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Great service from Lupe

Lupe was a great help to getting me and my son into a new car. Quick service and very helpful. Im satisfied with my new car


great customer service

as a first time car buyer lupe made the entire process as easy as it could be. will definitely be coming back in the future


2013 dodge ram

So I picked me up a 2013 dodge ram , and ain't had it 6 months and already had to put new ignition , fan clutch , water pump , thermostat , and all along I'm asking the service lady nicole to have them change the heater core , said it's not covered under warranty and I'll have to pay an 89$ diagnosis , ok but it's Thursday and we need the payment before we can look at your truck . (Me:can I pay it tomorrow when I pay my bill a lil short on cash at the moment , nope we need it now , so a gentle man named Sammie helped me along and called someone and got it approved , so no sooner then I leave there ,nicole calls back and says nope not the heater core it's just a hose and I didn't know what I was talking about , she says we have trained professionals in our shop . Ok so tell me why it's the very next morning my check engine light is on and there is radiator fluid all over the motor now and my floor board is covered in fluids . But I had to pay 89$ for a diagnostic , 111.$ and some change , plus make my car payment and plus find away to work , plus pay more money to have this xxx I got from the big xxxxty car credit , think about all this before u go sign ur name on a 17,000 car/truck/ or suv .. There really nice till you have a problem , and did I mention I did all this with no license ... More xxxx problems ...Use ur head people what sounds good isn't always a good choice and I learned the hard way my first time buying a car by myself ...and I wouldnt recommend this place to anyone else cause I put my friend up on it and he's currently working on his silverado truck .cracked head ....


Buying a new car

Lupe and sam was excellent!! The associate did not pressure you to buy a car. they answered all our questions. Very helpful with buying a car


Purchase a car

When you come to Big Lot Car credit ask for Lupe. He does an excellent job helping you get a car. Definitely would recommend and such an easy process of wanting to find and buy a new or used car.


Best shopping experience ever.

Bryant and Sam rock. No high pressure, very respectful. Best car shopping experience we ever had. We will be back and sending family and friends. Thank you so much.


Very Satisfied

Very pleased with the truck.Service was excellent and fast. Lupe my salesman is the best. I recommend him anytime , I have a brand new car but was looking for a truck for light hauling. If you are out looking for a vehicle check out BIG LOTS and Lupe you want be disappointed.


Satisfied customer

Lupe is great at his job. I wanted something new and he place me with a suv I love. I was in and out within a hour.


Horrible customer customer

This is the worst customer service I have ever experienced. They have a lady Ida who is very disrespectful and her mouth is extremely smart and rude. The owner Jeff goes by whatever she says


The Best

My experience with The Big Lot was great! The staff members are very positive, and helpful. You will leave there absolutely satisfied! I will definitely get another car from here.