sold the next day. My bad. They seem to have a good inventory of the price range I was looking for 5-7K. In retrospect, I think I could have used a little more help.

Dealer response

Thanks for your review! We try and make the process easy, quick and enjoyable. We appreciate your feedback and look forward to servicing your car in the future.


Excellent Experience

Excellent used car buying experience. Walked in and mentioned the car I saw on and was handed the keys for a test drive. Came back and negotiated a fair price. After geting loan approved from Credit Union came back and finished the paperwork in 10 minute.

Dealer response

Thanks for your review! We try and make the process easy, quick and enjoyable. We appreciate your business and look forward to servicing your car in the future. Welcome to our little family!