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(303 reviews)

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I was there for 6+hrs trying to get a decent deal from...

I was there for 6+hrs trying to get a decent deal from them & not get ripped off. They sold the 1st van I was looking at right out from under me as I was signing paperwork bc some guy paid in cash- xxx?! There were multiple issues with the one we did go with on the lot, that supposedly passed inspection, that I now need to get back in & get fixed. They even forgot to clean out old wrappers & toys from the previous owners that were in the van! They kept switching people on us at random, which was disconcerting. At least the finance guy was nice & worked to get me a great deal on a Honda Care package. At the end of the day, we did walk out with the van but boy was it a mission! I would like to rate each of the men we worked with but strangely none of the 3 we worked with are showing up on the Honda site. Maybe they need to update it?


Their pricing is absolutely outrageous. I get the...

Their pricing is absolutely outrageous. I get the climate we are in with low inventory car prices have skyrocketed but this store takes it to a whole new extreme. First off no car in their parking lot has visible pricing. They of course don’t make the pricing known to try and get you to sit down long enough until they ware you down enough to sign the financing papers. When i asked for a price sheet multiple times the sales person instead pulled out his phone and started running numbers. He verbally quoted me about 2 grand more than their websites listing price. Also kept trying to run my credit while stating it wouldn’t hurt my credit if i tried to increase my pre approval amount. LOL Shady asf! I guess their pricing comes as they go and is based off of how much they can get you for! I knew it was time to leave after that. The sales person arrogantly said as i walked out “we will sell it for more before the end of the day”.(which I'm sure they will just make sure it’s not you!) I found a higher trim (Accord 2.0 touring) through an online dealer for about 12 GRAND LESS. Saved about %40 with 0 haggling. Seriously worth checking out before you head here or any other stealership for that matter. Do better andrew and whatever manager was back there trying to pull a quick one. TLDR: 0/5 on pricing with high pressure sales pitch to try and install fomo to ware you down. Check out online dealers instead.


Really awesome. The staff are great and friendly. They...

Really awesome. The staff are great and friendly. They deserve more than 5 stars. Bought a car back in March, sales guy really tried his best to lower my down payment. I would always go back for service as well.


Andrew peppe was great help in finding my Honda would...

Andrew peppe was great help in finding my Honda would recommend to friends and family. He is an amazing salesman & would definitely come back to this dealership.


What great service, Andrew Peppe took care of my family...

What great service, Andrew Peppe took care of my family and helped us get a beautiful car, he was very helpful and attentive to everything we asked for.



FYI TIP-- DO NOT PURCHASE GAP INSURANCE THROUGH DEALERSHIPS-- it's over 75% less through your car insurance company :) I've been looking to sell my car and shopped around. I submitted a request through the website which guides you to KBB instant cash offer. I entered VIN, current mileage and even photos as well as other information requested. I was sent an instant cash offer that could be redeemed at Findlay Honda. I was contacted immediately by Brian to set up an appointment and I went in the next day (Saturday at 5pm) When I arrived Brian L seemed unprepared. All the information I submitted online, he asked again. No big deal but not professional. He went to my car to get mileage and then immediately returned stating they wouldn't be able to honor the offer I was emailed, stating that he didn't realize the miles were so high. Approx 151,500. Yes, I am aware that is high but I included this information to receive their offer. I drove 30+ minutes to the other side of town to have my time wasted. I was told that they're doing away with 3rd party KBB because it's not accurate and not honoring the offers sent to customers. With them knowing that information, how come I was not advised of that when contacted the day before when Brian messaged/emailed me about my appointment. I spoke with internet sales manager, I don't remember his name however he advised "they dropped the ball." He wanted to make things right so I asked him to honor the offer I was given and he declined. Let me make this clear, no one was rude. However false advertising with the information on their website and misleading customers. I've been doing customer service and worked in the service industry all my life. I was very displeased and hope no one else gets their time wasted. They also said they couldn't purchase my car like it was in bad shape. 2013 Honda Civic Ex.


We made the dreadful mistake of making Findlay Honda in...

