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Beware of Mini of Peabody!

I strongly suggest that anyone looking to do business with Mini of Peabody, Peabody Motor Sports, BMW of Peabody, or Lyon-Waugh Auto Group affiliates look elsewhere for more honest, trustworthy, and ethical alternatives. While doing an online search I found an Audi I liked for sale by Mini of Peabody. I contacted them and was told by salesman Gabriel Payano there were no mechanical issues with it and that is was a great, “clean car.” After a little more research into Mini of Peabody (Peabody Motor Sports) reviews and seeing they were affiliated with Lyon-Waugh Auto Group I was truly assured this would be a great purchasing experience, only to have it delivered the following week with a malfunctioning tailgate. After telling Gabriel of the faulty tailgate and that our local Audi dealership said it would be upwards of $1500+ to fix, his response was it was “working well with no issues while it was here.” Gabriel then had Mini of Peabody Pre-Owned Manager Brig Currie call to address the issue. Brig also told me it worked fine with no issues while at his dealership and then offered $200 toward repairs. I explained that was unacceptable and it made me wonder if they knew of the problem all along. Brig suggested that I should’ve had a third party inspect the car before the purchase. He also said they would not pay for repairs at Audi or anywhere else, and it didn’t matter that they were affiliated with Audi Nashua because our local Audi dealership would charge the heck out of them regardless. He asked what sound the tailgate was making, I explained and offered to send him a video which he accepted. Within six minutes of sending Brig and Mini of Peabody the video showing the malfunctioning tailgate he produced an internal work order showing how Mini of Peabody supposedly corrected the issue THE DAY BEFORE I CONTACTED THEM! They knew of this issue all along! Brig said they replaced the faulty switch and that it must just be an adjustment. I explained that if they could fix it that’s all I wanted. He tried walking me through the adjustment; however it did not correct the issue. I asked him if he had any other suggestions and he asked if I wanted them to buy the car back. I explained that I simply wanted the tailgate fixed correctly. I also explained again how the extra charges to fix the tailgate should be Mini of Peabody’s responsibility, and if Mini of Peabody wanted to buy the car back instead of fixing it correctly they should pay the transport costs, TT&L, and detail charges I had already incurred. Brig called back stating per Mini of Peabody and BMW of Peabody General Manager John Pirotte they would not fix the tailgate, would not pay anyone to fix the tailgate, or buy back the Audi. He again suggested I accept their $200 offer to fix a potential $1500+ issue. Beware when it comes to Mini of Peabody, Peabody Motor Sports, BMW of Peabody, or any of Lyon-Waugh Auto Group affiliates. They were clearly dishonest and unethical at all levels of my purchasing experience. Because their managers work across several Lyon-Waugh Auto Group dealerships I would certainly look for alternatives to any of their affiliates for your next purchase.


So Happy with my Purchase!

I found my new car online and contacted the dealership via email. We communicated via email and a couple of quick phone calls, with the expected amount of used-car negotiations (free delivery, put new snow tires on it, make sure it came with an owners manual, give me what I was looking for on my tradein). I took delivery of the vehicle today and the driver accompanied me to my town office and local DMV (had to do both because it was an out of state transaction). Love my new vehicle and couldn't be happier with the outcome!


Very helpful

I have had nothing but good experiences with Mini of Peabody, going back even to their original location on Rt. 1< I would recommend for all services


Best sales person and service department.

Dreaded the process of buying used car. From the sales to service department they made it very easy. Service fixed everything that needed to be done Would recommend mini of Peobody.


Great Dealership and No High Pressure Tactics

It was our pleasure to do business with Mini of Peabody, and more specifically with the General Sales Manager Jim Carven (GSM), our Sales Agent Richard Tran and their Business/Finance Manager Harley. At no time was there any pressure to purchase the vehicle that we were interested in or the extended maintenance plans that were available after the purchase. Being away on vacation, the GSM allowed us to make a refundable credit card deposit by telephone in order to hold a certain vehicle for up to three days and he also agreed to extend the Black Friday Sales Event and the incredible savings that was being offered on select 2017 MINIs.


Great place, not your average dealership!

Informed and friendly salesmen without being pushy at all. Great experience resulted in me leasing a Mini Cooper within an hour! First new car of my life!


Best deal in town (Boston) for Mini

I had a almost painless experience at Mini of Peabody when purchasing my Mini Convertible 2017 a week ago. Buying a car today is very different dynamic than a few years ago. We the consumer has abundant information available to us online. And Mini of Peabody dealer (I worked with Adam) recognize this and able to accommodate and match my expectation.



Very nice staff and very cooperativve. Made my first purchase exeprience truely comfortable. Adam was very helpful and friendly and made the whole process Super Easy for me. Michael was very responsive over the emails or on mobile whenever I needed any details about the vehicle or process. I would Highly Recommend buying your dream vehicle at this dealership.


the best dealer!

Great staff, great price, really impressed! Bought a month ago and they have followed up, even with a "Second date" offering me a chance to come back in and review the options on the Clubman to make sure I'm getting the most out of it.


Horrible experience

The sales manager humiliates the buyers during the negotiation. Buyers have the right to bargain. Sales managers have the right to not lower the price. But he has no right to humiliate people. It was horrible.