We made the dreadful mistake of making Findlay Honda in Henderson, our first stop. On Saturday, June 5th 2021, we decided to go car shopping with our daughter. She had a few cars that she was interested in, and Honda happened to be one of them. From the beginning, service was a bit pushy. We had parked and had begun gathering our stuff to get out of the car and we already had a sales guy lingering behind our car. Once we made our way out of the car we let him know we'd let him know when we were ready for him. After about 25 minutes we had narrowed it down to 2 cars that our daughter was interested in. The 1st guy that we told we'd let know wasn't available so another assisted us. This guy was a bit full of himself from the beginning; even with that we didn't say anything and stuck with him. After he got the car ready for our daughter, she went ahead and took it out for a ride. While she was out, the sales guy sat with us and all he could talk about was how Honda was a great car and how these cars sold themselves. How it was better than a few other cars that we had mentioned and so on. We let him know that our daughter would be the one making the final decision and the car would only be in her name. We were basically there for moral support and for whatever questions she had that we could help answer. After she came back from the test drive she expressed that she had in fact liked the car, but she still wanted to test drive the other cars that she initially had in mind. As soon as we tried to let the sales guy know, he went from a bit full of himself to a full blown condescending xxxxxxx. He again claimed that Honda was one of the best out there and that most people do their research online to pick a car. We expressed our want to phicically drive the other cars, before checking credit and signing any papers. I tried to explain to him that our daughter was trying to get a feel for how the cars drove. (We personally have trucks, SUVs, and she was used to driving a tiny Chevy Spark, so the feel of the car was important.)The sales guy only became even more condescending and rude. To the point that said tol him, "you are being very pushy" in hopes to get him to calm down and tone it down. We told him not everyone's the same and for us, not only was safety a huge concern, but also for her to feel comfortable in the car that she would eventually end up purchasing. Even while we tried to explain to our daughter the importance of the decision making as far as buying a car, the sales person managed to downplay the importance and claimed she could always trade it in if she didn't like the car later on. While we already knew that, we never intended for this car purchase to be one that she would get rid of shortly thereafter. We tried telling him this, but he kept insisting and pushing that we were not going to get a quality car if we went anywhere else other than Honda. His overall demeanor was terrible and it all made for a horrible experience. Never, have I had a salesperson throw such a tantrum over us letting him know that we wanted to test drive other vehicles. We went as far as telling him that it was very likely that we would be back that same day because we didn't think the other cars would compare; his attitude only got worse. What did it for me, was that as we were looking at the paper with the possible monthly payments. This guy decided to yank the paper out of our daughter's hands and said, "WE ARE DONE HERE!" I politely asked for him to give the paper back and he said "no, if you don't want our business then you do not need this". To which I replied with, "we would like it back to factor that info in as far as what kind of monthly payment we are looking at, and have it for reference when comparing and making a final decision. Again, his tone/ demeanor/ attitude was full of disdain, anger, as well as foolishness. I asked to speak to his manager right after this happened; even then, this fellow was extremely arrogant. We didn't want this experience to get worse for our daughter so we told her to go ahead to the next dealership and we would meet her there. The manager was polite, and apologized for the sales person yanking the paper out of our daughter's hands. He claimed the sales guy was one of the veteran sales people and that would maybe explain this foolishness. -Personally, this is no excuse for the sales guy to be such an xxxxxxx. The manager invited us back to work with him directly if we were still looking to buy from Honda. After this we went on to visit 5 other dealerships in that same Henderson auto Mall. They all gave great customer service and understood our needs and what we were looking for. In the end, it came down between Honda and one other dealership. The other dealership was her 1st choice as far as how the car drove and it's safety features. I won't deny that not having to go back to Honda and deal with a condescending, foolish manchild played a factor in our final decision. It's worth mentioning that by end of day Saturday, she had purchased a new car. I am not writing this because I'm saying I'll never buy a Honda. We could have simply gone to a different Honda dealership in town. I'm writing this in hopes that management/ leadership at Findlay Henderson Honda focus on the importance of customer service that you provide at your dealership. While there may be a new car shortage, and demand is high, there is no excuse for what happened. As I said before, all other places we visited had nothing but great customer service and their cars sold themselves.


Honda won't honor nationwide recall - HONDA RIPOFF

SO my A\C went out - condenser leaking - like so many others Honda claims the damage is done by a rock and not part of the nationwide condenser recall - Seem to be a larger wide spread pattern of avoiding responsibility for a poorly designed and manufactured vehicle. I will get it fixed elsewhere and join the class action against them I guess. I WILL NEVER BUY OR OWN ANOTHER HONDA PRODUCT -


the 2 salesmen I worked with were very nice and not...

the 2 salesmen I worked with were very nice and not pushy. I also consulted the online sales and they gave me their price . I like to think I got a good price .


On August 18, 2020 I arrived at the service reception...

On August 18, 2020 I arrived at the service reception area for my 9:00 am appointment, which I had made over a week ago. Mind you, up to this point, I had received no less than 3 email reminders and a phone call from somebody named Gavin to confirm my appointment. The person I spoke with first could not find my appointment in his tablet. He took my name and what I needed done and entered it. He then told me a service adviser would be out to talk to me in a few minutes. The Service advisor again, asked what I needed done and I told him I needed an oil change and tire rotation and that there was a scraping sound coming from under the car. He then told me that they were very busy with their current work and rollovers from yesterday. He said it would be up to 5 hours before my car would be ready. I reminded him that I had an appointment and showed him one of the confirmation emails i received. He said there was nothing he could do. At that point, I told him to forget it and left the dealership. Would it have been so difficult for them to call me to reschedule my appointment instead of making me drive 20 miles one way only to have to leave?